Three across airplane and rental car?



I'm taking my first set of flights with three kids and am at a loss when it comes to seats. Rental company cannot guarantee exact car models and says vans likely won't be available for my Christmas dates. Will need to be able to move them through airport reasonably easily, install 3 across in a sedan without headaches, at least one needs to be gate checked... Ideally I want 5 point harnesses for all of them as my eldest has a tendency to take liberties with the seat belt but I'm struggling to find a solution.

At home we use 3 foonfs but my infant is in arms this trip and I'm ambivalent on gate checking it... $700 for an extra seat each way it isn't in the budget ATM unfortunately.

Ds 5.5 years old 42 lbs
Ds2 3.75 years old 34 lbs
DD 18 months 23 lbs

What I'm thinking at the moment is to have my boys use foonfs on the plane and gate check an Oobr in a Clek wee-lee with the foonfs rear facing accessories in the bag. When we get the rental car, baby will move to foonf and 5.5 year old to Oobr. I'm assuming the booster is less fragile and gate checking it is more reasonable? Will these likely puzzle reasonably well together? We have the travel bag and Oobr from grandma already...

If these won't puzzle do you have another suggestion? Is the scenera easy to puzzle with foonfs? I've never seen one but noticed it's highly recommended for travel. Renting car seats seems unsafe to me, would you agree? Is there another solution I haven't thought of? Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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I would maybe do a bubblebum for the eldest, Maestro for middle and scenera for youngest. No way would I travel with Foonfs.

If you can narrow down what sedan you might get that might change my opinion. I don't know that two maestros and a scenara would work in all rentals


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If you want the 5.5 year old harnessed, what about an Immi-go stored in the overhead bin? I also wouldn't fly with foonfs, but you could certainly just attach them both to a luggage cart and use on the plane.

Otherwise, I'd get 2 Next's for the littles and a cheap, narrow backless for the 5.5 year old that you can put in the overhead bin or under the seat. I wouldn't check anything. If luggage gets lost you'd have 2 foonfs you can't rf and no booster.


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I absolutely wouldn't check anything. I echo the PP and say get two Scenara Next's or either a Next, a SureRide (if your middle won't fit in a Next) and a cheap backless booster. You can stack the two car seats on a luggage cart or a rolling suitcase and have your oldest carry his backless booster on in a backpack or something.

You will have enough trouble managing three children without carrying Foonfs around. [emoji4]

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If you have a luggage cart you may be able to handle carrying one foonf and one cosco secera next (assuming the 3 yr old can fit in the next). Along with carrying an immi go in its bag to put in the overhead bin on the plane. On the plane 3yr old in next 5yr old in foonf. In the rental car 18month in next, 3yr old in foonf, 5yr old in immi. If the foonf is too heavy I recommend replacing the foonf in the scenario with a SureRide.

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