Vent : plane install with a FF BLvd


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Ok, so I knew there were some issues with the Blvd and planes, but whoo-boy, I nearly made us miss our connecting flight.....

I knew I needed an extender, but I didn't realize why - for FF, you have to route the buckles so at least one sits outside of the belt path. I started tightening it down on my first install, and wanted to readjust it, but couldn't get the latch open!!!!!!:eek: They had both gone into the belt path, where, of course, there is not room to flip the latch open.

I am thankful that I started to realized what was happening and stopped before I got it any tighter - they were able to unlatch the seatbelt where it attaches to the seat (with difficulty). If they hadn't, they were ready to call a mechanic to meet us upon landing, as I was already causing a bit of a delay. Thankfully, I was too busy fussing with the seat to notice the dirty looks being cast in my direction....

I did learn how to install the seat properly, but geez, what a learning curve.

They really should come with a warning label for plane installations. I really, really, really hope that DD2 grows enough to fit in the seat by herself for the next flight, and the RSTV at our destination.

And the kicker - I took that seat instead of the Radian, as I understood that DH's aunt in Europe did not have latch/isofix in her car - when we got there, what do you suppose I felt in the seat bight?!?!?!:doh:

At least I can now console myself with Belgian chocolates and the hope that I will never see any of those people from the plane again....


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I never asked for an extender, I just always flipped the seatbelt one half-turn so that the release thing you pull up on is facing the back of the plane instead of the front. But I remember the first time I got our MA "stuck" because of that--in the end the FA was able to help me recline and straighten up the plane seat a few times until it created some wiggle room for me to reach my hand in there and release the belt, but I had cuts on my hands to prove how hard it was!!

(Enjoy the chocolates! LOL)


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I've never used the extender either, I recline the plane seat & flip the buckle. If the seat is reclined you don't need to tighten it all the way, it tightens when you pull the seat upright.

Glad you were able to get it out. I've hear stories about needing to take the back off the plane seat to get them out.


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I never used the extender either. I got it stuck twice, and use it rear facing after that. Then traveled with a Radian. Does your DD fit rear facing in the seat? It's so easy to install and uninstall on the plane rear facing.



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All good to know, but I just hope I don't need to use it again....I think they may have reclined the seat to help loosen it further when they were trying to get it out. And disassembling the plane seat is what they would have done if they couldn't have gotten the belt loose.

RF wasn't really a good option for us, as several of the flights were long-haul international, and I feel that not being able to recline your seat is a justifiable gripe for the person in front. DD2 is 3.5, she is rear-facing at home as she is just 25 lbs, but I opted to FF her for the whole trip to make things simpler.

As it was, DH was grousing that I hadn't taken his aunt up on using HBB for both girls whilst we were there - she has 2 HB turbos, and I know that they require 15 kg, and DD2 is only 11.5kg. But they FF at 9 mo or so anyways, there, and are generally much more lax, though they drive much faster.

If she doesn't fatten up a bit before the next trip, I guess I'll consider the Radian instead, but I'm still hoping for the vest to work out next time. I do worry that she will be fitting into the vest, but still under the FAA recommended 40 pounds for being on the plane with a belt only.( I think that is what it is....). But I guess I can cross that bridge (er, runway) when when get to it.....the chocolates are calling - since the girls are gone, I can have mine before lunch;).

I don't recall seeing anything about the issue in the Britax manual, if so, it would be really nice if they mentioned it in the future. I'm sure the FA's would be most appreciative...


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Do you think RF a BLVD (new generation) on a plane, would fit?
I used my classic blvd rfing on many planes with no troubles. Don't think the new ones are taller, so I'd expect they would fit just fine. Person in front of it won't be able to recline, but that's common with all rfing seats.


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I've seen a dad completely break the airplane seat trying to get a classic BV FF unbuckled. The back snapped back and everything. It was bad.

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I've had to disconnect the seatbelt from where it attaches to the seat. I hate flying with Britaxes, but luckily we don't have any now.


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For the record, this is only an issue with the original Britax models. Yes, you had to remember to flip the latchplate so the cover was facing out and not jammed against the shell (or ask for an extender). But the advantage of flying with these seats ff was that you never had to worry about your kid having a bulky metal latchplate in his back for the entire flight.


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And actually, I think the CCO will have the same issue forward facing. I put Laine forward for a few minutes on a flight once and panicked when it came time to unbuckle it. I was able to get it undone, but it was hard. Rear facing is a breeze, same as the original Britax models, but forward facing may be tough.



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And actually, I think the CCO will have the same issue forward facing. I put Laine forward for a few minutes on a flight once and panicked when it came time to unbuckle it. I was able to get it undone, but it was hard. Rear facing is a breeze, same as the original Britax models, but forward facing may be tough.


I had it forward facing for one leg of our flight during Christmas break and can confirm it is extremely difficult to unbuckle the CCO while FFing. I used it RFing for 3 of the flights but by the last one DD was just done so I flipped it Forward facing hoping that the change would help. All was well until it was time to get off! Thankfully I was able to get it unlatched with the help of the FA but it was NOT easy. We had to recline the airplane seat, pull on the seatbelt latch and wiggle the carseat to get it unlatched. We almost resorted to removing the seatbelt.

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