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After I get back from vacation I am thinking about selling my Phil & Teds E3 stroller. It looks like I could get about $400 dollars for it on Ebay, so now I need to figure out what Sit & Stand or stroller + buggy board to buy.

My DD is 9 months, DS is nearly 3 years. 20 and 42 plus pounds.
DD will sleep in the stroller.
DS never has, never will, sleep in a stroller.
We will at most, go over grass occasionally.
My main concerns are - I want a small stroller (thinking buggy board?) ease of folding, handling, lightweight, and easily accesible storage.
I think I may want to stay away from inflateable tires this time but that will not stop me from buying the right stroller.

I can't decide if I want a sit and stand, or a good single stroller with a buggy board. I have NO IDEA about buggy boards, what strollers are available, etc. so I am looking for some people to point me in the right direction to start my search.


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I just wanted to add why I am thinking of getting rid of my Phil & Teds.
I just don't like the extra seat. I don't like that DD doesn't have a view. And the storage is a pain to get to when someone is in the extra seat.
I just want a new stroller. :D


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I'd look at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight (not the regular model, it doesn't fold as small or steer as well)...but I'm not sure about how great it is for sleeping...? Maybe just a P3 and use the footboard that's built in on it?


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We loved our P3 after the E3V2 we had. Now, I've gone down further to a Zapp... but my kids are 6 and 3. :)

ETA: With your kids ages, I would have never been able to give up my E3V2, but I had the pannier bags on the side for storage... maybe that's all you need?


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We loved our P3 after the E3V2 we had. Now, I've gone down further to a Zapp... but my kids are 6 and 3. :)

ETA: With your kids ages, I would have never been able to give up my E3V2, but I had the pannier bags on the side for storage... maybe that's all you need?

I have the pannier bags, but I didn't like them and I have them for sale on Ebay right now!


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Well then... I'd totally eye up the P3. :D

We have a Pramette that I totally adored... I'm almost ready to list it, but it will be out of all the US people's price range since I'm in Canada and strollers cost more here. ;)


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We've got a Valco - and I think for your situation that "doubles" kit that Valco offers might make more sense. Your DD could sit in the regular seat and your DS could sit in the toddler seat far forward. The toddler seat that sits far forward would be difficult to sleep in, but it does not sound like that is an issue for you. We love it and think it steers better than the P+T.

We bought ours used from a friend and recently saw the same one on Ebay for around $150 + $40 shipping. I think you could definitely break even buying one used, even if you add on a toddler seat and/or a boogie board.


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I have a Peg Perego p3 (pliko) and i LOVE IT! my 10 month old can sit in the stroller seat and my 5 year old or 2 year old can stand on the foot board and hitch a ride when they get tired! check out ebay or albeebaby.com...or even craigslist! i got mine for $15

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We love our ultralight. The front seat reclines a little, but doesn't recline a ton. My 10month old will sleep in the seat when reclined. When the seat is reclines there isn't much room on the back, but my 4 1/2 year old just deals. If he complains too much I tell him his option is to walk. He just likes to complain about EVERYTHING these days.

We are in the market for a new stroller because we have a new addition coming. I was looking and almost settled on the Phil and Ted, but now am wondering if the valco would be better. The kids will be newborn and 14months old. Can you sleep in the valco toddler seat? For the poster who has the Phil and Ted would you recommend it for my kids since they will be little? I can deal with the storage situation. Thanks!!


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I was so so so so so sad to give up our e3 :( DS#2 was just too heavy for the back seat.. I wish he'd have slowed down on the weight gain :p After that we went to a P3 & then a BOB revolution. I love my BOB but I'm a stroller freak and thinking about selling it and getting a Maclaren (one of the only strollers we haven't tried out yet lol) ...

I've had a sit & stand.. one word : UGH!

Go for a nice stroller & a buggy board... or get a BOB and your DS can sit on the foot rest like ours does when he gets tired :eek: :whistle:


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I loved my e3 but had to give it up and get a triple stroller for daycare. I ended up with a Valco Twin with toddler seat. It's just so big and cumberson and the kids are all older now. I'm debating between going back to a e3 sport or a Mac Twin. My 4 1/2 year old still likes to sit occassionally so I have to find something that works for him on weekends and works for daycare kids on weekdays.

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