Question What 3 boosters in 3rd row 04 Sienna


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Today we were given full custody of a neighbor girl(long story).She's been spending weekends with us and will ride in a booster(she needs one). If my DH isn't with us it's no big deal,I just have DD1(15y old) ride in front and 4 other girls all outboard.When we all ride together it's a problem. 3rd row currently is DD3 TBSS passenger side,DD2 Cruz on drivers side. I bought a BB to try center but she doesn't find it comfortable. Without it I find the shoulder belt under her arm. If her mom doesn't straighten up this could be permanent so I need something long term.What seats will work so all 3 can buckle? I loved my old PW without armrests and I know there is a new booster out without armrests but it's pricy and might not even work.If need be I can force DD1 back there since she's skinny but we'll have a fight on our hands and she's tall.


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I don't know your vehicle, but in my Ody I can put a Vivo and 2 Harmony youth boosters. The Vivo is discontinued, but you might try switching out 2 seats for youth boosters. The Incognito might work well too. It's wider than the bubble bum but easier to use. What is your youngest riding in? While it's not ideal, I can put 2 youth boosters plus a Britax convertible and they puzzle really well.


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DD4 rides middle row behind passenger(seat is pushed next to other captains chair)in a RA50 RF. Since the kids climb in from passenger side if I put my RF back there she would have to go drivers side and she rides with me alone often so I really like her middle row.

At what point do you kick them out if a booster? DD2 is 10.5y old,4'11" and about 95lbs but she doesn't feel comfortable riding without her Cruz. We do have a Harmony Youth but she's too big. 11 y old fits but I can't buckle with Cruz,Youth and SS. My 10 y old is safety conscious so I would trust her in the Incognito but the 11 y old probably wouldn't use the clips.

Do you think Incognito drivers side,Youth or Cruz center,SS passenger side would work?


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Sorry,I meant to say she passes the 5-step test but also still fits well in her booster. She's not less safe in a booster even though she passes? I guess that should have been my question.
As long as the seatbelt still fits her correctly in the booster, she is not less safe (lap belt not too low down on her thighs or up on her belly, shoulder belt not falling off her shoulder).


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Sorry,I meant to say she passes the 5-step test but also still fits well in her booster. She's not less safe in a booster even though she passes? I guess that should have been my question.
No, she's not, but the goal is for *everyone* to be safe. Since she is safety conscious, you may be able to show her and explain to her that she is safe without it (boy, we rarely go that way around here! ;)) or convince her to try the Safety First Incognito. It really may work well for your situation. Also, I'm going to assume that since it's a new-ish Sienna, there is a moveable headrest where she sits...but you want to make sure that she has head support up to at least the middle of her head (top of her ears). If she fits the seatbelt properly and 5 steps without the booster and the tops of her ears are going over the headrest, I'd be inclined to try the Incognito or no booster.

The Incognito is only $20 on Amazon and very narrow at the back, but deep compared to a Harmony Literider backless booster (about as deep as the average seat in a car). It's made for kids/preteens over 60 lbs who still technically need a booster, but may not need quite as much of a boost as your average 7 or 8 year old.

I'm thinking may have more luck with the Incognito in the center, with the other seat being on the buckle side of it being a little bit taller (to make it easier to pull up the little plastic belt retainers for the lap belt).

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