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has anyone used this? it looks nice ---and cheap -- for the infrequent flyer. But would the stress on the latch & TT be a problem, or not since it's just through the airports and not really a "force"?

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I love it. Other than making your bag huge, it's really really convenient, easy, cheap, everything. I wish it'd been around when Piper was younger.



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This was my setup. The backpacks were really light (stuffed animals & cheap toys for DD in one, sandwich's, crackers and a change of clothes for DD in the other.) Those were on a caribiner clipped to the carry on handle.

I just used a caribiner that was sitting in my "junk drawer". :p Or you can use a key chain. I could wheel the whole setup right to our seats. There is definitely a lot less stress on the straps than there is when I install them in the car.
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I have one and love it! Especially now that the airlines are charging so much to check a bag. It turns 2 things that you bring with you anyway into a stroller.

When my son was younger, we strapped him into the seat and wheeled him around.

Here is a video of when he was 4. He didn't want to be strapped in, so we strapped his blanket in. When he got tired of walking, he hopped on for a ride.



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I use just a metal luggage cart that folds.

First, I wouldn't risk weighing down the suitcase with the car seat because the handles on the suitcase aren't really designed for that much weight. I can see the handles breaking and there you are, in the middle of the airport, with a broken suitcase, car seat and kid and no way to transport any of it!

Also, as a Flight Attendant, I really detest roller bags and carry-on's. Everyone and their hamster brings one and there is absolutely no space in the overhead. They almost never fit in front of the seat in front so they have to go up. We would just cringe seeing a parade of them coming on (and some were off-loaded and gate-checked!)

I also never bring anything on board that I don't need inflight, since a transatlantic alone with three children, I have enough with that. I can't get into one of those roller board (as we called them) since they're stuffed overhead.

I put my carry-on's inside the car seat if my child is not riding in it. I keep carry-on's to soft bags that can be stuffed and something I can dig into quickly without having to drag it out from the overhead bin. No risk of anything being gate-checked against my will. Works for me!


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I also never bring anything on board that I don't need inflight, since a transatlantic alone with three children, I have enough with that. I can't get into one of those roller board (as we called them) since they're stuffed overhead.
I've had my luggage lost and delayed often enough that I always bring a days' change of clothes for everyone in the family and other essentials in my carry-on. It's a real pain to get to your destination late at night and not have ANY clothes for the next day, etc. Anything I will need immediately, I don't trust to the airlines, after the multiple lost, damaged, and delayed bags I've had.


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You don't route the traveling toddler over a handle. Mine never touches handles. It goes through the top one and above the one on the side. The strap and the bag take all the weight (which is 11 pounds in our case).

I hate checking luggage. If it's with me it can't be lost, and I don't need to spend an extra half hour waiting for it at the carousel. I don't put carry on things in them, though. They go above and aren't touched again. Anything I need is in my backpack under the seat in front of me. Since I preboard with kids and carseats, I don't need to worry about overhead space. Even if I am the last on, I'd rather gate check than counter check. I still normally get my bag faster. I used to have to check my folding cart about half the time.

Having done both the checked luggage and rolling cart and the traveling toddler, I adore the traveling toddler. But if I checked luggage at all, I'd do a folding cart.



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I've also had that happen too many times! But on a transatlantic, there's no way I can avoid checking bags. Especially coming back, I buy a ton of stuff while in the States. Also, just the stuff we need for the flight, one adult and three children, usually maxes out the carry-on's for us!

Coming home, it's less of a risk because there are usually enough clothes to make do for a day or two until the bags are returned.

I'm glad this gizmo doesn't hang off the handles but a car seat and a child in it would be a lot of extra weight the bag isn't meant to pull. I would be prudent with which bag to use for something like that.

Good to have what you really need in the backpack and stow the extra stuff. I would also keep any valuables, especially computers or jewelry with you so that if they say "gate check!" you're ready to hand it over. I've had the gate agent with gate-check tickets standing right there tagging bags at the door because there simply wasn't enough room for everyone's stuff.

I still get the newsletters and the Flight Attendants' Unions are citing legit safety and practical problems with the excess baggage, especially now that airlines charge for bags. This is good news since they're pressuring their employers to get rid of the charges but don't be surprised if they suddenly tighten down on carry-on allowances in the near future.

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