What's your personal minimum for rear-facing?

Your personal minimum for rear facing?

  • 2

    Votes: 17 12.2%
  • 2.5-3

    Votes: 56 40.3%
  • 3.5-4

    Votes: 30 21.6%
  • 4+

    Votes: 24 17.3%
  • I like ice cream

    Votes: 12 8.6%

  • Total voters


New member
If I had a 40+ pound not yet 2 year old I had to put in my car, I would FF and not buy a Radian. (I don't have my own kids yet) when I do have my own, 3 will probably be my minimum.


Well-known member
Tough question. I guess it varies depending on the size of the child and how far I'd have to go to rear-face.

If I had a two year old who I had to import a RF seat from Sweden in order to continue to RF, I might consider FF. But I can't imagine FF a two year old unless she didn't fit in any seat on the US market I could possibly find a way to afford.

Also if I had a car that absolutely wouldn't accommodate a ERF seat and all the seats that would keep my 2 year old RF wouldn't fit in my car, I'm not sure whether I'd buy a new car just to continue RF.

When advising other people, I don't "push" RF past age two. Most people just aren't ready to think about it, but I do mention that NHTSA recommends RF to age 4 if the child still fits.

Too many variables in order for me to come up with a minimum.


Well-known member
I rf until my kids outgrow the seats I have. I make small kids. DD rf in a 35lb Blvd for 4y4m. DS still fits in a CCO at 2y6m, and has 10lbs to go until he'll outgrow the TF rfing, so I expect he will be past 4 and possibly 5.

I'd certainly have to reevaluate if my kids were different in size and growth!


Well-known member
For the general public, 2.
For kids riding in my car, 4 or to the limits of the seat. (And I own RN's, so if they outgrow those before 4, I'm not importing, sorry! :p) And I'm serious about it, too - the 4 year old I had this summer RF'ed in my car, even though he was boostered in his mom's car. The babies - if I'm with them that long - will RF until at least 4 in my car, barring any extreme extenuating circumstances, of course.


New member
Mine had always been 3 and 30 lbs... Dd1 made it right to 3yrs, Dd2 made it to 3.5yr and Ds will b 2yrs in feb... I hope to get closer to 3 with him but he's sitting at 28lbs right now. I might buy a higher weight/cheaper seat for him if need b to get the extra 5-10lbs. We will see tho

Cryssy Jane

New member
I voted I like ice cream. Up until very recently my minimum was always 3 with no wiggle room. However dealing with M and his poor motion sickness issues, he is now FF in my car at 2 years 8 months. I've learned that each kid is different. Pending no immediate issues, kids will rf in my car until at least 3, however like with extreme motion sickness, I would rather have them in a properly installed FF seat then having to puke constantly in the car rf.


New member
I voted 2, because I absolutely won't turn before then, but hope that I can for much longer. All my kids could have easily been rear faced to age 3, if I had know the benefits.


New member
2 as a general recommendation for the public

3yrs, 30lb as a minimum if you're in my car

4 is the minimum I'd now allow for my kids


New member
My goals were to age 3. Dd1 was turned FF two months before her 3rd b-day. Dd2 was turned at 25 months because at the time she was close to the RF weight limit of all the seats we had and I was 7-8 months pregnant and it was getting hard to lift her in. I decided I was ok with that. Had she been under 2, I would have bought a new seat.

With Ds, my goal was 3 years, which he'll be in February. He just got turned 3 days ago because he's been constantly sliding down his chest clip and trying to get his arms out (he can't, but it made me nervous). He still tries to play with the chest clip sometimes when FFing but not as much because there is more to look at to distract him, plus I can see when he does and I can reach and fix it while driving. I voted 2.5 - 3. With others, I don't push it past 2.


New member
4 is my personal limit for my own kids - DS is 3y4m & RF in his MA & RXT & will easily make it to 4

3 for other peoples children in my car providing they fit in the seats I have - no reason an average 2-3 year old cant RF in my RXT though :)

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New member
My van is at least 4 AND max to the seat. If I ever met a kid who was younger and met the max and not my kid then I will FF that kid unless that kid is 2 yr old then I'm importing!


New member
3 is my minimum....but I want to rf longer in the main car. We are getting a radian for a very petite toddler so I am guessing we could rf until kindergarten :)


CPST Instructor
Well, I thought my minimum was three, but then DS2 passed that age and has just outgrown his MA70 at 3 yrs, 5 months, and I find myself Radian shopping. :eek:


Ambassador - CPS Technician
2.5-3 for me. J is too close in the MA70 for comfort, so he is FFing at 2 years 8 months and I am perfectly fine with that.

It really depends on the circumstances though.

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