Trekk (Camo) Radian RXT


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When I was looking the other day I couldn't find any good non-stock photos. So here ya go (from Amazon, DOM 6/2012):


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We've got It and love It. It's soft. We'll see how It washes in the next 30 minutes, as my DS just "broke It In", lol.

I'm wishing for more limited edition covers!!



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OMG, I just showed this to Ricky (he's 5) and he couldn't stop jumping up and down yelling "I want it, I want it, I want it!".


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Wondering if I should go see how the install is on the XT in the 3rd row. I could use a narrower seat back there for the extra cargo room it would give me! LOL


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My ds would be over the moon if he had that pattern on his Monterey!! Too bad that won't ever happen (he has the old sk ones)


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glockchick said:
What does the fabric feel like?

trippsmom said:
I like it! Is the camo a material like Flora/spring and the other the net type material?

The fabric is soft, I would say very similar to Flora (which I had on my XT about a couple years ago). It feels comfy. I wish it didn't have random mesh, but whatever.

KaysKidz said:
Do they have that pattern on the new Monterey?? I'm afraid to look. LOL

As of right now, no, it's RXT only (unless they mentioned something at KIM).

The camo is NOT something I would normally be interested in. I can honestly say it's the first camo ANYTHING I've bought (no shorts or tshirts or anything). But I thought I would give DS a choice since it would be his "Big Boy" seat, lol.


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Oh, and way back there was a discussion whether it was all grey or slightly greenish - it's one of those weird "depends on the person" things - it's grey, but one of the greys is more like "army grey/green" (the second-lightest color). I can see where a person could say it was 'greenish' but it really isn't. I asked DH and he figured out what I was talking about right away - his old skivvy shirts are basically that color. For all intents and purposes, it's all shades of grey.

It definitely looks 100% grey in the photos, but IRL, and especially inside with aritificial light, I can see where it would take on a greenish cast.


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OMG, I just showed this to Ricky (he's 5) and he couldn't stop jumping up and down yelling "I want it, I want it, I want it!".

Well here we are, nearly 6mo later, and I just ordered this. I flipped Kaylee back rf'ing in our XT and this is the only seat that will work next to it for our 3 across. PITB tiny middle seat in my Traverse. Well, I hope it works...the XT fits there, hoping the RXT will too. Not to mention, having issues with him in a booster and had been threatening a harnessed seat again. At least with this one being camo, he shouldn't fight me on it! LOL

Need this arrangement to work for at least another year.


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My seat is here, but my batteries are dead. I will charge the batteries tonight and get pics tomorrow, but it fits where I need it....I love it and so does Ricky!

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