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'09 Subaru Forester:

Roundabout 55

All FF and seatbelt installs. It actually wasn't too difficult. RA-55 puzzled great around those Radians! Not tech checked yet.

'09 Honda Pilot (current generation), 3rd Row:

Same setup, only passenger-side Radian was a LATCH install. On first try, I couldn't get them to fit. Tried again and it worked, barely. But leg room for the Roundabout passenger is not good, and driver's side Radian rider would need to be pretty wiry to climb in and out around the Britax.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware that you can't do 3 across the 3rd row of the 2009-2015 Pilot. The center/driver side seat belts overlap which is not permitted for side by side installations.


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Just wanted to make sure you were aware that you can't do 3 across the 3rd row of the 2009-2015 Pilot. The center/driver side seat belts overlap which is not permitted for side by side installations.

Is this per the MACPS guidelines or the vehicle manual? I thought that it was only a Toyota corolla-highlander-RAV thing.

(Sorry for the chat on this thread!)
2009 Honda Pilot:

3rd row:

Britax RA-40

All FF, seatbelt installs, and tech-checked.

***So, now time for the disclaimer: Installation of 2 seats side-by-side in the center & driver's-side positions in the 3rd row of the Pilot is not recommended per the 2015 MACPS manual because of the overlapping seat belts. Which means no 3rd-row 3-in-a-row is recommended in this vehicle. I've called Honda and they were unaware that this was an issue.

FWIW, I took at good look at our installation again and it turns out the passenger-side Radian is actually LATCH-installed, not a seatbelt install. The Radian installs very well there with LATCH.


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bnsnyde asked me to post this since she's having trouble posting pictures. It's the 3rd row of a 2011 Odyssey, with a Harmony Youth booster, a Safety 1st Incognito, and an Evenflo Sureride. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431473066.939995.jpg


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06 chevy equinox (old body style)
3 graco clones, all rf, seatbelt install.

Driver's seat moved up so it was comfortable for me to drive (5'6", but I ride farther back then most my size). Passenger seat unmoved.

Not checked by a tech, can have one do it in a few months when my sister is certified but middle and driver side didn't actually even touch at all. Don't even ask me how you'd actually buckle the center one though. Just did this to see if it could be done, since I was installing 2 of them in there anyway.


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1996 range rover

Driver: Harmony Literider nbb
Center: safety 1st OnBoard Air 35 infant seat with base
Passenger: Evenflo amp booster

Infant seat installed with center lap belt, required two twists of the buckle stalk to keep the buckle out of the belt path to tighten enough.

Literider only works with a smaller booster rider because of the low fixed headrests. Mom is moving the child (age 7, 65lbs) to an Incognito to bring him down a little more.


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Scion xB 2013

Driver/ middle/ passenger

RF Diono Radian RXT with AA (LATCH) / FF Radian RXT (seatbelt and TT) / RF Britax B-safe (LATCH)


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Okay, I did it! I'll update with pictures later:

2008 Honda Civic

Driver: RF Diono Radian RXT w/angle adjuster (necessary!) seatbelt
Center: FF Diono Radian RXT, seatbelt
Passenger: RF Chicco Keyfit 30 w/base, seatbelt.

There is not a fraction of space to spare, and it was super annoying to install them in this heat, but it seems to work. I have NOT had this checked yet, but all seats are independently tight and move 1" or less at the belt path.

The biggest issue is the contours of the vehicle seat backs and the curve at the door sides of the seat cushion. I'll post pictures to show, but basically there are several inches of vehicle width that you can't even use because of these contours! With the infant seat base, if I scoot it toward the door any more, the base corner overhangs the vehicle seat where it curves in. I know some overhang is okay, but this is too much - it makes the installation unstable. With the Radian RF, the "foot" that goes on the bottom has to go between the seat back and cushion. Well, the side contours by the door are hard, not foam, and I can't get the foot between them. So it's definitely annoying! The back seat of the vehicle is actually wider than the usable space for car seats. I imagine this is not uncommon, though.

But anyway, it looks like I can put off buying a van for at least a year. My wallet just gave a little sigh of relief.


2006 Chevy Equinox

Behind passenger: Diono Radian RXT. RF seat belt install with buckle stalk twisted twice. Rear facing top tether using D-ring. I am using the angle adjuster but it works nicely without it too.
Middle: Britax Frontier 90. FF seatbelt install using ClickTight lock off. Top tethered.
Behind Driver: Nuna Pipa infant seat. RF seat belt install using Nuna base lock off belt buckle twisted 3 full times (for tightness and to keep buckle out of belt path) load leg in use

The seats puzzle nicely, the Pipa's handle clears the Frontier's arm rest by a hair. I love the click tight install of the Frontier but at 19" it is a tad wide for 3 across. The seats are all independently tight seatbelt installs, which is very challenging in the Equinox. The Equinox has the belt buckles forward of the seat bight so learning to twist down the buckle stalks has been a life saver!!
There is 3 full sets of LATCH but with the 60/40 seat split you can only use a max of two Latch sets at a time as per the manual. The middle and behind the driver LATCH sets cross over each other. The seat behind the driver is the hardest location to do a successful seat belt install, I can not get the Radian installed there with a seat belt it slides freely back and forth. The side seat belts bolt into the floor, which makes it harder to get the belt really tight (so wide!)
All 3 seats almost touch each other, they are very close! The side seats clear the inside of the door frame nicely too.
I cannot see the child in the Radian using the rear facing mirror with the angle adjuster and head rest of the Radian the way that it is.
Planning to use this configuration at the beginning of next year, kids will be: almost 2 - Radian, 5 - Frontier, Newborn - Nuna.
I'm happy that I can use the seats I already have! I do not think 3 will fit in DHs 07 Mazda3 but we both plan to have different cars in a few years anyhow :)
He has a Britax Boulevard G4 (no click tight) RF and an Evenflo Symphony 65 FF, both big wide seats!
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2014 Honda Accord. Passenger side: Clek Fllo; center: Diono RXT; driver side: Diono RXT. RF with ARB, RF with AA and tethered to inside leg of driver's seat, FF. All seat belt installs.

The two Radians snuggle right up to each other; there is a small bit of space between the RF RXT and the Fllo. The center RXT is slightly tilted from being off center on the seat hump and the locking seat belt install. (Sure wish it had lock offs!)

I am a tech.


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Toyota Matrix 2009 (2nd generation)

Driver to passenger, all seatbelt install

- FF Diono Radian ( recline mode, not sitting totally flush with the backseat, hard to install)
- RF Britax B-safe (lock-off, 3 full twist of the buckle stalk)
- RF Britax Boulevard G4 with ARB (lock-off)


2004 Ford Focus sedan

Britax B-Safe with base RF driver's side
Diono Radian 120 FF center
Britax Marathon 70 FF passenger side

Checked by technician at local police department


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2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L
Evenflo Securekid DXL with sure LATCH in driver side 2nd row
Chicco Keyfit 30 w/base in middle plus one 2nd row with LATCH
Diono Radian RXT RF with LATCH passenger side second row

Not checked by a tech. Before we had the Evenflo Securekid harnessed booster we had a Diono Radian R120 successfully installed driver side second row both RF and then FF with LATCH.

2005 Honda Pilot
Diono R120 FF with LATCH in driver side 2nd row
Chicco Keyfit 30 with base seatbelt install in middle 2nd row
Graco MyRide 65 RF with LATCH in passenger side second row


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2014 Honda Accord 4 door sedan.

Two RXTs RF using AA outboard with LATCH, Bubblebum in center.

Actually pretty easy to buckle the booster!

I am a tech.

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2006 Ford Explorer

1: ff Diono Radian, cybex Aton, ff Radian
2: harmony defender, RF Radian, FF Radian
3: FF Cosco Scenera, RF Next, FF harmony defender
4: RF 4ever, FF baby trend hybrid, FF radian

3rd row successful seats:
Baby Trend Hybrid, Cosco Next, Britax Frontier
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2009 (I think) Honda CR-V

Passenger: BubbleBum
Center: rear-facing Boulevard Clicktight (no ARB, quite upright), seatbelt install
Driver: Safety 1st Boost Air Protect (high back mode.)

I'm a tech.


2012 VW Tiguan

Uppababy Mesa (LATCH)
FF Radian (seat belt)
RFing Clek Fllo (LATCH)


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I drive a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and have 3 across Clek Fllos, all rear facing, all using seat belts. My kids are: Daughter 3 1/2 years old, weighs 39 lbs and is 40 1/2 inches tall. Son 2 1/2 years old weighs 35 lbs and is 38 1/2 inches tall, and the third seat is still unoccupied. We are expecting within the next couple of weeks, and she will be buckled into the infant thingy insert in the third Clek Fllo. :dance::dance::dance:

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