UberFAMILY -or- Purchase IMMI GO?


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We're getting ready for a trip to Washington, DC, and although we're planning to use the Metro most of the time, I want the option of getting around via passenger vehicle. I was looking around to purchase the IMMI GO for DD, but then I saw that UberFAMILY operates in DC. Now I'm wondering if I should purchase the GO -or- rely on UberFAMILY. We already own a BubbleBum, so DS is set there. Also, we do not need a car seat for the airplane. DS fits in the plane seat belt, and I already have a CARES harness for DD.

Mostly, it comes down to the availability of UberFAMILY vehicles. Anyone know how reliable the service is in DC, regarding how quickly you can get a driver? Would I be significantly better off just buying my own GO and installing that and our BubbleBum in the first available Uber car?


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We visit DC a couple times a month. What part will you be staying in? How old are your kids? Generally, it'll be a lot faster to just use your own seats in any Uber than waiting around for a Family - usually I can't find an available one at all around Arlington. The drivers we've had have been good about making sure the kids are at least buckled up (which is the law, but you know...) and patient with seat installs.


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How are you getting to/from the airport there (I guess it may depend on which airport you are using).

We were in DC last fall and just used public transportation the entire time (metro) without the need to do anything else. Except for to and from the airport, we used Super Shuttle for that and brought boosters (bubble bum & incognito) for those 2 rides.

What about a RSTV for your DD? That would be smaller to haul around for 'just in case' type options. - ETA - although not that I see size/age again that may not work.


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Thanks for the replies.

I was afraid that the FAMILY option would be hard to come by. Still, kudos to Uber for giving the option AND making an effort to ensure that their drivers are trained in using the seats provided! Sweet.

I know the limitations of CARES, and I don't super love it. Still, it has served its purpose well enough over the past several years. DD is pretty thin, but I was able to tighten the seat belt sufficiently on our last flight a few months ago. Honestly, I'm more concerned about DD being FF in a car for the first time, although I'm sure she'll love it. :rolleyes:

At the time of our trip, DS will be 7, and DD is 3.5. We'll be flying into Reagan and initially staying near there, but a few days into the trip, we'll be relocating to a different hotel across the river and a little north. I don't remember the exact location, to be honest, and I don't have our itinerary handy ATM. And I haven't figured out the travel arrangements between the airport and hotels yet. That's probably where we'll need the car seats, though.

The RSTV is a good idea. I should weigh DD again. It's been a little while, and she seems to have filled out a bit since the last time I checked her weight. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she's broken the 30 lb mark. How does the RSTV tend to fit kids at the low end of the weight range? I suppose I could buy a RSTV at Amazon and return it if I needed to.


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I've only used the RSTV and Bubblebum for Uber and taxis past age 3. (We also fly into DCA - either one is an option there.) The small RSTV fit DD fine right at the bottom end of the range - actually have a pic of her using it in a DC cab somewhere on my phone. It's not great for long distances since they should really be able to sit still/properly, but given that most people just seatbelt toddlers in cabs...I think it's fine. :twocents: also much easier to tote along whilst walking around DC than a Go. ;)


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Well, as I just realized that with shipping, the GO is about $100 more than the RSTV on Amazon... The vest it is! :eek: And yeah, I'm sure it is handier to tote around than the GO.

I'm going to order the vest on Amazon and try DD in it. It's eligible for Prime shipping and free returns, so why not. Hopefully it'll come in handy for other trips, too, and I won't end up spending $150 for something that gets used for literally 2 five minute rides. :rolleyes:


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So, the RSTV vest arrived today. DD just barely meets the lower weight limit-- I weighed her on our postal scale, and she came to 30 lb 4 oz clothed in a t-shirt and undies. The RSTV seems to fit her OK if I snug it up just about as small as possible. BUT the instructions that came with the vest clearly state a minimum of 33 lb. I checked the website again, and it definitely says the minimum weight for the small is 30 lb. She why the discrepancy? Is the *actual* minimum for the RSTV 30 lb or 33 lb?

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