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well...This is in response to my above post about 3 across Clek Fllo's in a Jeep Cherokee. We fit the car seats in 3 across just fine. The problem now is front to back space. I can drive the Cherokee just fine, I still have plenty of leg room, but my husband, who is 6'1 and weighs 240 lbs cannot comfortably fit in the vehicle. His knees touch the dashboard. So back to the drawing board....:yeahthatmad:


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3rd row 2015 suburban:
Outboard parkway, middle harmony dreamtime, outboard parkway.
Or: three harmony dreamtimes
Or: outboard dreamtime, middle parkway, outboard dreamtime.


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2002 Subaru Legacy wagon (with the hump in the middle of the back seat)

Driver side - backless Graco Turbobooster (11 yo)

Center - BubbleBum (7 yo)

Passenger side - rear facing Britax Classic Roundabout 50

I was able to get the Bubblebum in the center with a high back Graco Safety Surround Turbobooster on the side, but it really squished 11 yo. Then we realized that the vehicle headrest in the center didn't adjust high enough for her in the Bubblebum, but she didn't get good lap belt fit in the center without.


Nissan Murano 2011
Chicco Keyfit LATCH behind driver, Diono Radian RTX using the seatbelt in the middle and Chicco NextFit using LATCH behind the passenger. It fits, but it is TIGHT and we wouldn't even dream of taking the Diono out because it was so hard to get the fit right with the seatbelt. Now that our baby is ready for a convertible, we have to look for a new car because we don't have even an inch more room but this car/set-up has been great for past year.


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08 Toyota sienna, 7pas

3rd row

Radian ffing (seat belt) passenger
Britax Frontier 90 ct (seat belt) middle
Harmony hbb drivers

Also worked to switch the Radian & Frontier


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01 (i think) Toyota Avalon

Clek Fllo rfing w seat belt, passenger.
Radian ffing middle (seat belt)
Cybex x-fix hbb drivers.


Clek Fllo rfing w seat belt, pass
Radian ffing middle seat belt, middle
Britax Frontier 90 ct, seat belt drivers


Land Rover LR4

Passenger side -- rear facing Clek Foonf
Middle -- forward facing Clek Foonf
Driver side -- rear facing Nuna Pipa
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Since doing 3 across seems to be a common question lately I thought I would start a thread about it.

Please post here if you have been able to successfully do 3 carseats across.

3 across in 04 old style f150
Driver side ff graco my sz 65 with 50 lb 6 year old
Center rf cosco scenera next with 30lb 20month old
Passenger ff graco tranzitions in harness mode with 58 lb 5 year old
Both ff use tethers and use seat belts and they have been Checked by a tech who is also grandma
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Make/Model/Year: Buick Verano 2012
Install method: Seatbelt, Seatbelt, Latch/Top Tether
Configuration of seats: RF, RF, FF
Seats used: MA 3G, Scenera Next, Scenera Original
Checked by a Tech: Yes


2004 Honda Accord

Seats manufactured in 2016

All seatbelt installations. Top tether for FF seat.

FF Graco Contender, Backless Harmony Youth Booster, RF Graco Contender (fits behind 6'0" driver without touching seat!).

Not checked by tech yet, but the seats are tight and don't touch each other.


2009 Honda Pilot Touring

Driver's Side to Passenger's Side
Britax Frontier ClickTight FF, seatbelt (surprise)
Britax B-Safe RF (surprise), seatbelt
Chicco NextFit FF, LATCH & Graco MySize FF, LATCH


Re: Three Across in a 2001 2-door Honda Civic

All three seats are Radians and are installed with lap/shoulder belts. This is the only configuration that will work in this car. FF/RF/FF
I am a tech.


Which radian seats specifically are these??


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Re: Three Across in a 2001 2-door Honda Civic

Which radian seats specifically are these??

Those will be Radian65 or Radian80 (or possibly Radian premiere). They are the original line of Radian car seats. They are a bit narrower at the base than the versions that are available now.


Re: Three Across in a 2001 2-door Honda Civic

I got all 3 radians to fit in our Honda Civic!!! Thanks for your help!!!


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Also be sure to see our 3-across carseats article at CarseatBlog:

Don't be fooled by some other articles on the web. Some websites are created by people who are not certified technicians or have basically zero hands-on experience with models they recommend for three across carseat installations. At least one has used this thread at Car-Seat.Org for its basis of recommendations without actually trying any of them in any vehicle, let alone all the combinations they claim will work!

If you have a need to install two adjacent carseats or three across on one row, ALWAYS get a free returns policy if you are buying new car seats. They can be very expensive to ship back if they don't fit! Amazon and Walmart allow free returns, but only if you buy in store or if you buy online and the item is sold/shipped by Amazon or Walmart, NOT a third party seller. Target and BuyBuyBaby also have free returns, but always check the policy first. Making an appointment to see a local certified technician is always a good idea just in case.

Deema F

Has anyone done a successful 3 across in a 2019 VW Tiguan? I would have one forward facing child and two rear facing children. One rear facing can be moved to forward facing in a few more months if I need to move it forward facing to make it work.


OK, here’s my 2020 / 2021 success to fit three kids in car seats across a VOLVO S80 2008: Chicco Keyfit 30 for the baby (behind the right front seat), forward facing Diono Radion 3 rxt for the 6 year old (middle seat) and Clek Foonf for the 4 year old (behind the driver’s seat). The outer seats use ISOFIX, anchor and belt, the middle seat uses belt and anchor.


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2018 CR-V - Three Across! Took some work to find the fit, but we did it with an Uppababy Mesa infant seat in the base behind the driver and two forward facing Radian 3xt seats in both center and passenger side. All are secured using belts (not LATCH) - and an approved installation by a certified inspector at a local police station (Philly area). We love our CR-V and I had trouble finding any clear indication that three across was possible, but it sure is. I hate the radian in a rear-facing position (way too long, even for the spacious rear leg room in the CR-V), so using our Mesa on the base works much better with a baby. Still leaves room for me (5'-11") to drive. The trick in the CR-V is the belt overlap between two of the back seats, which just makes sequencing a little tricky. Thus, the infant seat cannot be behind the passenger. But it's been working for us for 3+ months now.

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