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1996 VW Jetta with leather ;)

Outboard passenger - Keyfit 22 with base
Middle - FF Olympia
Outboard driver - literider with room to buckle
All seatbelt installs.

Super easy! The Olympia fit like a glove!


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Toyota Prius 2009 (2nd Gen)

Behind driver (3.5 yr old) - Diono Radian XTSL - RF
Middle (6.5 yr old) - Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL - FF
Behind passenger (1.5 yr old) - Combi Coccoro - RF

All installed with seat belts and independently solid installs.
(Sunshine Kids is now Radian and XTSL is now RTX)


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2003 Toyota Matrix

RF Radian (this was for a newborn, so no angle adjuster, passenger seat is really far forward - you can still seat someone there, but I'd avoid it) if you could use an angle adjuster, it's a much better fit. Latch install.

FF Radian - seatbelt install, obv.

Graco Affix NBB, with latch. (It's a fairly wide booster, a more narrow one would work much better. The bubble bum doesn't work so well in that car, IMO, though. It slopes weird with the seat - I think a rigid booster is best. It is difficult to buckle the booster, so we leave it buckled and he loosens the lap belt and slides his legs out and leaves it buckled.

We had a tech check it all.


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Hi everyone! I am a carseat newbie. It is not compulsory yet by law to install carseats over here. No CPS tech available to check, but had been able to get good install.

Car model /year: proton persona 2012, mid size sedan.

Behind driver: Diono Radian 120, 3 point seatbelt installation, forward facing

Centre: Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq, 2 point seatbelt /lapbelt only installation, forward facing

Behind passenger: Britax Parkway SG, used with 3 point seatbelt, forward facing.


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2012 Taurus

Passenger side: FF Britax Frontier 90, seatbelt install. Middle: RF Radian RXT, seatbelt install with locking clip. Driver side: Evenflo Big Kid Sport HBB.

I used the locking clip to prevent tilt so the Radian didn't lean into the Frontier's space, there was an acceptable install without it. The RXT and the Frontier actually puzzle a bit, suprisingly. Buckling space for the Big Kid wasn't abundant, but doable. NOTE : I had to remove the angle adjuster for the RXT to make it work, the extra inch on each side of the radian made it a no go. Luckily it fits between the two front seats pretty well.


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Make/model/year - Chevrolet Orlando 2012 (Canada only)
Seats - outboard ff radian (seatbelt) and high back booster: rf radian in middle (LATCH)

Note: the RF radian has to touch the front seats and since the second row of seating is not adjustable, the front seats have to be up farther than may be comfortable for taller people.

This arrangement was recently checked by a CRST and pronounced OK.

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2012 Dodge Ram

Passenger Outboard: Chicco Keyfit
Middle (non locking seatbelt) britax pinnacle with click tight
Drivers: RF foonf

2014 Honda Odyssey
Passenger second row: chicco keyfit
Middle: FF Foonf
Drivers: RF Radian


Passenger: Diono Monterey Booster
middle: FF Foonf
drivers: RF Radian


Car: 2012 Hyundai Accent (sedan)

We easily fit 3 diono radians (any combo of FF/RF), as well as 2 diono radians (FF) and 1 Chicco Keyfit 30 (RF). The configuration didn't matter with the Chicco, and it worked in the center AND on sides. The front seat did NOT have to be moved forward at all (but we are only 5'9" and 5'5").

We totally thought it wouldn't be possible to fit 3 of anything across the backseat of this car, as I have not seen a smaller backseat posted about yet (this one is 47" according to the manufacturer). Adding up the width of the three seats is more than 47", so I don't know how they are counting the width of the backseat, but either way the seats fit without any struggle/difficulty!


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2011 Subaru Outback

FF Diono Radian RXT
RF Chicco Keyfit
RF Graco 4ever

With the 4ever RF I could not fit the Radian FF in the center next to it, but I could fit the Keyfit in the center. The Keyfit is a little tight to get into the base, but it's doable. I didn't get a chance to experiment much with other combinations. All are seatbelt installed and independently tight. Not checked by a tech as I was just playing around while switching seats between cars (I noticed the seatbelt was twisted on the Radian while taking the pic).

There is room for a front passenger up to ~6' tall to sit comfortably and the driver's seat can go almost all the way back with this set up.



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2001 Hyundai Accent two door hatch

ff - Safety 1st Complete Air
rf - Sunshinekids Radian
ff - Evenflo Maestro


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2009 Ford Escape

RF Graco MyRide (behind passenger)
FF Evenflo Maestro (middle)
RF Maxi Cosi Mico (behind driver, baseless install)

All seat belt installed, all independently solid.


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2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

All using seatbelt

RF Cosco Scenera - Behind passenger
FF Safety 1st Complete Air 65 - Center (Install was tricky - Tip, buckle and tighten the seat belt as much as possible, unbuckle it tighten it a but more and then put weight into the seat and re-buckle seing as its a lap belt only locking latchplate)
HBB Harmony Dreamtime - Behind Driver

I also found that it was nice to install the seats with vehicle seat reclined and then bring it back to upright after the install.


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2003 GMC Envoy

RF Diono Radian RXT w/ Angle Adjuster - Behind Passenger
RF Diono Radian RXT w/ Angle Adjuster - Center
FF Safety 1st Complete Air 65 - Behind Driver

All seat belt installs and there was plenty of leg room for the passenger up front because of the Angle Adjuster.

I have also done:
Harmony Youth Booster (NBB) - Behind Passenger
RF Diono Radian RXT w/ Angle Adjuster - Center
FF Safety 1st All in One (remnants of a bad grandma buy) - Behind Diver

All seat belt installs as well

I put the booster behind the passenger because that is the side with only a single buckle and I don't have to risk hitting the wrong buckle button when taking the kiddos out. When I have to use two boosters at a time the Radian will be moved to the single buckle side.


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2013 Honda Civic (sedan, single piece bench) all seat belt install and included a tech.

Frontier 85 behind driver
rf-ing Radian RXT center
ff-ing Chico NextFit behind passenger

Next time we do this, we will likely put the Frontier85 in the center and we may switch the ff-ing and rf-ing between the Radian and NextFit. We will see! Sorry there are no pictures but it was close to dark and hard to get enough light for a pic
2009 Honda Pilot:

3rd row:

Britax RA-40

All FF, seatbelt installs, and tech-checked. Pain in the neck getting them in and won't be removing one until the RA expires this fall.

Exactly the same setup in a 2009 Subaru Forester. I don't remember which car was more difficult. Blocked that experience out! :)

Also installed 2 Britax RA-55's RF and a Radian FF 3-across in my sister's car -- a Subaru Outback (2010, maybe?). Also very painful. But the tech checked it and said it was solid. That was a proud moment. Love Subarus but getting carseats into them is just miserable.


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Scion xB 2013: Driver to passenger, all with seatbelts[emoji106]

RF Britax b-safe / RF Radian with AA / FF Foonf

RF Britax B-safe / RF Radian with AA / FF Frontier CT (90)

RF Foonf/ RF Radian with AA/ FF Frontier CT (90)

'09 Subaru Forester:

Roundabout 55

All FF and seatbelt installs. It actually wasn't too difficult. RA-55 puzzled great around those Radians! Not tech checked yet.

'09 Honda Pilot (current generation), 3rd Row:

Same setup, only passenger-side Radian was a LATCH install. On first try, I couldn't get them to fit. Tried again and it worked, barely. But leg room for the Roundabout passenger is not good, and driver's side Radian rider would need to be pretty wiry to climb in and out around the Britax.


I have a Cybex Aton Q installed with latch, a Diono Radian installed with seat belt, and a Diono Monterey with latch in a 2012 Honda Pilot


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2007 Pontiac Torrent (Same as Chev. Equinox / Saturn Vue)

Driver: Graco Turbo Booster LB
Center: First Years True Fit
Pass: Diono Radian

All installed with SB.


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