Successful Three Across thread


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Third row of our 1998 Pontiac Montana :)
All seatbelt installs
Not checked yet.

3 FF Radian 65s

RF/FF/FF Radian 65s


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2007 Toyota Sienna LE8

FF Britax Marathon/ RF Recaro Signo/ FF Britax Marathon
All with latch- ROCK SOLID!
Not checked by tech- yet

I did put the middle seat front and center but they still would have installed without it being moved. :thumbsup:



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Mines not as impressive but I was excited to fit 5 seats in my car.

Make/Model/Year: 1999 Chevy Suburban
Install method: FF booster seat, RF with seat belt and tether, FF with seatbelt
Configuration of seats: FF, RF, FF
Seats used: Turbo booster, Marathon, Radian
Checked by a Tech: Yes




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No pictures yet but today I got.

2 FF Radians outboard
safeseat with base center

all with seatbelt, all independant installs (I was able to take base out with Radians still tight)
Tricks: recline the FF Radians, install safeseat base first


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Make/Model/Year: '07 Dodge Caliber
Install method: Both outboard seat withs LATCH, middle with l/s belt
Configuration of seats: RF MA, RF RN, Keyfit30
Seats used: MA, RN, Keyfit 30
Checked by a Tech: Yes
We tried the RN ff in the middle but it wouldn't fit next to a rf MA.

Make/Model/Year: '94 Ford F-350 Crew Cab
Install method: Both outboard seat with l/s belt, middle with lap belt only
Configuration of seats: FF or RF RN, RF MA, Keyfit 30
Seats used: MA, RN, Keyfit 30
Checked by a Tech: Yes
We could probably do any combination in the pickup, but we didn't want to un-install the MA.
I'll take pics the next time we get to play with seats!


2000 Ford Windstar

back row:

RF RA belt
RF RA belt
Combi Connection no base belt

middle row:

RF MA latch
RF MA belt
Combi Connection latch

Check by LCMOM and me!

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2006 Honda Civic (back seat, of course).

FF Britax Parkway
FF Cosco Scenera
FF Sunshine Kids Radian.

(all installed with seatbelts).

FF Britax Parkway
RF Britax Boulevard
FF Sunshine Kids Radian

(all installed with seatbelts).


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2000 Dodge Durango (2nd row bench seat) All w/ seat belts.
Monterey / FF RN / Monterey

A tight fit, and the Montereys couldn't be adjusted to their widest width..only about 1/2 way.



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Make/Model/Year: Ford Freestar 04
Install method: Outboard radians w/seatbelt/ Marathon w/ latch
Configuration of seats: all Forward-facing (FF)
Seats used: Radian, Marathon, Radian
Checked by a Tech: No



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2003 Kia Sedona with a 50/50 split third row

Ignore the sleeping child..he usually is rf'ing but I couldn't get the seat installed that way. The Sedona has this weird plastic thing between the seats that prevented installing the seat that way. I also tried an MA in the middle but it wouldn't work! I have not tried the MA rf'ing (the smaller foot might work ok with the plastic on the seat).


This thread has been immensely helpful! I'm adding my stats in case they will help someone else with a similar configuration.

Make/Model/Year: 2006 Toyota 4Runner
Install method: LATCH, seatbelt, LATCH
Configuration of seats & seats used: FF tethered MA, FF tethered Safeguard Go, RF tethered MA
Checked by a Tech: Yes

-- Mom of 3 under age 3!

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