What about this tethering spot?



We recently bought a Montana minivan and I am having a hard time finding a tethering spot in the middle row. Here is one option.

The only other option is to tether to the seat it is in, which I know is not recommended anymore. Anyone else have a Montana and do you rearface tether?

I have thought about moving DS2 to the backrow, but that is kind of a pain especially with school starting soon. We will be in and out of the car more. Also, I will be out with just the babies more often.


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If you can't find anywhere else the seatbelt stalk is fine, as long as it doesn't interfere with the front seat passenger using the seatbelt. It's certainly grounded to the vehicle.



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I drive a 2003 montana, but don't actually use the tether for rf, ds is 5 years old, but I was playing around with the Radian and seeing how nice it installed rf (much easier than ff thats for sure) I looked all over for a good rf tether pt for the middle row too, there is just nothing at all under the seats to work with - all too wide to get the dring around - that is a FANTASTIC idea!!! :love:

I'm pretty sure I took some pics under the seat at the time, cause I as sooo cross that there was nothing, I'll post them if I find them
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I have a 97 Montana and i was not able to find a tether spot under the passenger seat, but i will go look tomorrow and see if i could find one. I did see a good bar around the drivers side, but i am thinking that you have your seats arranged like that for a reason.


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hmm im not sure I would be comfortable with that d-clip install :scratcheshead:

The seatbelt stalk is an acceptable location, though I don't like to use it unless as a last resort.

To the OP, if you could get the stalk lower down, that might be a little better, but where you have it is perfectly acceptable if you can't find anywhere else. Just make sure it's not going to slip off in a collision. The tether isn't necessary, but that could hit the front seat passenger if it did.



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I drive a '01 Montana and there's NOTHING to tether to! (one of the many things that drives me crazy about this van) I'd never thought of the seatbelt..... I think I'm going to go do that. Thanks!


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C&P from a member who is having trouble posting:

I have been able to tether to the all of the front seat seat legs in
my 2003 Venture. Since the GM vans are pretty much the same; I think
this should work with them all. Btw, I was not happy with using the
seat belt stalks.

You know how the front seats have that solid side panel that fills in
the space from front leg to back leg and bottom of the seat to the
floor? It looks impossible to get to any no-moving anything that is
bolted to the frame of the vehicle. But there is a trick.

1. If you push down on the carpet in the middle of the panel, you'll
create enough space to feed the connector strap trough.

2. Reach under the seat and grab the strap's end. Pull the strap to
the leg you want to wrap it around.

3. There will be just enough strap to loop it through.


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In this picture - http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t120/canadianmom2three/IMGP2089.jpg?t=1185679968

Can you just hook it on to the closest hole in that grating looking stuff?? You don't have to use the D-ring if there is a hole you can hook onto instead.

You might not be able to move the seat once you do that but I'd be more comfortable with that than tethering to the seatbelt stalk like in the first pic.

Just an idea - not sure whether the hole is big enough, though.

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