Ugh- no luck on 2 boosters, 3 across....


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Dang- what a morning! I spent I don't even know how long trying to get a three across with two boosters and a convertible into my 2007 CRV. Disastrous!

I have so many seats it's insane and I had to end up with Parkway, Bubblebum and RA 55 FF, in that order. I really, really did not want to use the Bubblebum full time but nothing else would work! Even DH who couldn't care less what goes on in the back seat was getting into it- puzzling, pulling seats out, etc.

I have
2 Parkways
1 SK Monterey
1 Bubblebum
2 Radians
1 Cocorro
1 Evenflo Big Kid
2 Clek Ollies
1 Frontier 85

Are there ANY other seats I could possibly try?


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One could possibly go into a harness (although what harness after a Radian?) but it would not go over well at all.
And actually, I didn't really find that it makes that much of a difference (unless I'm missing something.)


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Try the Harmony Dreamtime HBB - it's available at Wal-Mart. It's probably the most narrow conventional highback booster currently available. HTH! Good luck!


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Hmmm, with the MyRide- I'm worried about how far over the lip is- where the cup holders are.
Bottom space isn't so much the issue, it's trying to get a hand in between those stupid armrests on the boosters and any seat next to it AND be able to see where the seatbelt is!

I might just check one out though.

Would love to try the Harmony but unfortunately the closest Walmart is over 50 miles away!


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I'm quite serious about seeing them at target if you have those near. I've seen them at like 4 targets near me though not all have floor models.


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We have the same battle. I have a 2011 Traverse and ended up with a RA50 center, Monterey passenger side and a Harmony Literider on the driver side. Anything can go in the place of the Monterey, even a FR85. But I needed a booster in that spot so that it can be easily moved to the 3rd row when we are all in the car. I wasn't keen on DS2 being in a NBB already (will be 6 in a couple of weeks), but he's doing great (and I have side curtain airbags). I would of preferred him in a HBB, but nothing fit (that we have).


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Buckling a booster is easiest next to a MyRide.

Here is the MyRide next to a HBTB

I can fit my fist in between in a tight 3 across

A couple of buckle space

And the views of it from the front puzzling

The HBTB was the narrowest seat I tried. I don't know it compare to a Dreamtime. But with the MR in the middle I could get a HBTB, Monterey, Big Kid, Vivo or PWSG on one side and a nbb (Cosco HiRise/ Ambassador) on the other with room to buckle. The easiest to buckle were the HiRise, HBTB and Monterey. That was in the back of a 2010 Malibu.


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We have that Big Kid that has the flip up arm rests but I couldn't get it to work.

I *hate* to buy yet another seat for kids that aren't mine when their dad puts the 22 pound two year old in a Parkway in their Smart car. I'm having a real hard time stomaching it.


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I feel your pain. I watch three kids ages 2,3,4 that are not properly restrained in their parent's cars. The 2 yr old has the straps all the way loose and is only 24 pounds, his mom will move him to a nbb at age 3 in August even though he will not fit by weight and doesn't stay in his current seat. His 4 year old sister has been a nbb with shoulder belt either behind her or under her arm since she turned 3 and sometimes dad comes to get them with no seats. I have forced him to use my seats and now they have decided my Big Kid is theirs. I won't ask for it back because the little girl gets good belt fit in it and it expires this year anyways. The 3 year old gets picked up by mom 4 days a weeks and has twisted straps and they are usually not tight. When dad comes he rarely has a seat with him. His reasoning is they only live a few blocks away in the same subdivision.

For me the 4 year old is in a Vivo (mom insists on a booster and the girls does really well in a hbb,) the 3 year old is in a Complete Air and the 2 year old is in a Scenera...FF because his mom insists :rolleyes:.

Oh....the Scenera is pretty 3 across friendly next to boosters. It sits high like the MyRide. I currently have it in the middle of the 3rd row of my van with a Complete Air on one side and HiRise nbb on the other side. I can switch out the CA for a HBTB or Big Kid (well if they gave mine back ;)) and still buckle the boosters. The 3rd row of the Caravan is tiny. So maybe try a Scenera before spending the money on a MR. The HiRise/Ambassador boosters are cheap at Kmart and are great for three across because the armrests sit high and it is narrower at the back for buckling. I can take a picture of my third row if it would help.

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