Sure Ride or My Ride?


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I'm trying to decide whether to return a My Ride and get a Sure Ride instead. I already own the My Ride, but it's in the box because it's not needed yet. I paid $75.99 for it. The Sure Ride is on sale at Target, and I have a red card, so it would be $72.19. Going to Target would be on my way to work if I wanted to return it, so no gas wasted to go do it. The kid going in the seat doesn't need it yet, but will go in after winter is over. So far she's tending toward short and light, but she's only 6 months old. I don't know about torso height. My other niece is 3, 36 inches, and 30 lbs, and has maybe another .5" above her head in the my ride, but rides in a headwise with us. The baby, months old, will get her old my ride, plus either the new my ride that is in the box, or a sure ride if I return it and get that.
So, the sure ride is an inch taller according to the chart on the blog, but has a 40" height limit rear facing. I think that will get her a bit more rear facing time, and my sister will leave her rear facing until she hits the limits of the seat. I trust my sister to use it properly, and the old my ride will go to my mom's car since she is familiar with its use, and it fits next to the headwise rearfacing. The sure ride would go by itself in my sister's car. Currently a Volvo s70, but possibly to be replaced when inspection is due if it doesn't pass. The prices are comparable, the only annoyance would be that I would have to take a dog crate out of my car, or take my sister's car to take back the my ride. So, take it back, or not?


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36" is kind of short to be outgrowing the MyRide. She probably has a tall torso. If the baby ends up have a more average torso, they will probably be outgrown rear facing near the same time. The SureRide is taller forward facing but that's years down the road. The SureRide could come in useful when the 3 year old turns forward though since she has a tall torso. You could swap the baby to the Headwise at that point and use the SureRide as a really tall forward seat.


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Another member here and I were comparing MR height room and her daughter at 38" tall and mine at 38.5" tall both had about the same amount of room left which was 3", so 2" of growing room.

So while the 36" child may have a really long torso, sometimes it's just that people don't realize how to measure and it can look almost outgrown when there is still plenty of room.

In case it's a measurement issues, here are some pics of how to measure (showing a 38.5" child with average torso and how much room she has left):




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My point was, I think it's less common to get less rear facing time out of a MyRide than out of a 40" RF seat. I'd think it was more typical to get the same or more RF time out of it. So for me, I'd keep the MR for the possibility of more RF time and because it has a range of install angles unlike the SureRide that has only one. And the MR fits in tight spaces decently if that becomes necessary.

If for some reason you don't want it when the time comes, you can sell it for what you paid for it, or maybe more, I'm not sure what they go for in the USA. They are $200+ in Canada and $170 when on sale. Boo. ;)
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The 3 year old does have a really long torso. She wears a 4T shirt, and 2T pants. I'm 5'6' with a 28" inseam (so shorter than some short or petite length pants).
The 3 year old has a scenera for her seat in her dad's car, and a my ride in my sister's car. Technically she is outgrown the scenera RF. My sister with the 3 year old proposed going half on the Sure Ride. The baby could have the Scenera for now, and get the sure ride back later on when she outgrows the Scenera RF.
I have the 3 year old out with me today riding in the older My Ride. I've got it installed about as up right as it can go, and she's just about to that line on the fabric. So more room than my sister thought, she should definitely get to 4 in there RF. The Scenera is definitely outgrown RF according to the limit, but she has room in it.
Of course if I want to do this, I would really like to return the My Ride on my way to work today since I have the dog crate out now since I took the 3 year old out today. I should probably just swap the old My Ride for the Scenera. That would solve that for a year.
Eta- the retail on the my Ride model that I bought is $159.99. I got it half price plus the red card discount n

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