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What do you do when the baby is too long for the rear facing carrier seat? I don't mean with feet just touching the seat but being all bent and scrunched up. When is it legal to move them? When is it safe to move them?


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Crossed legs aren't an indication of being too long for the seat ... better to have a broken leg than a broken neck, ya know? I believe that what counts is whether or not the top of the ears are past the top of the seat? Well, depending on the seat -- infant carriers require the top of the head be more than 1" away from the top of the seat I think. Should all be in the manual ;)
At least a couple other countries require that all kids under 4 sit rear-facing & there are seats that will hold kids up to 35 pounds rear-facing ... my 2.5 year old is currently rear-facing in a Britax Wizard. She's very tall for her age but in the Wizard she'll be able to remain rear-facing for at least another year or so yet. She bends her knees & crosses her legs as needed, sometimes she flops them over the sides, whatever makes her most comfortable ... she is actually a LOT happier now than she was forward-facing! The Wizard has a recall on it for the straps, but they're providing the right straps no problem ... a cheaper alternative is the Alpha Omega, which does hold up to 35 pounds rear-facing, I believe.
So, anyway, through all this babbling [sorry] I think either of the combination rear/forward-facing seats I mentioned should be fine for ya ... I think they both start at 5 pounds & go up to either 33 or 35 rear-facing & then you turn them around forward facing & will hold up to 65 pounds in the Wizard or 40 with the harness in the Omega & then it becomes a booster, too.
Hope that helps!


I have heard that the alpha omega isn't safe to use as a booster because you have to remove the base & then the seat slides around...anyone else heard that? I too am a HUGE fan of the Britax Wizards!


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A child can turn forward at a MINIMUM of 1 year and 20 or 22 lbs depending on the seat you have. If you have an infant seat (the carrier type with a base that stays in the car) you will need a convertible seat next assuming your child is under 1 year and/or less than 20 lbs. (You need both to turn forward). Convertibles can be used rear or forward facing. There are many to chose from and you don't need to spend >$200 :)

It is recommended that you keep a child rear-facing as long as possible-until their outgrow the convertible RFing by weight or height (whichever comes first). Kids generally don't mind crossing their legs. In fact, I think many prefer that to having their legs dangle over the front of a FF seat. My 26 month old still rides RFing in a Wizard most of the time. She rode FF in a Roundabout the other day, and she complained about her legs just dangling over the seat. When RFing she just rests her feet on the vehicle seat back. SHe is almost 3 ft tall and probably 27 or 28 lbs.


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This should be helpful, I hope :)
Well, obviously the site has a lot of good info {LOL}
One more thing, though....
My daughter outgrew the height limit of her infant carrier way before 12 months & I couldn't find an affordable combination seat to fit in our truck rear-facing. If I'd known to ask the stores to let me try the seats in the truck it would have been great, but I really wish I'd known to look up where I could have our truck & her seat checked ... back then I might have qualified for a voucher to get the "right" seat [one that would fit our vehicle & child properly] without spending too much, although I believe that there is no price on my daughter's life -- if the only seat that fits best is the most expensive one then perhaps you could ask family members to pitch in while you save up for it? GOOD LUCK
P.S. often the cheaper seat is still just as safe -- what fits my car & child won't necessarilly work for yours
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It sounds like you might have already gotten beyond the height requirement for the carrier carseat. My son was 26 inches at four months, and his feet didn't even touch the back of the seat. As long as her head is an inch below the shell of the seat, she's technically okay, however, I would find a convertible seat, ANY convertible seat ASAP, because in my opinion she may be safer in a convertible seat (rear facing, of course) than the carrier. It doesn't do any good if she's outgrown it!! :)


WHen I had my first, I thought there would be NO way I would ever spend $200 on a we went through MANY of the less expensive convertable seats, all with LATCH. Finally we decided to give Britax a try & now it is the only brand I will buy. They are worth every penny. I bought my last britax for my daughter to use from birth all the way up to 65. They are SOOOOOOO easy to get into the car. Not only into the car, but in CORRECTLY. I have been able to get my Britax seats in VERY tightly (& would still go & have it checked) I couldn't get all of the other seats in half as tight using LATCH, If you want a good seat that you can get MANY years of use out of, I would reccomend Britax Wizards. THey go from 5-65lbs & up to *I believe* 49 inches...I wish I had purchased one in the beginning! It would have saved LOTS of $ & time!
Good Luck!


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Unregistered said:
WHen I had my first, I thought there would be NO way I would ever spend $200 on a carseat...
Ditto to every single word! {LOL} I believe I have said the exact same thing to parents I know locally ;)


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Regarding the Alpha Omega as a booster seat, all booster seats will slide around to some extent since they aren't anchored down in any way. Just like car seats that must be installed, some boosters fit some cars better than others. The problem with the Alpha Omega as a booster used to be that the shoulder belt guide was the type that would grab the shoulder belt. I believe they are using a more open style now. It's also very short as a booster seat.

I don't remember now if someone mentioned the height limit for rear-facing, but a conservative rule to follow is that the child must have 1" of car seat above his/her head. I don't mind pushing that limit a bit as long as the harness is snug and the seat is more upright. I finally turned my 28 lb., 35" 2 yr old yesterday because the top of her head was at the top of her Roundabout.


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Heather-It seems as though our 2 year olds grow at the same rate-lol! I just had mine in the Roundabout last week FFing and she is the same size as your 2 year old, and her head was just a hair above the shell. While she will still ride RFing in her Wizard most of the time, I must admit part of me wants her FF so I can see her cute little face smiling at me in the rear view mirror :)

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