Where to put each child ??


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I don't know where the safest and best positins are for each child. I'm due in less than 8wks and want to be ready if this little guy comes early. I need help in where to place the kids in my 04 Escalade. I have 2 captain chairs in the middle and a bench in the third row. There stats are DD1 will be 3 a week before I'm due. She is 37in tall and 30# she rides in a MA and I will FF at her 3rd bday. Unless I can stick her somewhere and keep her ERF. DD2 is 1yr and 18# and 30in tall. She is a preemie and RF in a MA too and will be till she hits the 35# limit. The baby will go in a SS1. Ok so here are the option I came up with.

#1 DD1 FF in the third row passanger side and DD2 RF on the third row drivers side. I have three FF teathers in that row. Baby would go RF in the captian chair behind the driver.

#2 DD2 RF third row passanger side and baby RF third row drivers side. DD2 FF in captian chair behind passanger. I thougt this one would be better when DS1 goes into the MA next summer.

#3 DD2 FF in the third row center teathered. DD2 RF behind passanger in
captain chair and baby Rf in captian chair behind driver.

Thanks. I'm stressing a little over where and what would be the safest for all three kids.


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I say RF older two outboard in rear on both sides. I say leave center open in order to be able to get to them to buckle if needed (I know this helped with my DD (almost 4 and still ERFing and will be for a while). Especially with the 1yr old in the rear. But no way would I turn her period as one of your scenarios seem to imply, although I think it is a typo since you had DD2 twice in a few of them. and put baby driver side bucket seat. This way you can ride by baby if needed in second bucket in second row and still be able to pass things to older two if traveling and needed!

I have a 3yr 10mon old, 2yr 7month old, and a 5wk old RF in my car. It is doable.


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How big are you, and how big is the center 3rd row (between the 2 RF seats)? Because I am a big woman, my suggestion would be....

DD2 RF 3rd row, DD1 RF 2nd row (on same side as DD2), and DS RF 3rd row. Remove other 2nd row seat if possible. Let DD1 climb into her seat. Buckle DD2 into her seat, then snap DS into his seat base. Then buckle DD1 (by now she's in her seat and waiting for you). This would give me (a large woman) extra room to sit for a second in the 3rd row to buckle DD2 (w/o DS's seat in the base).

This way DD1 can RF until DS is too big for the SS1 (or until she gets to 35 pounds).


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It was typo, DD1 is ERF now but I don't know how long the last #5 lbs is going to last me. She will be three on Feb 12 and is tall and skinny. I will put DD1 & DD2 RF in the third row and DS1 RF behind the driver in the captain chair. That way I will have one seat folded down and I can crawl back there and buckle them or get them out from the rear vehicle door. How long do you think the last 5# will last. At her 2yr appt she was 24# and now she is 30# at almost 3yr. Maybe I can get another year and when DS goes into the MA I can move everyone around and the two little kids can go in the back RF and she can be FF behind he driver. That's along time away tho. Thanks for all you help

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