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My dd just turned 4 in Jan. This summer (July) we will be flying to NY. I am looking into flying into JFK and taking a taxi/uber to Grand Central and taking the train to my parents. Typically, they come and pick us up but it's round trip 3+ hours in the car for them depending on traffic and now that they are pushing 70 I really hate to ask them to do this. We have a car seat that we keep in NY so we don't need a seat there.

We have a Graco Tranzitions that we can fly with, but I'm thinking that installing in an unfamiliar vehicle and transporting it on a 90 minute train ride will not be awesome. Plus aside from the taxi ride we won't need the seat while we are in NY. We also have a CARES harness which can use on the plane.

She is currently 37/38 inches and 33 ish pounds.

1. Buy a Yumi folding booster - my concern is she will only be 4.5 and under 40 lbs. So while I think she will be within the limits of the booster she isn't with in the realm of the recommendations for a booster. The plus is I can keep this in the trunk of my car for when we are driving booster riding friends and use to booster train her when she is ready.

2. Buy a Immi Go - It's perfect for the trip, but it would probably only be used a handful of times. I don't need a spare harnessed seat in my car as I've already got a Diono folded and secured in my trunk as a back up/spare harnessed seat and the Immi Go doesn't look friendly for changing modes. My big concern is $$$ vs. how much we will use it.

3. Use the Tranzitions on the plane and in the taxi/uber and deal with it on the train.

4. Something I haven't thought of.



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Maybe look into UberFamily - apparently some Ubers have an IMMI Go for passengers go use:

For a booster option maybe just get a Harmony NBB (Literider/Youth booster) for the taxi ride? They fit small kids well and have a 30lb minimum. Not something to look at for a child that size/age but if you'll be sitting next to her for a 2x thing I think it would be acceptable.


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I would either look into the uber family, which should be available in NYC or get a harmony youth booster for the 2 trips.

Another option is the ride safer travel vest. I have one, and while we rarely use it, it has been indispensable for plane travel.

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I would also consider a Ride Safer Travel Vest, if you don't want to bring a conventional car seat. Be aware when making your decisions that not all plane belts will fit her at that size. (Alaska likely would; we had belts on two United flights that definitely wouldn't have.)


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Thanks everyone. Will look into UberFamily, and safe rider vest.

It's actually on 1 way. She and I fly up and stay for 2 weeks every summer. My husband drives up halfway through the trip and we all ride back together.


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Just to add to what was mentioned above about Uber Family, I was in NYC recently and when I opened up the Uber app there, "carseat" popped up as an additional option. The fare is the same as UberX but with a $10 surcharge. There is a discount code on their website that waives the $10 fee for the first ride.

Since this is only a 1-way trip, another option you might consider to avoid carseats entirely would be to take public transit from JFK to Grand Central. You could take the Air Train to Jamaica Station, the LIRR to Woodside, and then the 7 IRT subway to Grand Central (other options also possible). This obviously isn't practical if you have a ton of luggage and/or would be traveling at the height of rush hour. However, if you are traveling relatively light, it could be the lesser of two evils.


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Thank you for the suggestions. I will be traveling with my 4 year old and 2 week's worth of clothing. I definitely don't want to change modes of transportation that many time. I think plane to uber to train is about all I can handle.

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