what seat for relatives cars?


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My sister is having a little girl in January, and I am looking for some advice on a seat to be used in other people's cars. I already purchased a snug ride 35 for use in her car (her husband currently does not have a car). This will probably be used mostly in my mom's car, a scion xb, the old toaster looking type. I think it's an 06, but I'm not sure. My mom asked about buying another base for the snugride, but considering that for the price of the base you can almost get a scenera, I thought it was worth looking at convertibles.
Anyway, it will primarily be installed in the scion xb. I will probably do the installing. I don't think I trust my mom to install, as I think she is the type to think it's ok not to do it correct just to go down the block. I am still working hard on no snow suits in the seat with her because she has already purchased two snow suits for the baby. No noodles for recline in her car because I think that's just asking her to screw it up.
The other car it may go in is a Chevy Aveo, 2006. I can deal with it needing install tricks in this car as it's my own. If it needs the tricks I can do that, and I will take the time to do it.
Newborn fit would be preferable, but if it doesn't fit, a snug ride base should be easy enough to move, or just to strap the seat in. My mom and I can have hand issues, so if it is something horribly hard to adjust, we should probably avoid that. Again, I just don't know that I trust my mom to straighten the straps out if they get all twisted up if it's just a short trip. I will straighten them out. I worked with a child who rode in a frontier, which I hated, and if I loosened the straps when I took her out, it always twisted.
As for price, I don't know what my mom is willing to spend, but safety is something I am willing to spend good money on. My sister was going to use a used evenflo embrace, that she did not know the history of. I convinced her that using a seat she did not know the history of is a bad idea, and I bought the sr35. Had she wanted something that cost more, as long as it was decent, I would have had no qualms with spending the money to keep my niece safe. My preference though is for the cheapest thing that fits the bill. If it's a Scenera, great, if not, I am willing to purchase something else, either myself or going in on it with my mom.
I think also my mom would like a girly color, but this is the least of the issues.


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How often will the child be riding in relatives' cars, and will you always be there to oversee the installation? Merely using the Snugride baseless might be an option -- I do it on a daily basis -- but if you don't think the relatives will install it properly, then don't do that.

The Scenera sounds like a great choice. It's inexpensive, can go to 40lb RF (if you get the 40RF version,) and fits many children from birth.

Rereading your post, I would check the fit of the Snugride, baseless, in your vehicle, and as long as it's good, use it there. Then get your mom a Scenera and you should be good for a year or so. :)


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I agree with the PP... if you're comfortable using the sr baseless I'd just do that in your car. Get your mom a 40lb RF scenera, should last a while, as long as it installs ok. If for some reason that install isn't good or easy for her you could look into a My Ride as well, but that's pretty pricey for occasional rides imo.


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I'd say she'll ride maybe once a week with my mom. Less with me most likely, I don't know really. This is why I say a pain in the butt install in my car is ok, but not for my mom's. I'll probably take car of doing it, but just in case, I don't see noodles happening with her. I can deal with it,
I played with some seats at BRU earlier tonight because I had to run in and pick up something for a client (I work with kids with autism). I played with I think the Onside Air. I had a hard time undoing the chest clip on it. So, I think I want to take my mom to the store and check out the clips, buckles, adjusters, etc to make sure she can do it.

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