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I know this topic has been touched on a million times for please forgive me for the "beating of a dead horse". i know my situation is unusual (because of my child being in an in-between size) but definitely not unique so please tell me what you would do/ have done.

We're flying for hartford>orlando, then driving approx 1-2hrs to cape canavral area, staying 2 nights, then cruising to nassau. let me just mention as an aside that we are not paying for this trip, did not plan it, and had nothing to do with making any of the arrangements.

My kids at 10 and 4 are in a cosco high rise and Britax Regent respectively in my minivan. The MAIN problem is .... the 4 yo for both plane and "ride" from plane to hotel. We won't know until we get there whether we will be in a bus, a van, or a limo until we get there, depending on the number of people who will be riding together with the same transport service. I've already been informed that my 10yo will not be able to use a seat. But my 4yo is only 38#, 43" tall and extremely hyperactive; pediatrician (friend) advised "no way this child should be in a booster under any circumstances". I cannot bring the Regent; that would be completely impossible (my husband is disabled and my older daughter has neurological problems) - all carrying, luggage for 4, is on me and im not very big. plus they don't think the cruise would allow it.

I have been told that the transport service provides seats. but do i trust them? (not really) plus ... my 4yo doesn't fit in most seats.

Add to this that I'm going to need heavy doses of tranquilizers to even get on a plane (I HATE FLYING!!!), and probably serious sea-sickness meds (I've only been on small boats and always get nauseus), and I'm really starting to panic. im not expecting to thoroughly enjoy myself but at least i can make sure my kids are as safe as possible under the travelling circumstance and maybe feel a little better about the whole thing.

So what would you do - buy a new CHEAP booster - she's not 40# YET but over the height limits for most of the harnessed ones (16.5" torso), and if so what are the options? or just wait and see and make due with what's provided? what about the plane?

Thanks in advance for reading, and for any advice. As you can see, I'm not exactly a seasoned traveller. ;)


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Wow, I can relate ;)

I would get the Apex & a cheap Walmart rolling cart to strap it onto -- in most buses it's not going to be much help, but it will be on the plane & rental vehicles are usually new enough to have headrests or high seatbacks :)



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I second the Apex! When checking height your child in the seat and see where his shoulders come up to in relation to the slots.

If he's not at or over the top slots...the you could use the seat. Some kids just carry their height in their legs...others in their torso.



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i definitely can't get a radian; I really can't afford another seat but I may be able to get the apex since my mother is planning to buy one eventually for her car. plus, like i said her torso is at 16.5", so that really limits our options. and then just hope I'll somehow be able to bring it on the plane etc.

space is the biggest concern, and weight, since like I said i'm the only one with carrying capability, and apparently there's a limit how much you can take although this isn't all that clear to me.

pretty much everyone thinks im ridiculous for still making my 10yo stay in a booster anyway.


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I agree on the Radian. It's great on flights, has high harness slots, and is 20 pounds, which when carried on your back isn't too bad.

Cruise ships are MUCH more stable than little boats. In all likelihood you won't feel their movement at all.


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