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boostering DD4 full time. She does great in a booster. She stays in position even when sleeping. She is 5.5 years old (she'll be 6 in September) and weighs 44 lbs. I'm seriously considering selling our radian and getting her another seat. She has pretty bad head slump in the nautilus so I was thinking about getting a frontier 85, but it seems kinda pointless when I had planned on moving her to a booster full time when she turns 6. So, now I'm thinking about getting her a booster now. She loves the Kallie TB (I do too) :) And she fits really well in the TB. But, I'm nervous about having her in a booster full time. I don't know why. I have no reason to believe she wouldn't continue to do well in a booster. And I know for a child who can stay sitting correctly (which she can) and is over 40 lbs (which she is) there is no evidence that being in a harnessed seat is safer, but... I'm struggling with it. So, what would you do?

OH! DD3 is currently in a nautilus in booster mode but its hard for her to buckle, so I'm going to be getting a new booster for her and I'll hang onto the nautilus until DD4 has been in a booster and doing well for several months just in case.


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It's a tough decision, isn't it?

My DD turned 6 in January and rides in a FR and GN in our cars and a TB in other people's cars.

I would be fine with her boostered full-time if we didn't already have 2 seats that still fit harnessed. I told her when she's 7, she can choose harness or booster.


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Im kinda in the same boat. My DD1 is going to be 6 at the end of June. She is 39lbs and I keep saying once she is 40lbs Ill booster train. Im scared though, well nervous. She will ask every once in awhile to booster.
I actually thought wed have to booster because she broke her arm and has a cast almost to her shoulder. I almost couldnt get the harness on. Thought Id have to convert the GN into a booster right there in the parking lot. But if I let the harness all the way out she can slip her arm in, then I tighten it like normal.

I dunno its a hard chose.

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Same situation here! My grandson will be 6 in two weeks and weighs 43 lbs. I am *in charge* of his car seats. ;)

He occasionally rides in a booster for short rides but not often. He is the type to follow the rules.

He is in a Radian in mom's car, a Nautilus (harnessed) in dad's car and my car, a FP Safe Voyage in grandpa's truck and also in other grandma's car. Neither he nor any of those people have mentioned changing him to a booster! I am amazed that I will probably be the one bringing it up when I thought I would have to be fighting it as soon as he turned 4 or even 5.

As long as eveyone seems content with the situation and he fits, I guess it's status quo!


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I would proceed with caution. Buy the booster and use it for a few months before selling the harnessed seat. My ds did fine in a booster temporarily. Once he got used to it he acted up and at that point I had sold his nautilus. I then had to buy another harnessing seat. Later sold it, then had to get a harnessed seat back. And so on. You'd think I'd learn!


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My dd will be 7 in 2 months and just got a booster in our new car. But after riding in it a few times, she asked for her frontier in the van - which we use more often because well, it's already beat up, lol. She is almost even with the top slots on that so I might sell it and get a FR85 for her in the van.

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