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I just wanted to say how fortunate I feel we are to have a Canada-specific forum! There are lots of questions posted on the regular forum from Canadians about Canadian carseats, Canadian carseat law, and so forth. Now we have a specific forum for Canadians and Canadian discussions--making it easier to ask questions and to check past threads for answers.

I would love to hear from the Canadians of our online community here. I would love to know what seats you all have, and what seats you'd like to have or like to have released in Canada (eg. the Regent!) I'll start.

I'm Nicole, a 31 year old Children's Restraint Systems Technician in British Columbia. I have four kids, Kyle (11, seatbelt), Mason (9, lowbacks), Aiden (4, FF, Britax Marathons) and Abigail (2, RF, Britax Roundabout, Britax Marathon)...I have the two little ones outboard in the centre row of our '05 Sienna, and the two big boys outboard in the back row. As noted before, I would love to see the Regent released in Canada once we finally have seats certified at above 48lbs here...I'd also love to see the Safeguard Go released here. :) I'm happy we have Britax once again this past year or two, and I am pleased to see the Radian on the shelves at Canadian Tire.



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I'm Natalie, 27, CRST in Ottawa. I've been a tech for about 2 yrs now. I have 2 children. Gregory is 6 yrs old and uses Britax Parkway/Graco Turbos in various vehicles. Megan is 20 months, and rides RF in a Britax Marathon. We have a Cosco Scenera as a back up, but I usually just move the MA since I don't really like the Cosco very much and can't trust anyone else to use it correctly.

I would really really like to see higher rearfacing seats return to Canada. My daughter is 28.5lbs (29lb last night!) so we only have 1-1.5lbs to go before I have to turn her forward.

I'd like to see the Regent released here too. I currently have a Husky sitting in my basement that I am not comfortable using since it is illegal and I'd LOVE to have Greg harnessed again. We used the Husky for Greg from 2.5 to 5.5 yrs because he was >40lbs and not ready for a booster, and an arsenal of techs couldn't get any combo seats with higher weights securely in our Corolla.



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Hi everyone,

Thanks to Car-seat.org to give us this opportunity to be the first sub-forum on Canadian (and international)-related issues.

I'm Tam and married with 2 kids (dd is 7 yrs old and ds is 5 yrs old). I'm a certified CRST for more than 4 yrs and volunteer with St. John Ambulance in Mississauga.

When my kids were born/little, choices for carseats and laws/regulations in Canada was not great, so I'm now quite happy to see of more choices and regulations have changed for the better. I also am expecting our third child this August and can't wait to see what else will be in the market soon.


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I'm Jacqui, single SAHM living in Saskatchewan. I hope to be a CRST someday.

I found the car-seat.org forums when I was researching higher weight harnessed seats for my 4.5 year old special needs child (Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy). The participants on this forum were very helpful in my search. Since Christmas Rylan has been in a Sunshine Kids Radian 65. He is fast approaching the 48lb weight limit for Canada so we will be in a pickle again before long. I would like to see the Regent or the promised Recaro released in Canada.

Thank you Car-Seat.Org for providing this sub-forum.

4.5 years old, Sunshine Kids Radian 65 in a 2001 Malibu, centre installed with lapbelt
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Jacqui--hopefully Transport Canada will be quick in their quest to certify seats to higher weight limits. It's suppppposed to be coming sometime soon!

Natalie--the RF limit is supposed to return to 33lbs, but who knows with TC.

Tam--HI! :)



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A new forum! YAY!!!

I'm Alison, single, student, stay at home Mama to my babe Tobias, who is 7 months. He is somewhere over 20 pounds, and 28-29" and rearfacing in a SK Radian, with Scenera as backup. I so wish I had just bought two Radians, the Scenera is a pain in the arse.

I so want the Regent here, but allowing the seats we already have to be used to their full potential (Marathon and Radian, rear facing to 33 and forward facing to 65) would be a great start. I have convinced two seperate people of the merits of extended rear facing and harnessed seats (who have new babies) only to have them try out the Radian with their school aged child (one four, one five years old) and realize they fit, but weigh a pound or two too much :(

At any rate, I'm so glad for this subforum :thumbsup:

babychild taxi

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Kathy and I am a child development professional in the Lower Mainland of BC. I'm not married or have children, but am the adopted auntie to many, especially locally. I support a family in need in my church and just the love the 3 little girls (5.5, 2.5, 12mos) who live in foster care. I help with driving and also my own outings with them.

I am originally from Ontario (Toronto/Mississauga) and it was my cousin who first told me about the 6 yr expiry dates on seats. Since I've become involved with the family at my church, I've become even more interested in car seat safety (this forum is great!). Maybe I'll become a tech one day??

In my car 2002 Echo), I currently have a RF Cosco Regal Ride, Parkway booster and a FF Radian-it's tight fit.

I look forward to this Canadian Forum! There's a lot that can be done in Canada to promote and ensure proper car seat/restraints are used.



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Hi everyone! This is so exciting to have a Canadian forum!!!

I am Julie, I live in southern Manitoba (the prairies). I have 1 little boy who is 2.5yrs (and a bit) and weighs about 30lbs. He is FF in a Britax MA in the centre of a Honda Accord. I found this forum while searching for a seat with a higher top harness as my DS outgrew his Graco ComfortSport just over 2yrs of age :rolleyes:

I am glad that the Radian is finally available in Canada and I hope that the Regent will soon be available :)

I am signed up to take the CRST course but it keeps getting cancelled :( I hope that it will be offered soon!


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I have just recently discovered this forum so I'm very excited to see a Canadian section now.

My name is Amanda and I live in the Lower Mainland of BC. I have just started a daycare in my home. My son is 3 1/2, 37lbs, 41" and ff in a 3-in-1 Eddie Bauer. My daughter is 11 months, 19 lbs, 27.5" and rf in a Snugride.

I am looking for new seats for my son and I want to have seats in my van for all my daycare kids so we can go on outings. I have found so much information on this forum but of course now I can't decide which route to go.


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Wow, you're getting great mileage out of your seats thus far, Amanda. I don't know many 3.5 year olds that aren't already too tall for the 3-in-1 nor many babies approaching a year in a SnugRide (well, except mine--my 23 month old still fits in her infant seat.) Are you planning to pass the 3-in-1 down, and that's why you're looking for a new seat for your son?

You should just post an original thread with the size (height/weight) and age of each of the children you have to transport on a regular basis and what vehicle you drive (including number of seats, tether anchor positions available, any other details) and you'll get some Canadian-specific ideas on how to transport everyone as safely as possible. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of really narrow boosters here in Canada...can I add that to my wishlist?

Since British Columbia law is that children must be harnessed until 40lbs, and because your son is still only 3, I'm sure everyone here can come up with a number of good options for seats that will keep your little boy harnessed for a while yet that also work with needing to get daycare seats in your car as well.



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Yes, my son is level with the top allowable harness height of his 3-in-1 so we need something soon. I have 2 3-in-1's as we have two cars so one will be for my daughter and one for my daycare kids. I am so glad we've been able to use our seats for as long as we have. But now it's time to add more to the mix. I'll post a new topic to get some help on my seats.


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First off thanks to the powers that be for the Sub-Forum! Our issues in Canada are often quite different than those in the US and dealing with them on the regular forums can cause some confusion.

I'm a Tech(4 1/2 years) and Instructor(1 year +) in Nova Scotia. I have 3 girls. DD1 is a few months shy of 11 years old 96 lbs and 4' 11" seatbelted in the middle row driver's side of our 2000 Caravan. DD2 is just shy of 9 years old 70 lbs and 4' 4 1/2 " tall in a backless Turbo booster rear row driver's side. DD3 is 5 years old 43 lbs and 3' 8 1/2" tall in a Radian middle row passenger side. Higher weight limits on seats haven't been of personal interest because my girls tend to be lighter than they are tall and have outgrown all of their seats by height long before weight. I do appreciate how these would be of benefit to younger heavier children and those with special needs. (Yes Jacqui, I'm thinking of you and Rylan).

I do regular clinics with Saint John Ambulance and have done various presentations on car seat usage and products to a variety of groups.

A few points to set straight...TC does not certify seats. They set the standards to which seats must perform and it's up to the manufacturers to certify that the seats meet these standards. The 30 pound rear facing limit that had been imposed has already been lifted. I was told in November, by a TC rep, that memos had gone out to the manufacturers informing them of this change. It's now up to the manufacturers to review the limits they're setting for rear facing use. If you want to see change on this front it's time to get on the manufacturers cases!

QuassEE/Nicole...how did you get CPS Tech status here? I thought you had to be registered with SafeKids US to have Tech status here on the boards.

Okay, that's enough for now!



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It's an interesting point about how the manufacturers are the ones to certify the seats, but until "child" is redefined under the Motor Vehicle Act, the law is directly restricting the ability of manufacturers to certify higher-weight seats. I have to be more careful about relating *requirements* for certification to MVSA/TC and the actual certification to the manufacturer.

Belinda--we have similar sized/aged children...Did you find it hard when your oldest moved into a seatbelt? My son moved into the seatbelt about 6 months ago in our SUV and two months ago in our van..and I'm still shocked when I look in my rear-view mirror and he's shorter than his 9 year old brother, who is in a booster. My heart skips a beat, wondering why he isn't in his booster. Being from California, I find it so strange that most of the kids in our neighbourhood here in Canada were out of seats by about age 5. Many went straight from their harnessed seat into a seatbelt. There's very little booster use here, although it seems to be changing. In California, it wasn't as uncommon to see older kids in boosters.

Also--since you're an instructor, would you be able to post the most recent provincial laws here? There's another thread where members are trying to collect data for a FAQ-type sticky. I have a copy of the laws from almost 4 years ago, and I know at least Ontario has changed since.

I'm not sure about the "CPS Technician" status here...I can ask?



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I'm also glad to see this forum. :)

I'm Trudy and I have an almost 3 yr old dd and almost 6mo old ds. My dd is around 35" and 29lbs and is rf'ing in a britax marathon. Ds is 18lbs and I'm guessing about 27" long and is in a Graco SS1. He was close to outgrowing his snugride, so we recently bought the SS1 to have the use of a carrier longer.

I'm looking forward to the higher weight limits, particularly rf'ing as I've been on the fence about going with the US rf'ing limit of the marathon or turning dd at 30lbs.

We're planning to get a Radian for ds once he outgrows the SS1. We had bought one, but returned it after buying the SS1 since it was the older model. I'd also love to see the new Recaro convertible come here.

I need to go looking for the link, but in Alberta the official law for being ff'ing is 40lbs or 6 yrs old, whichever comes first. Which I think is pretty dumb... no way a 40 lb 2 yr old is mature enough for a booster. The recommendation for turning from rf'ing to ff'ing is 20lbs, 1 yr old and pulling to a stand at a minimum. The information did recommend rf'ing as safest and to keep your child rf'ing longer if possible. We don't have booster seat laws here, but the official recommendation is to use a booster until 4' 9" as most kids won't fit a vehicle seatbelt prior to that.


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Hi all,
My name is BethAnn and while I live outside of Canada at present I am a Tech in my home province of Newfoundland. I became a tech in Oct 2001 through SJA and have volunteered at many clinics and other carseat related events.
My DD is 4 yrs old and rides in a Britax MA and and AOE (she still fits the harness as well!)
Right now I am living in the Middle East while DH works with College of the North Atlantic's Qatar campus. Its hot and dusty but I like it, I stopped looking into cars ages ago as you barely see anyone in a seat belt here, the law is buckled up in the front seats only, nothing in the back, so usually you see kids jumping all around the vehicle. Anyone using a carseat is either British, European, Aussie, NZlander, Canadian or American.
Well I'm glad we have our own forum as now it will be easier to help those CDN parents who want to find seat without them having to weed though the US ones that they accidently get reccomended.
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Hi Everyone!

Not a Canadian sorry - LOL - But my name is Bonnie and I'm a Safe2Go Technician from New Zealand. I have two boys under two and I'm a SAHM. I also run a child passenger safety website (see my sig) to assist in the education of correct use and installation of car seats (as well as any other child passenger safety related topic) in New Zealand.


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Hi Everyone!

Not a Canadian sorry - LOL - But my name is Bonnie and I'm a Safe2Go Technician from New Zealand. I have two boys under two and I'm a SAHM. I also run a child passenger safety website (see my sig) to assist in the education of correct use and installation of car seats (as well as any other child passenger safety related topic) in New Zealand.


It is a Canadian and international forum, so we all fit right in. There just more Canadian, that's all, lol.


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I'm Terri and I am in Quebec. I'm a SAHM to a 3 year old boy named Hunter and a 15 month old girl named Novia.

I have always been interested in car seat safety but only became more involved since I started looking for DD's Convertible in the fall. We went with the Marathon.

I remember being so overwhelmed by the choices when DS was at that stage and just went on the recommendation of a relative for a Eddie Bauer 3/1 its served us well but DS is almost level with the top usable slots so its time to move on to the Radian.
I vaguely remember looking at the Roundabout and loving the pattern's and hearing that they were supposed to be safer but didn't look into it as the price was higher then I wanted to spend.I don't even think that the Marathon had been released yet.
I did pick up the basics such as extended rear facing slightly..DS was RF until 26 lbs/18 months or so until DH convinced me to turn him. :rolleyes: I did get him turned back to RF for a brief time last summer.
Not to use bulky snow suits then we moved beside my MIL and I try to restrict the use of the suits as much as possible but until we get a second car and I am out with the kid's by myself and no interfering people who are obessed with dressing the kid;s in 3000 layers :thumbsdown: its a losing battle. Next winter though its a good quality fleece and MIL can go hang.:)
Proper placement of the straps and chest piece...proper care of the seat itself. Tight straps over child. Not to buy a used seat no matter how may times I am told it will save me money..
In fact I think I picked up more then the avg person seems to know at least around here but still had/have more to learn.

I would love if Transport Canada raised the limit on car seats from 48 to 65 or above. and of course allowed the HWH seast in.
For seats that I wish were in Canada...the new Recaro would be perfect for DS..or the Regent if we had a bigger car. The Safeguard with the cool harness straps looks interesting too.
For DD I would have preferred to buy the Boulevard over the Marathon.
Allow the return of seats RF to 35 lbs..we do own one seat the Eddie Bauer 3/1 which still RF to 35 lbs.

And for a totally frivolous wish if the Couture seats would have been available in Canada. Was it so hard to slap on the French/English label on the awesome covers.
Oh and lower the darn price on the Serena(sp) our exchange rate is not that bad and besides the seat is most likely made less then an hour from me. Really people:mad:

I would like to take a CPST course just so when people question my statements I can back it up with a tiny piece of paper but in general keep my mouth shut about issues unless someone asks which is not often.

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