Travel w/ 2 Combi Coccoros or 2 Fllos


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Next week we are taking car service to airport, flying virgin america from nyc to sfo, renting a Hyundai Santa Fe (or similar), flying back to nyc, and taking car service back home. So I would need to install in 3 different vehicles.
I have a two year old and tiny four year old. Both do still fit the coccoro, the 2 year old rear facing and the 4 year old forward facing. At home the 4 year old forward faces in a fllo but if it would make installs easiest, i would be ok with him rear facing in fllo for travel, although he would be dissapointed.

I love how light the coccoros are and i worry about the weight of the fllos. Like am I totally crazy to travel with two fllos on the go go babyz travel mates? Which seats will be able to install more easily? Which car seats would you take? Thank you!


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From trusted advice, i think the fllos are the way to go...but i'm really having trouble wrapping my head around traveling with such heavy seats when I have two ultra light weight compact seats that we have traveled so happilly with before.
Has anyone traveled with two fllos?


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If they both fit the coccoros , I would personally, hands down, travel with the coccoros. No question about it.

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As I said in your other thread, the Fllos are heavy but the Coccoro may be too short for your 4 year old. Check before going.

Depending on 4 year old's size you might get a folding luggage cart, strap on the Fllo and use a Coccoro (or even Scenera Next) for the 2 year old. I'm not a fan of the GoGo Kidz personally. It can be fiddly and a luggage cart is cheaper and easier to use.


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The four year still fits in coccoro.
We have a great and simple system of carrying the coccoros - both go in mountain buggy nano and two year old in carrier and four year old in umbrella stroller.
If we do the fllos, we'd use two go go babyz travelmate.
But will traveling with two fllos just be a gigantic pain?


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Coccoros x1000. We do more or less that exact trip yearly except in reverse. I pretty much cried when my five-year-old hit the FF height limit. :( (We don't have Fllos so can't speak to them specifically, but I wouldn't lug our Britax seats on a trip like that unless I didn't have another option. We've traveled a lot with the Coccoro and have never had an issue installing it in taxis, a range of rentals, etc.) We use the same type of stroller transport setup you do and it would not work very well with our bulkier Britax seats.

Also, be forewarned that for the first time ever flying Virgin America a few months ago, the flight attendant told us the FAA didn't allow rear-facing convertibles for toddlers. I politely told her that she was wrong and also my seat was only approved for rear-facing on the plane (which was technically true, since we hadn't received the recall kit for the Coccoro yet) and she left it alone, but I was surprised because we have never, ever had an issue and fly Virgin regularly (along with JetBlue and Southwest). There were four families (!!) on the flight with kids in rear-facing convertibles--also something I had never, ever experienced!--and everyone else turned them. :/


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I would travel with the lightest seats possible. It is such a pain to lug lots of stuff through the airport especially heavy stuff.

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