Successful Three Across thread


2000 Chevy Venture

RF RA lap/shoulder
SR lap
RF RA lap/shoulder

No pic, was really wanting to do this next install!

Same car.

RF Radian lap/shoulder
RF Radian lap/shoulder



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2005 focus sedan

Drivers side- FF radian Installed with LATCH
Center- RF radian installed with seatbelt
Passenger side- Parkway

Drivers side -Evenflo Embrace Latch
Center -Parkway
Passenger side- Fisher Price Booster. Older style

Driver Side - FF Marathon
Center - FF Radian
Passenger-FF marathon
I am a tech

* can't remember how many years fisher price seats are good for?



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1996 Ford Taurus station wagon

Driver's side....Evenflo Traditions Plus
FFing, RFing Radian in center, RFing Radian outboard passenger side

Graco SR drivers side, RFing Radian center, Evenflo Traditions Plus FFing Passenger side


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1996 Ford Taurus station wagon

starting at drivers side......
SS1 w/o base, RFing Radian, RFing radian

not checked by a tech. The base wasn't handy at the moment. I know you can install it without as you can the SR. So I installed it and was surprised at the amount of room I would still have so I am sure the base would fit as well!


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'98 Toyota Corolla
2 Parkways and 1 rf Scenera

I'm not a tech yet but will be in 7 days. :)

sorry to be it just me or the angle of the pic....but is the child's head in the scerena a little close to the top? It could just be the angle of the pic. We know how sometimes it doesn't give an accurate shot!

An Aurora

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sorry to be it just me or the angle of the pic....but is the child's head in the scerena a little close to the top? It could just be the angle of the pic. We know how sometimes it doesn't give an accurate shot!

He looks like he has a good 2-3" of growing room to me.


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Yesterday... really tight success with:

1989 Honda Civic 4-door
LB TurboBooster, GN, HB TurboBooster (and 12-year-old in front seat)

Not checked by tech. GN was rock-solid. TB's had to be pulled out to buckled, then pushed back in & were touching the door on both sides. What a circus getting everyone in! I'd never use this config in this car routinely, but it worked in a pinch when our pastor needed me to pick up his kids from school. ;)


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2006 Dodge Charger:

RF Scenera using latch-driver side
FF GN using seatbelt-middle
Eddie Bauer infant seat with base using latch-passenger side

I was suprised at how good everything fit! I took my sister in law shopping the other day and this was our set up. :) I was curious how my SS1 would fit, so when we got home I installed it in place of her Eddie Bauer one. It was a tighter squeeze and I wouldn't want to have to deal with trying to get the carrier in and out everytime, but it still worked great. Side note, I was shocked to find that my 22 month old still fit in the SS1! Don't know why I was possessed to take him out of it.


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Oh my gosh, I am new to this site and you ladies are AMAZING at what you can do with 3 across! I am super impressed.

I am adding my 3rd daughter to our family this July so I will have to join the 3 across fan club and this thread is SUPER helpful. THANKS!


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Awesome thread!

Over the years I've had to do three across quite often. I'm trying to think of all the different cars we've had, and all the different seats. I'm coming up blank at the moment, except for a recent one of a Recaro Start, FF Radian (SB, no tether available), and Olli Clek (although the armrest to the Olli hit the side of the Radian and mashed the armrest in a bit). Plugging the Clek into the LATCH I end up losing a good inch, almost two, of space on the side of the seat, and it mashes the armrest into the Radian, bending the armrest inward a bit. It's also a PITA to buckle up.

One car I had (I think that was when we had the Buick, aka The Whale), I had a Futura in the middle and two Britax Laptops on outboard. Ummm. '95 Mercury Villager, Graco TB (high back), MA, and Graco TB (low back - for which I regret not using the back. We were in a collision and dd hit her head on the window).

Right now I have two Safeguards side by side in the back row (both SB, and one TT).

I was a tech for all of the above mentioned installs.



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05 town and country
rf comfort sport, ff scenera, ff regal ride.

Very tight fit but the seats are all installed rock solid minus the regal ride not being tethered. There is only one tether hook available and no more can be installed.
Not checked by tech.

This vehicle is used for daycare. I rearranged the seats so we could fit a harnessed seat in the lapbelt only position. There are also two cargos in the second row that are used harnessed or boostered depending on who is sitting there.


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3 Across the 3rd row of our 98 Pontiac Montana!
Not checked by a tech (yet)

Turbo Booster L/S belt : EFTA L belt : Turbo Booster L/S belt

Turbo : SS1 w/base (also fits w/o base) : TB

This also works TB, SnugRide, TB, but it started raining, and I didn't get a pic.
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Re: Three Across in a 2001 2-door Honda Civic

'97 Ford Explorer
Graco TurboBooster/FF TrueFit/Graco TurboBooster
Graco TurboBooster/RF as well as FF Graco ComfortSport/Graco TurboBooster

'99 Toyota Camry
Graco TurboBooster/RF as well as FF Graco ComfortSport/Graco TurboBooster

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