Weird forum/graphics issue


Admin - CPS Technician
Sometimes when I'm on the browser on my phone (Safari, iPhone) graphics and icons from the forum wind up in the wrong places. For example, someone's avatar might show up where the Report button should be, or a big red triangle (report icon) might show up where the reply button should be.

Here's an example from today. The Kids N Cribs ad shows up where other icons should be (though they're not clickable), and those other icons show up where ads should be (and clicking the icons will take me to the correct ads).



I haven't had it happen with Safari on my desktop, and I don't THINK it's happened on my iPad.

Is it just me?
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That happened oN Safari on my ipad mini earlier this week. I almost reported it but couldn't figure out how to explain what was going on.


Admin - Webmaster
Has anyone seen this on anything other than iOS/Safari?

Guessing it is an apple issue with displaying websites. For those of you who have seen this, is it just every once in a while, frequently or all the time?


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I thought I was the only one. It only happens for me on Safari every once it awhile. Mine is bad when it does it though. Like everyone's avatars are all switched.


Admin - CPS Technician
I go on the browser so infrequently, it's hard for me to say how often it happens. I notice it almost every time, though. (ETA: actually, probably not almost every time...hard to say.)

I also figure it's a Safari issue, but I haven't noticed any weird graphic swaps on other sites i visit (I do use the browser frequently, just not for CSO). So I wonder if it's a weird interaction between safari and this particular forum software?


CPSDarren - Admin
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Could well be that new versions of Safari don't play well with older websites like this one, which is sad on Apple's part. The forum hasn't changed in years, so I blame Apple!


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I've had it as well, and it's been happening for quite a while (since at least iOS 7) but I've always just figured it was a glitch. It hasn't happened on any other sites for me either. I don't own any non-Apple mobile devices so I'm not sure if it's only isolated to Apple but it possibly is.


Admin - CPS Technician
I'm using Nightshift, and I keep checking to see how often it happens, but of course it hasn't happened since I posted this the other day. So maybe it's not as frequent as I thought.

Next time it happens, I'll switch skins and see what that does. Or maybe I'll just switch skins now.


Admin - CPS Technician
And just for fun I clicked over to browser view within the app (so staying in the app, but clicking on the top of the thread to view the website) and I got this:



Admin - Webmaster
Totally weird. I have absolutely no idea what would cause Safari to swap locations of graphics and/or repeat them multiple times in the same location. I bet if I could come up with the right search phrase, there would be an answer on Google. I'll look into it this weekend. Maybe there is an iOS or Safari patch or fix or something.


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Ahhhhh! I thought it was just me. I have random signature pictures and profile pictures show up for the wrong people too. I have to stop sometimes and go back to read the username thinking weird stuff about people I know has certain pics.


Admin - Webmaster
For anyone who has this issue, please let me know if it is fixed or improved, at least temporarily. I don't think the change I made would affect this, but you never know.


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I was going to report it too. Can't remember if I took a screen shot of it or not. It was definitely in Safari and I use the CSO default no sidebar skin. I even downloaded Chrome and started using that browser, but the forum was hanging in that browser, so I went elsewhere, ahem :duck:.

It's been happening for weeks.

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