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We are flying out tomorrow! We have two kids, four seats, and two carseats. I booked the seats so that one child+car seat flies next to one parent (and ditto in the next row behind us). I purchased two traveling toddlers and figured we would go that way to the gate. Worse come to worse and we have to gate check a bag, we can use it to get the car seat around. I just did not want to end up having to wear a child, carry a carseat in my hand, and wear a shoulder bag all at once.

We have a Britax Blvd and Frontier 85 (well, technically I could FF with the other Blvd we have instead of the Frontier 85 if that is better for traveling).

Does this sound okay? Suggestions?

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Oh, you have it so easy--I flew by myself with two 12 month olds yesterday. :p

I don't know how well the Travelling Toddler works but I found that having the car seats attached to something with wheels worked much better to transport than carrying the seats. I personally did not like using bungee cords because the car seats did not stay steadily on my luggage cart and rolling suitcase.


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Thanks! I am just not sure if it is being disillusioned or having a false hubris, but I just think it is easier to use two rolling cases + traveling toddler/carseat versus checking the bag and hauling the seats in our hands. I know those rolling bags are the bane of flight attendants so I purchased two UNDER the limits for carry on and had DH test one on his most recent trip (he said it fit well with plenty of room extra). Still, many parents, think we are nuts! I just don't know about carrying car seats in our bare hands.


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We used the Travelling Toddler to attach our Complete Air last time we flew and it worked great. We always bring a carryon anyway, since we prefer to have a change of clothes for everyone, etc. on board with us in case our luggage gets lost and we have to go without it for a night.


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Hi... I had a question. Since you have obviously already flown with the seat. Do you have the Frontier 85? The newer model with the cup holders on the sides, built in? Im considering buying this seat, and will be using it to travel for my 4 year old. He is 43lbs, and about 42" tall. I think he will be able to sleep much better on the airplane, if he is harnessed and straped in. Im weighing my options of getting a Sunshine Kids radian, or a Frontier... since I need a 2nd seat, for my husband's car, but I will be taking this with me on a 6hr plane ride where IM traveling alone with 4 year old. I have already bought the GOGO KIDZ wheel thingy for the car seat. I read that the Radian and the Frontier will fit on the newer one (that I have ordered). My question is IF on the NEWER Frontier 85, can the tray table go down? He will def. want to watch some movies, eat, color, etc. So Im trying to figure out if on the NEWER Frontier 85 it will work. I know the older model it will not. I also know that with the Sunshine Kids Radian it will also. I was dead-set on the Radian prior, because it ca fold up. But because my son is taller, IM thinking the Frontier is better for longer term. I will be traveling 2 times this year with him to the "mainland" since we live in Hawaii. We're going to CALI. And traveling on Hawaiian airlines, with a VERY short layover to connect in Honolulu, first thing in the morning! So since IM traveling alone this time without my husband, im trying to make this as easy as possible, and considering gate-checking the Frontier on the 1st 40min. interisland flight, and than installing on the 2nd leg longer flight. Im also bringing Britax Blink stroller, that has a carry strap!

Just not sure what seat to get. They're both comparable in price, on But I dont think the radian will recline enough for him to sleep well??? We're also going to be driving from LAX to PAsadena when we get off the plane in traffic (ugh!). Than from PAsadena up to Sacramento a few days later, so I want a more comfortable seat for him. We have a Graco Nautilus now. Ive considered bringing this as well. However, because of the tray tables, I would have to bring something for him, and since we need an extra seat anyways, IM going to get a 2nd seat. Also, I dont think the Nautilus will be as comfortable as either of these for him to sit in for a LONG period of time. We live on Kauai, the longest he sits in his Nautilus is just an hour, or so... lol!

Any suggestions you have, would be SO great. Thanks so much!


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What's your son's torso height? Depending on your answer, that will affect which seat I'd personally choose. I do like the RN for flights. It's an easy install and fits well on every aircraft type I've been on with the tray table always fully accessible. There is nearly no wiggle room for another more elevated carseat though if you need that tray.

I also would not consider gate checking the seat if it's at all possible. Not just for the safety of your child onboard but for the safety of the seat itself. I do not trust baggage handlers.


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Hi again... thanks for the reply...

Im not really sure what his torso length is... but I know he still has PLENTY room in the GN he sits in now. He is about 42" tall total. He is 4, and about 43lbs, but looking at him, he's definitely "leggy".

Did u use your Frontier 85 on the plane? Im wondering (if at all) you were able to put the tray down? I REALLY want the Frontier 85 (with the cowmoooflage) but I think that since we're taking 2 trips to the mainland this year, the Sunshine Kids will be best for travel. After Im done using it, I can always re-sell it on Craigslist here... I am just concerned there is no way to recline the seat for the long road trip we will have... Im considering getting the XTSL version, with the head "wings". I know that it will fit on the GOGO KIDZ I have already in route shipping here. I got it for a good deal, on Ebay... I would be 100% sold on RN, but I REALLY need a cup holder for him. I know it sounds silly, but after seeing how much MORE convenient it is for him to have it with the Nautilus, I just know a road trip will be HELL without one for him...

I really REALLY wanted to get the Frontier 85, since I can use it longer, and has all the features I want. But Im just concerned that he will NOT be able to have the tray table open on the plane, and he WILL want that to use...

I wonder if the arm rests on the Frontier 85 were in the upright possition, if the tray could come down? I know it's NOT possible with the older version.
I am not considering gate checking if I can get the right seat, I was only going to gate check the Nautilus on the 1st leg flight.... but after considering my wait time I will have and the short layover to get to the next gate, i dont think so! lol! MY mom and I were talking today, and she says I dont need one for him at all... and to check it, and I told her THAT is NOT an option, as he DOES need one so he stays in his seat, and can be comfortable enough to SLEEP!

Thanks for your help!


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Also! Does anyone know if the RAdian80 covers will fit on the Radian65? I like the greyish pattern, with the padding pillow for his head... So, Im considering this... any ideas?


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Honestly, I think you've made your choice... It sounds like the perfect fit for you is going to be the FR85. It has all the features you want and it's ONLY draw back (for you) is the possibility you won't be able to access the airplane tray table. For the short time the seat will be used for this sole purpose (flying), I think it would be silly to buy something that only worked for that and not what it will be used for the other 99% of the time (in a car).

Would something like [ame=""]THIS [/ame]or [ame=""]THIS[/ame] or [ame=""]THIS[/ame] work for your son in lieu of the tray table?


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That's true... This will be used as a 2nd seat in my husband's car too... so the more and more Im thinking about it, his car is a coupe-style 2 door... so the radian might work... and I can always sell it afterwards on Craigslist... lol!
I will need something easy to install on the plane and sleep in for travel 2 times this year... But I still have not ruled out the Maestro... just kinda thinking outloud. I do like the price on that, and the fact that the tray will come down. Is it padded as well???

And I did think about the lap desk thing too... They make one that looks like it can pack up as well... So THAT is another option now...

Thanks for all your suggestions, I really appreciate it! :)

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