What car seats will fit rear-facing in a 2012 Honda Fit?



I'm looking for a convertible car seat for my 11-month old baby, who's about to outgrow his Graco Snugride. I'd like to get a seat that I can keep rear facing for as long as possible, but I have a Honda Fit and am having trouble figuring out which car seats will work. I only have one kid so I'm not worried about how wide the car seats are, just the depth and visibility out the rear window. I'm thinking about the Britax Marathon, the Diono Radian, or the Clek Foonf. I tried out the Marathon in my car in the middle position, and it just barely fit. If anyone taller than me wanted to drive the car, it wouldn't work. Not ideal. I haven't found anywhere local that I can try out the Radian or the Clek. Anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thanks.


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I also have a small car (Toyota echo hatchback) and the britax fits really well behind the driver. Depending of your child's age you can achieve a less recline install. To do so, push on the feat area of the seat when tightening the latch or seatbelt. It might gives you more room that way. Just make sure to keep the blue line level to ground!


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If you want to do the radian you will definitely need the angle adjuster. The seats in the honda fit are just really flat so you need the angle adjuster to counteract the big rearfacing boot.

The britax seats work well in the fit especially at the 30 degree angle. The seat that gives us the most front legroom in the fit (seats all the way back) is the recaro convertibles. Yeah they don't have tons of legroom for the child but the fit has two positions for the backseat back rest and you can gain a little legroom that way. I swear the proride was made for the honda fit.

I haven't tried the foonf in there. One thing about it is that it is very tall but then again so is the fit.


I would strongly recommend buying either a Britax or Diono. The are very safe and have the best crash testing records. I'm not sure for the Britax, but I know Diono sells an Angle Adjuster that positions a rear-facing Diono convertible car seats at a more upright angle for older children. It can add up to 4” more room behind the front seats for more front leg room. I own a 2015 Honda Fit and a Diono RXT car seat, this angler has allowed more room for the passenger sitting in front of my rear-facing car seat.

Hope that helps.


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I would give the Graco 4ever a look. It's not on your original list but it's a very nice seat that is very compact front to back and allows for a range of rear facing angles. We're using it in a Fiat 500 (which is even smaller than the Fit and also has a very flat back seat) and it gives a bit more space than even the Radian RXT with angle adjuster and much more space than the Chicco NextFit.

The space comparison that was posted is helpful, but keep in mind that the results vary quite a bit depending on the car. In our Fiat the 4ever is more compact than at least 4 seats that are listed as more compact in the space guide, and several of the seats listed as being just as compact are actually unusable in the car altogether because they don't even permit enough space to lock the front passenger seat in place.


We have a 2007 Honda Fit and the Combi Coccoro (sold on Amazon) fits rear facing in the middle seat with the front seats ALL the way back. Much smaller profile than our Graco Snugride+base infant car seat. Have an 11 month old girl who is above avg in stats and she has a long ways to grow before she outgrows it. Love it!

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