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I just pulled the trigger on tickets to Ireland for my sister's wedding this summer. We haven't made this trip as a family in over two years. At the time of travel, our girls will be 10, almost 8 and 4. This will be the first time in many years that we won't need to travel with 2 harnessed seats - I am so excited about that!

For the two big girls, I think Bubblebums are the way to go ... Easy to carry in their backpacks and handy for a 3 across when we get there.

The 4 year old is more complicated. I have ruled out the TF and the Nautilus as travel seats - too bulky. She has sadly outgrown the Scenera - I loved that seat for traveling! That leaves the Radian - heavy, but relatively easy to carry and also good for a 3 across. However, I HATE installing that seat and having to do it in an unfamiliar rental car, probably requiring a locking clip, terrifies me.

She currently weighs 42lbs so I considered the option of booster training her for the trip. We could put her in a turbo, carry on the base and pack the back in our luggage. She would probably do OK, particularly with he sisters next to her to keep an eye on her, but she seems so young for that! There is also the disadvantage of her not having a cars eat on the plane.

Then I became enamoured with the idea of traveling without any 'traditional' seats at all. Bubblebums for the big girls and an RSTV for the little one. I'm really liking this idea except for the expense of buying an RSTV that will be rarely used. It also wouldn't allow her to look out the window. I think my parents have a TB for my niece and nephew that we could use when we meet up with them. With that option, we could switch back and forth between the RSTV and a booster depending on how tired she is, vs scenic driving, vs ....?

I would love to hear thoughts on these options or any other alternatives anyone can come up with.

Thank you!


I was thinking Maestro, too. If she could use the tray with any seat, it'd be the Maestro. It's pretty low profile.

Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you're going to Ireland? That's my dream trip!


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I've been looking at the maestro and I'm not so sure that she will be able to use the tray with it. The sides just seem to be a little too tall.

What about the Safeguard Go? Or is it made by someone else now. I'm not so concerned with her having a seat on the plane ... my other kids fit fairly well in the belt by the time they were 4. Plus we're flying Aer Lingus and we would need special approval to bring a seat on board at her age. Would the Go be a better investment than the RSTV for car travel at the other end? Does it install easily?


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The Go (now made by Safety 1st/Dorel) requires a tether- and it's really not guaranteed you'll have one when travelling to Europe. It also tends to be difficult when not using lower anchors.

The RSTV only requires a tether if using with a lap-only belt, a lap/shoulder without a tether is sufficient.


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I believe top tethers are required by the EU beginning with 2011 models, but you are right, it's not worth taking the risk of not having one.

I really think I'm leaning toward the RSTV. Am I right in thinking that the resale value would be pretty high on that since it doesn't expire?

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