Successful Three Across thread


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2006 Kia Sedona, rear bench.

Graco Nautilus, Britax Decathlon, Sunshine Kids Radian 80.


Tat is a wide back bench in a van!! Looks like that was a tricky install.


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2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
Outboard seatbelts, middle LATCH
RF AO/FF Safety First Enspira/RF Scenera
*I removed the base from the AO.
Not checked by a tech, but each seat is independantly tight.

1993 Oldsmobile '98
Seatbelt installs
RF Scenera/FF MA/RF Scenera
RF Scenera/RF MA/RF Scenera(don't know how well this would work full time, my 2 were already buckled and added the third, but it was definately independently tight)
RF Scenera/FF MA/ff Cosco High Back Combo
RF Scenera/FF Cosco Combo/RF Enspira

Will play around some more when I get new seats this weekend.
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1995 Land Rover

Radian 65 FF
Radian 80 FF

Took three techs, but we get it done!

and I


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Tat is a wide back bench in a van!! Looks like that was a tricky install.

It was.

I was also able to get the GN center with the Radian drivers outboard and just about ANY booster passengers outboard -- the TurboBooster fit with room to spare, a Parkway would be easiest to buckle.


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Three Across in a 2001 2-door Honda Civic

All three seats are Radians and are installed with lap/shoulder belts. This is the only configuration that will work in this car. FF/RF/FF
I am a tech.



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I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu and I can do a Parkway, a rear facing Roundabout (have never tried FF), and another Parkway. I can not fit Parkway-Marathon-Parkway. I also had a Saturn L Series and could do three Marathons as long as they were FF-RF-FF or RF-FF-RF.


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2003 Ford Focus Wagon

Behind Driver: RF Marathon installed with seatbelt, tethered
Middle: FF Radian installed with LATCH, and of course tethered
Behind Passanger: RF Marathon installed with Seatbelt, tethered

Same vehicle:

Behind Driver: RF Radian with seatbelt and tethered
Middle: FF Radian with LATCH and tethered
Passanger: RF Marathon with seatbelt and tethered

Same vehicle:

Behind driver: RF Comfort Sport with seatbelt
Middle: FF Radian with LATCH and tethered
Behind Passanger: RF Marathon with seatbelt and tethered

I also have a 2007 Dodge Mega Cab. I have not actually installed more than one car seat in there yet, but there are 3 seperate LATCH positions across the 18 mile wide back seat, and I know that you could fit whatever you wanted back there. If the Regent RF (which I KNOW it doesn't!!) you'd be able to fit it back there. If you KWIM!:p


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2003 Dodge Grand Caravan (3rd row with 50/50 split bench)

*FFing Radian, RFing Marathon, RFing Radian...

*FFing Radian, RFing Marathon, FFing Radian...

*FFing Marathon, FFing Radian, Parkway...

*FFing Radian, FFing Radian, Parkway...

*FFing Evenflo Chase, RFing ComfortSport, Graco TurboBooster

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan (3rd row 60/40 split bench)

*Graco Cargo (booster mode), FFing Radian, Turbo backless booster - very difficult to buckle boosters, but doable.


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I'm a tech
Center: FF or RF Marathon
Outboard: TurboBoosters, HBB or backless

You could also do FF Radian, FF Marathon, FF Radian; will add pics later


Center: Husky
Outboard: Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Booster, narrowest setting


Center: FF or RF Radian
Outboard: AirBooster and TurboBooster, HBB or backless



Center: FF or RF Radian
Outboard: Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Booster and AirBooster, HBB or backless

You could also do FF Marathon, FF Radian, FF Marathon, or FF Radian, FF Marathon, FF Radian; will add pics later



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This is done in a 1996 Ford Taurus station wagon.
All seats are installed Rear facing. There is two radians and a Graco snugride.
The blue radian is installed with a lap only belt. Female end twisted 2.5 times and the male end flipped to provide a secure lock.
The grey and black radian is installed with the lap shoulder belt. The vehicles locking retractor is used.
The graco snugride is installed with a lap/shoulder belt using a locking clip. The vehicle lock created too much of an angle for my liking!.
both radians are RFing tethered too.





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Here are a few 3 acrosses I was able to achieve while playing around with seats.

These are in the 2nd row of our 2000 Dodge Durango.
All with seat belts (it doesn't have LATCH)
These were NOT checked by a tech, because I didn't actually intend to use any of these configurations.

3 RF Alpha Omegas

3 FF Alpha Omegas

3 FF Graco Nautilus's


Alpha Omega : Snug Ride : Alpha Omega Elite


TurboBooster : Snug Ride : Alpha Omega

Nautilus : Snug Ride : Alpha Omega

I also could fit (but didn't get a pic of)
TurboBooster : RF AO : TurboBooster


Snug Ride : Snug Ride : Snug Ride
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That must be one wide back seat! I am a little jealous!

I got another three across in my 2004 ody third row:
ff radian, fisher price booster, confidence booster. It was tight. The confidence booster is wide.
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I got inspired by seeing all those awsome pictures, so I tried to fit 3 across the 3rd row of my Sedona.....not even close to fiting!!:p I have the split 3rd row, and the GN hit the roof!


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:) The Durango's 2nd row seat is 57 inches wide... You could fit almost anything in there :)
Now my Montana is a different story...Nothing (that currently own) fits 3 across :(
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Dodge Caravan - third row

1. Marathon (Passenger side), RF Scenera, Turbobooster highback (driver's side) - tight squeeze to blindly buckle and unbuckle the child, but it worked for our road trip. I didn't want to have to put my 5yr old in a booster when we'd recently put him back in the MA, so I gave it a shot and it worked. I did it in this order because the passenger and middle buckles are next to each other to avoid accidently unbuckling the scenera when doing up and undoing the booster.

2. Marathon, RF Scenera, Graco Cargo or Evenflo Chase harnessed or as booster - NO PIC

3. Marathon, Graco Cargo or Evenflo Chase in the middle, Turbobooster highback - NO PIC

4. Radian, Radian, Parkway or FPSVB or Backless Cosco Highrise/Auto booster - NO PIC

5. Parkway or FPSVB or backless Cosco Highrise/Auto Booster, Radian, another of the three boosters listed (a Turbo will fit, but is so hard to buckle that I prefer the boosters listed) - NO PIC - sorry... I did it ONCE when I needed to fit all 5 kids (my 3 and my niece and nephew) in my van... I put another Radian and a backless Cosco Prospect in the 2nd row that time

6. Nautilus, Radian, backless FPSVB or seatbelt kid



Chevy Cobalt

1. Britax Parkway (passenger side), FPSVB, Britax Laptop (FPSVB must be on tightest width) - NO PIC... sorry... and dont have the Parkway anymore

2. FPSVB (backless), Radian, FPSVB (Backless)

I swapped the FPSVB to make sure it would fit... I just don't have two of these
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I have fit so many three across combos in so many cars it's ridiculous. But I'll just do what I have pictures of for now...

I drive an 04 Jetta

TB : FF FPSVD : RF ComfortSport (Sadly my Scenera or Uptown would NOT fit RF next to the FPSVD - maybe in a bigger car)

FF Uptown : FF FPSVD : TB

Rf or FF Uptown : RF or FF Scenera
In the open space I have fit a base-less SnugRide, Cargo, TB, FF OHS Scenera & another Uptown

RF ComfortSport : RF OHS Scenera
I was later able to put a base-less SnugRide between them
Excuse the sleeping babies!


I just successfully installed 3 across in a 2001 Subaru Legacy.
1. Passenger side on LATCH Graco snugride RF
2. Middle on seatbelt- three belt stalk twists-Radian FF
3. Drivers side - Britax Marathon-on LATCH- FF
This was not checked by a tech, but all three are rock solid, and surprisingly very little sideways tilt on outboard seats.
My daughter 4 yo, 30 pounds is in the Radian, son 2 year old is in the Britax, and baby to be, sometime very soon,will be in the graco. I was surprised at how easy the install was, even being 9 months pregnant.
Thanks for all the information on this site. It definitely helped me to make the decision to buy the Radian and try the install, instead of buying a new car!


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I'm in a rental car right now & was so pleasantly surprised by how wide the backseat is in an '07 Altima! I was able to fit: TurboBooster, GN, TurboBooster with room to spare. :D No tech check but the GN was in very solid (belt, top tether) and the TurboBoosters were able to be buckled (but it wasn't very much fun.) ;)

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