WARNING:Accident mentioned-- My sister and niece were in a bad accident today


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My sister was driving to take my niece to the dentist this morning and when she went around a sharp turn there was a boy walking in the road, to try and not hit him she swerved and hit another SUV (she drove a Saturn Vue, I believe '04) head on. She was not wearing her seat belt, despite my repeated attempts at telling her to and was flown to our nearest trauma bay. She had multiple open head injury, broken hand, and a major laceration on her calf that took a long time to close and get the bleeding under control. She spent nearly 3 hours in the Trauma bay getting sewn up and examined.

While my grandmother and I were waiting in the Trauma bay waiting area the patient rep came was talking to us and her car seat knowledge was awesome! She was asking questions and reminding us that the car seat needed to be discarded of and how Breanna should be still in a 5-point harness.

My niece was in a Graco Turbobooster and only received what I call "brush burn" on her upper thighs were her car seat rubbed. It's truly amazing how she did not get more injuries. It was very traumatic for her as my sister was taken in a separate ambulance to be flown out and she was taken all alone in another ambulance to go to the local hospital where my mom works. My mom met the ambulance there and was able to calm her down. Her first words were "I told mommy to wear her seat belt now she's bleeding and I'm scared." She was examined and then released within a hour.

My sister will probably be in the hospital for 3 more days. The man in the other car is absolutely okay as he was wearing his seat belt. The pedestrian my sister swerved to miss was kind enough to rush to try and calm my niece down since she was very upset.

It was a very emotional day as I was scared for my sister and my heart was aching for my niece who just experienced this horrible crash. I am truly amazed though at how well the Graco Turbobooster contained her and how it did in the accident.

I can't stress enough to my sister though how crucial it is for her to wear her seat belt. I hope she will learn from this. It could have turned out MUCH differently and someone was definitely looking over her and my niece today.


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P&PT for them. What a scary thing to have to go through. I hope this is a wake up call for your sister.


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She will be 5 Feb 13th. My sister was trying to put her in LBB but I convinced her that at her age, she NEEDED the extra protection that a HBB can offer if she was not going to harness her. In my car she is still in a CA harness for most trips unless she is having a field trip at preschool then she is in a Parkway.


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OP, I'm so glad your niece came through the crash so well! And I do hope that this incident changes your sister's mind about seatbelt use. It could have been so much worse... I'm sure your mother (and you) have such a complicated mix of feelings now!


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I hope they both heal quickly and wear their seatbelts every time! I bet her daughter will be very quick to make sure her mom is buckled from now on.


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I'm so glad your niece is okay. While ideally 4 year olds should be in a harnessed seat still, the minimum for booster use is 4 years and 40 pounds and it sounds like the TB did a great job protecting your niece! That's awesome. I can only imagine how scared she must have been to see her mom like that though :( I hope your sister has a smooth recovery and learned a lesson from all this.


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I am glad your niece is ok. As for your sister, I echo pp that she is lucky. She could have left her daughter without a mom. :(


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Some people need to learn some things the hard way. Lucky for her, she got off easy. Hoping she learned it though b/c it could have been so much worse!


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