SureRide 65 - Holy harness height!


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This is my 6 year old. She has outgrown the BLVD and has 2 or 3 clicks left on her FR 85.



I put my 8 year old in it and she fits as well. :eek: She's right at the 2nd to top harness slot but she wouldn't let me take a picture.

Caleb (4 1/2) fits on the 3rd to top slot setting.

If this installs well in the middle of the suburban, it might be an option when CJ outgrows his BLVD. Even though I hate continuous harnesses and how close Evenflo typically has their shoulder straps. ;) I didn't have time to move the straps up to fit the kids because they were going nuts. :rolleyes:

WTG for making a harnessed seat with super high straps that isn't crazy wide and heavy and doesn't push little heads forward. :)


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um. Did you actually try toput the harness on her??
The HUGE issue people are having is that while the seat shell and harness height is super duper awesome, the length of the harness is... tiny. Like, ridiculously short. I'll bet you would not have been able to even buckle it on your child. Tiny, 3-4 year old 30-40 lb children are NOT able to be buckled because there simply isn't enough harness to be able to do so.
It's a huge giant glaring flaw in what could otherwise be a super freaking fantabulous seat. :(


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No I didn't. Maybe if they're being less crazy today I'll take them back and try it. That is a major flaw though. :( Hopefully Evenflo will fix it soon.


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I had the same experience with my 6 yo, looked like loads of growing room heightwise. Didn't try the harness (the have the same issue with the Embrace 35, according to a review I read...), but she immediately griped she needed more width for her elbows :rolleyes:
Short harnesses straps seem like such a fake out (Oh suuuuuuure our seat will fit a kid to 65 pounds... NOT! Sucka!)


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What the heck kind of design is that??? Make the harness height high but not long enough??

That just seems like someone fell asleep on measuring day.


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My almost-7 year old fit, but was griping about sitting in a harnessed seat :rolleyes:. She was in the 2nd-to-top slot with room to grow, and did have enough harness (barely), but she's a smaller kid (48" and 48.5 lbs the last I checked). I tried ds in it too (he's 3, 38 or 39", maybe taller, and 36 lbs). He could have moved down a harness slot and had enough harness, but I'm so used to having 2 feet of extra harness in the Radian that it felt scant anyway.
I didn't get any pictures because in the past I know our Target has gotten funny about kids sitting in the seats (they've put up signs about staying off of the furniture), and the kids were making tons of noise, so I figured we were going to draw attention sooner rather than later.


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Does the seat have an overall standing height limit? I want to make sure Adrian is within that as well before bugging them about it.


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Shaunam said:
Does the seat have an overall standing height limit? I want to make sure Adrian is within that as well before bugging them about it.

I'm sure it does, but I don't know what it is.

And off topic, but I just read "Adrian" as "Aidan" :p


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I put the harness on the top slots.

Here's my ds (6 yrs old 37-38lbs 43.5"). He'd need the second to top slots it looks like. There's hardly any harness left.



Here's my dd (4.5 yrs old 27-28lbs 40"). She'd need the third from the top slots. She has enough harness left but ...she's super thin. Lol.

(Don't mind the gum ..or the fact that she's slouching to the side....)



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Went back and got pics today.

This is my 4 year old. He's about 40 lbs. He fits fine.

6 year old. About 48 lbs

Harness left

My 8 year old, 58 lbs, who really didn't want her pic taken. She just barely fits on the 2nd to top slot. No extra room at all in the harness. :-(



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