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I own a Evenflo Ultara I car seat (bought in 1999). I had used the car seat with my older child and now my younger child is at the age when we have to move to a front-facing poistion.

The problem is that our car has changed since and we now own a 2001 Toyota Sienna. The tether strap that came along with the car seat is not long enough to reach the anchor point which is located on the floor behind the second row (drivers side).

I called up Evenflo to buy a extra-long tether strap and they informed me that since the child-seat is more than 6 years old they don't sell any replacement parts :-(

I read somewhere that extension tether straps are available. Is that true? If yes, are they safe to use and where can I buy it. I also read in one of the postings on this website on how the tether strap can be attached to a seat belt in the 3rd row. Is that recommended?

Any other suggestions? The only other I can think of is buying a new car seat which I really don't want to. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



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The Ultara I was the first seat I ever bought for my oldest son, so I am a bit familiar with that one. You actually have a couple of issuse to deal with. 1) The seat is expired, so it cannot be used any more, even without the tether strap issue. 2) Even if it weren't, overhead shield seats are not the most appropriate choice, especially for younger children, because the child's face might actually hit the bar during a crash.

If you tell us the age and weight of your child, we can help you come up with a list of seats that would be more appropriate. There are a wide variety of seats, from about $40 on up, so there should be a seat that would work well without costing an arm and a leg.


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When you talked to Evenflo, did you tell them what seat it was for?

Evenflo carseats expire after 6 years. If you are just moving your child forward facing (FF) now it would benefit you to invest in another seat. The Evenflo generations is a good five point harness and a good booster. The Radian by sunshine kids has a high top harness slot and would keep your child in a harnessed seat longer. There are also other seats out there like the Graco cargo booster and the Britax seats.

How old is the child and how much do they weigh? This info could determine what a good alternative seat would be.


Hmmm, I didn't know that car seats expire after 6 years. Why is that if they haven't been in an accident or recalled?

Our child is 21 months old and weighs about 21 pounds. We live in Canada so advice about Canadian models will be appreciated.

Thanks again


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The plastic of the shells starts to break down. The heat and cold and every day wear and tear cause microcracks.

Here's a video of a 10 year old Britax seat that is being used properly.

Somewhere between six and ten years your seat will end up like that. Since the manufacturer says six years, let's not test it on your child. :)

At 21 months and 21 pounds even in Canada (which limits RFing limits to 30 pounds) you have quite a few options I believe. I'm just not 100% certain what. LOL



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Here is a list of higher weight Canadian car seats:
* Britax Marathon (48 lbs)
* Evenflo Chase (47 lbs.)
* Evenflo Generations (47 lbs.)
* Graco Platinum CarGo (48 lbs.)
* Graco Ultra CarGo (48 lbs.)
* Graco Treasured CarGo (48 lbs.)
* Radian (48 lbs)

There are other Cosco/Safety 1st, Evenflo and Graco seats available but often have a lower harness height. I would recommend a seat with a higher weight limit (not that you really need it) and top harness slot. This way you can keep him in a harnessed seat as long as possible.

I have heard that the Evenflo Generations turns into a good booster, I have the Evenflo Chase and I personally don't like it (I find it hard to tighten the harness), the Graco's with an upfront adjuster are easy to use but don't make great boosters.

The Radian you can find at Canadian Tire for 199.99 (quite comparable to the price of other seats) and has the highest top harness slot of 18" (if this one works in your vehicle I think it would last the longest).

Then there is the Marathon (MA) that has a 17" top harness height. I think the the tether on this seat is a lot longer then the tether strap on my Graco comfortsport.

I would stay away from the Cosco alpha and omega and other 3 in 1 seats as they don't have high slots and don't make great boosters.

When looking at seats make sure the harness is at or above the shoulders for forward facing and below the shoulders for rear facing, that you child is comfy in the seat and also that the seat installs well in your vehicle.

At 21 months and 21lbs you could still have him rearfacing (rf) for quite some time. The Radian and the Marathon both tether rf. Of course the 2 in 1 seats that are 5 point harness and convert to a booster cannot be used rf.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have anymore questions that I can help you with :D
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Here is a list of higher weight Canadian convertable car seats:
* Britax Marathon (48 lbs)
* <strike>Evenflo Chase (47 lbs.)</strike>
* <strike>Evenflo Generations (47 lbs.)</strike>
* <strike>Graco Platinum CarGo (48 lbs.)</strike>
* <strike>Graco Ultra CarGo (48 lbs.)</strike>
* <strike>Graco Treasured CarGo (48 lbs.)</strike>
* Radian (48 lbs)

Most of the seats you listed are not convertible seats! They are combo/booster seats, but they cannot be used rear facing.

At 21 lb, I would definitely be looking for a convertible seat to keep my toddler rear facing. The Britax convertibles are generally well liked, but are extremely expensive (and in Canada, they cost more than they do in the US). The Radian is better, but still not exactly "cheap." I'm not terribly familiar with Canadian seats, but I'm sure that Cosco has a version of the Touriva or the Scenera up there. Graco definitely has the Comfort Sport, and there are several Evenflo seats, including the Triumph and the Titan. The Cosco, Graco and Evenflo seats all rear face to 30 lb and front face to 40 lb. Some are taller than others, which also makes a difference in how long they can be used.

If you don't get any really good answers in this thread, try reposting with a title like, "Need advice on convertible seat in Canada" or something like that, so you catch the attention of the Canadians on the board. Be sure to include your baby's age and weight in your new post, as well.


Did you ever get info about anchor extenders? I am also looking for some and cannot find any. Thanks!


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Hi! This is a 14 year old thread. You are unlikely to hear back from OP. :)

What seat do you have? What vehicle? Evenflo has shorter than average tethers and does have extenders for the occasional situation where the strap won't reach the anchor. You have to call to get it. They may try to charge but they are supposed to send them free of charge as they are necessary to use the seat correctly in some vehicles. There are no generic extenders and if there were, they wouldn't be safe- you have to call your car seat manufacturer if you run in to this situation.

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