Which car seat carrier???


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Right now I'm using a Safety 1st Carry n Stroll but when
we move we cannot take this in the van as it takes up sooo
much room and the van will be PACKED.

So I'm wondering which would be a better choice?

Kolcraft UCC, Combi (small fold, but how does it steer?),
or I could just get an Infinity/RSB and use the seat on the frame
and ship the other parts to our final destination that way I
don't have to pack them.

What do you all think???

(by the way, I was already planning to buy the RSB so I like that
scenario the best but that frame might be way to big even w/o the seat
and canopy)

TIA:) !!!



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I know Julie (joolsplus2) has the Kolcraft and likes it, I just ordered the Combi for $31 from babyage.com I haven't used one personally yet but a mom at preschool did and liked it. Her only complaint was the lack of access to the basket. Sorry I can't comment on the fold they both seem small but fold in different ways.

Hopefully someone else will chime in?


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Maclaren just released their universal...
It's called the Easy Traveller.

I'm just waiting for somebody to get this to see how it is. The fold is about the same size as the Volo and Triumph, since the frame is pretty similar.

Albee seems to have the best price on it, and they do free shipping on $100+ if you needed something else (Mac organizer maybe?) to pad the bill...


It doesn't say that it supports the Britax Baby Safe, which is what we have, so I didn't end up getting one. One of the improvements over the Volo/Triumph is that it has little extenders that allow the basket to come out further (and it's larger) beyond the carseat so you still have access to the basket while the carseat is in place...mmm..

Please get this so we can hear a review on it! :)



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Oh yeah, I forgot about this one!!!

That might be a better choice...I don't know how the fold
of the Volo/Triumph is but I have a Micro and when it's naked
the fold is really thin...this might be even smaller w/o the
seat and smaller wheels.

Thanks QuasEE!



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Jodi, let me know how you like the Combi...the fold is
really appealing.

I wonder if the Combi and Easy Traveller take the new
Graco Safe Seat????
You'd think they would if all Graco strollers will - makes me think
the're similiar in that way (the SS and the SR).
Does anybody know?



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Holly I will run down to BRU w/ it when it arrives and see what fits. I just ordered it Sat night but it should be here by the end of the week I'd think?


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I wish someone would buy that mac traveller...I really wanted to, but the Kolcraft for $40 was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up (they even raised the price to $50 after I bought it, the devils!).

I hope that combi works for Jodi! We used to sell them at Lullaby Lane, and the stroller guys there weren't fond of it (well, the strolee streak, it would snap your fingers when you folded it if you weren't quick enough... of course, neither of them had kids in strollers for daily use, so who knows!)



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I hope it works too :) A mom at preschool had it and her only complaint was access to the basket but she was not too stroller savvy either so who knows I tend to be picky. I covet a MBUS so the Combi fits the budget w/out cutting into the MBUS fund.

I am looking for it to use going to the indoor soccer facility when I don't want to wake the baby or possibly shopping and my older kids can push it while I push the shopping cart w/ the 4 yr old in it? I definately won't take it to the mall and since I have a Quest the Mac Traveller seems so expensive for me needs KWIM? Honestly I am hoping to master the art of the sling w/ a newborn.


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Well it arrived, it's actually labeled the Stroller Streak vs the Combi flash, it seems quite nice and folds fairly compactly. I have a seat check at BRU tomorrow and I will test some seats w/ it. I have once again lost my USB cord to my camera but if I can locate it I will get some pics too.


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Sorry I haven't followed up with the flash yet everyone. I hurt my knee and have been trying to stay off it. I am itching to get to BRU though and try seats. If only one of the kids could push me in a stroller :)

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