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Hi, my name is Rooslyn and a real Indonesian. I am a mother of 2 years old son. Since I browsed about using carseat in airplane, I found a lot of good information here.
So, I'm going to take my son fly from Papua Island to Java Island with local flights next month, and as far as I know, I never seen any carseat that brought into the cabin.
I already bought Sit n Stroll and going to use it on new year's eve holiday from Indonesia - Dubai - Europe. I have no doubt to use it on international flight with Emirates.
But I'm not sure if I can use it on local flights.
Maybe there's someone who ever travel with carseat on local flights, please let me know.



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You will need to check with your airline to see what's allowed in the cabin. Using a car seat on board an aircraft is irrelevant for safety. We have lots of data from FAA showing this very clearly.


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AdventureDad, could you post the references for this data that shows car seats are irrelevant? As far as I know the National Transportation Safety Board believes child restraints make a difference and should be used on board. I believe the FAAs arguement is not that child restraints are irrelevant or don't make a difference, but that the risk of flying is so much less than the risk of driving that flying without a seat is still safer than driving with a seat. That said there have been situations where the seat belt alone doesn't fit a child less than about 4 and 40#, or unrestrained lap children were present when there was turbulence or collisions on the ground where children were endangered or injured when they would have been better protected by a restraint. Plus, many children are more comfortable in a seat that is their size.

I do agree with the recommendation to check with your airlines as different airlines will have different policies regarding child restraints.


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You will need to check with your airline to see what's allowed in the cabin. Using a car seat on board an aircraft is irrelevant for safety. We have lots of data from FAA showing this very clearly.
I previously asked that you link references to studies with FAA data if you continue to make this claim. Debates over the benefits of child restraints in aircraft are fine, but repeatedly making unsupported claims regarding mystery data is only confusing to parents. Future comments/posts of this nature will simply be removed without prior notice.


Thanks all for the replies. I already emailed the airlines, but they didn't answer me :(
Maybe I should ask to the local office here and hope they understand. Because it's still uncommon to use or bring carseat to the plane.


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Hi Rooslyn,

I'd try asking the local office too.

If worse comes to worse and you haven't heard back at all from the airlines by the time you have to leave I'd just take a car seat with you, at least initially be as polite as you can, and install it as quickly as possible. Forward facing, to avoid the passenger in front having a reason to complain (i.e. if the car seat is rear facing the passenger in front usually can't recline).

If you were flying on a FAA (American Federal Aviation Administration) registered airline you would have a legal right to use and install the car seat, rear or forward facing, but on the Indonisian airlines you're flying you almost certainly have no legal right to use the seat. So I'd do your best to install it anyway you can, and you're less likely to have issues forward facing than rear facing.

You don't mention if you've actually bought a seat for your son or if he is flying in your lap. Since he's two I'm assuming you bought him his own seat. If he didn't have his own seat that would make it even harder to install a car seat but by his age I assume that's not the case. Also, do you know if your seats are pre assigned, or at least what the configuration of the seats on the plane are? You want his car seat ideally installed in a window seat, and you must be right next to him, to get him out in an emergency. Legally, if you were on an FAA carrier, his car seat cannot block other passenger's access/exit, and practically, you don't want to give other passengers a reason to complain, or airline staff a reason to say no.

If they absolutely won't let you use the carseat on board you would have to gate check it, which you want to avoid because it can cause serious, but not obvious, damage to the car seat, which could compromise its performance in a later accident. For that reason you might want to consider bringing a car seat that you would be willing to get rid of after your trip, if of course you have a spare carseat.

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