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My mom has an Enclave. She has seats in it for her 5 grand daughters. The addition of the 5th one means that my oldest now has to sit in the middle of the back row. That position doesn’t have clips to position the shoulder belt off of her neck like the side positions do. Is there a safe after market belt clip we could use or have added? If not, is this a safety issue?

Even the incognito is tall enough that we run into the problem of no head rest in that seat.

The only other forward facing child is in a Britax frontier which doesn’t fit in the back. If we put a rear facing seat in the center of the back row, the other kids can’t get in the back seat.

Here are the stats:
11 years old, 61”, 140lbs. Last row middle. In vehicle seat belt only.
8 year old. 51”, 60lbs. Middle row driver’s side. Forward facing britax frontier.
4 years old. 40”, 30lbs. Last row passenger side. Rear facing in a radian.
2 years old. 35”, 25lbs. Last row driver side. Rear facing in a radian.
4 months old. Short for age and 13.5lbs. Middle row passenger side. Rear facing in a graco click connect.


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Is she able to ride there without wiggling out of position or messing with the belt? If not the shoulder belt being a little on the neck isn't a real safety issue in itself. If she's tempted to wiggle or pull it off though it's problematic.

But with the headrest issue, she's going to outgrow that position very fast, if even the Incognito is too tall.

Can one of the Radians go center and she could go outboard? That would probably be ideal.


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OP was saying that if they put a RF seat in the center, older kids wouldn’t be able to get to their seats outboard.

I take it there is no tether anchor there?

What about a narrow high back booster for the 8 year old in the center? Is there a reason she needs to be harnessed?


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I somehow missed that.
A narrow high back booster could work, just make sure that it doesn't require vehicle support and I would suggest having the rf seat on the side away from where the booster buckles to prevent accidental unbuckling.

Another option would be 3 rf seats across the back and load from the back or over the top of the seats, and eldest in the second row. The seat could be folded down for loading and unloading that way.


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The 2 year old and 4 year old are both RF outboard 3rd row in Radians today. It might make sense to move one of them to a captains chair (and it’s fine to forward face the 4 year old in whatever harnessed seat you want, since there are tether anchors there, which might make it easier to get in and out.)

So I was thinking 11 year old passenger side (seat belt or incognito, whatever is better,) 8 year old center (tall high back booster), 2 year old driver side (RF Radian)

I think the best options for the booster will either be the Evenflo Spectrum (but I have my doubts about it being narrow enough) or the Harmony Dreamtime (but it might not be tall enough.)

Can the captains chairs tumble? If so, I might put the Radians side by side (probably passenger side and center—the driver side looks too narrow) and put the infant seat base driver side in the captains chair using lower anchors. If it can still tumble that way, then the Radian kids and the 11 year old can get in that way.


Yes. I had wondered about moving the 8 year to a high back booster in the middle in the back. I was hoping for a different solution because we already have the frontier and also with a rear facing radian on each side of her we worried about her accidentally unbuckling their seats. Is it possible that the harmony Dreamtime would fit between the two radians and give her room to buckle it? If it may be we will order one and try it. Does it require a vehicle headrest behind it?

We don’t think the captains chair tip or tumble forward, but we’ll check! That could work!

We pass the graco click tight from car to car to car. We aren’t sure we could get it out if we put all three rear facing kids in the back row. Maybe it makes sense to buy another seat for the baby?
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In the current configuration the 11 year old cant lean side to side out of position because she is wedged between the two radians. She is tempted to pull the belt out away from her neck some though. Is there no safe add on clip that we should consider?


In the current configuration the 11 year old cant lean side to side out of position because she is wedged between the two radians. She is tempted to pull the belt out away from her neck some though. Is there no safe add on clip that we should consider?

No clip, no.

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