What slot is your almost or just turned five year old on in the Nautilus?


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The Frontier85 has 19.5" top slots, and the Nautilus's top straps are 18-18.5".
Actually, with cover compressed the Frontier 85 measures about 20.25 inches. :)

Bridget has already outgrown the SafeGuard Child Seat, with 19" top slots. :(
Since your average child will usually last to age 6 in the nautilus, it makes perfect sense that a 5 year old would be on the top slots. Now, my now 6 year old outgrew it before 5, but my now 5 year old would most likely be on the top slots (of course I think my 3 year old would be in or at least close to needing the top slots,too). My almost 6 year old niece is taller than my dd but still fits the harness and will probably outgrow it by weight first.

Yes, the original frontier ended up slightly lower than the nautilus. Then britax did that poll, and asked for suggestions about how to better it (I think they knew people were recommending the nautilus over it because of the price) and they redesigned it with slots similar to the regent. I bet if we searched, we could find one of the threads.


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My oldest is even with the 2nd to top slot (at least last time I checked). We don't use that vehicle much (maybe 2x a month), so it wouldn't surprise me if she's over now. She's on the top slot of her Maestro (with space) and on the top slot of the TrueFit (with not much space). She's 4.5.


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Those of you w/ LOs outgrowing the harness on the GN, make sure you check *under* the head rest/padding, there is a set of harness slots under there that are kind of hidden.
I'm confused. Are you saying there are slots on the head rest? The top slots I see (and that we are using) are the 4th set in the shell, about an inch below the top of the shell, and fully visible in my nauti (assuming you raise the head rest like you have to every time you raise the slots).
I'm confused. Are you saying there are slots on the head rest? The top slots I see (and that we are using) are the 4th set in the shell, about an inch below the top of the shell, and fully visible in my nauti (assuming you raise the head rest like you have to every time you raise the slots).
I think what she is saying is that sometimes people miss that there is a 4th set of slots, because they do not move the headrest up all the way to expose them.


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We don't have any, but we use some of our friends when we are back home. Summer has been on, and still is on the 3rd slot. She hasn't grown much torso height since she was 3. Leah is on the second slot, and this was as of a few weeks ago.


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My just turned 4 yr old is on top slot! I am hoping now that it is warm I can get through the summer or it will have to go!


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My DD is 4y3m and moved to top slots a couple months as she came over the 2nd to last. She is 42lbs. I think she has a tall torso.


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We moved Brinlee to the top slot around 5. She's almost 7 now, and still fits with room to grow. My 3.5 year old has about an inch to grow (in torso) before needing the top slot. She now rides in a FR85 though.


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Zoeys 5 years 5months and she's on the ones below the top lol the 3rd slot from the bottom,2nd slot from the top. Never sure how to say it..she's 33lbs and 40inches tall. Almost ready to move up but it'll be that akward almost to high funny lookin spot


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Elizabeth is 5 and on the top slots. I had to move it to the top in Oct at 5 years 3 months. I know when I first got the nautilus Benjamin just fit at 7 so I suspect she has about a year and a half left.


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Dawson is 5 1/2 this month and has been on the top slots since last feb. He has now outgrown them in our elantra and had a bit of room left in the santa fe, I just turned it into booster mode yesterday. I moved the head rest down 1 click and it all fits perfect.
he is 3/4 of an inch away from 4 feet tall and hes all torso.


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I feel better now! He is just at or slightly above the 2nd to top, so he has plenty of room to grow. Thanks everyone. :)

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