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2007 toyota sienna third row:
rfing radian, rfing radian, rfing true fit
bodyguard, literider, vivo
The vivo can be switched to the middle, but it is harder to buckle. The bodyguard's bottom is just built wrong to fit in that skinny middle seat.

middle row:
regent, rfing true fit, rfing radian
vivo, rfing true fit, rfing radian
Actually,I think any combo can fit across the middle row


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2009 Toyota Tacoma crew cab truck

driver side outboard: FFg MA (LATCH)
center: FFg RN (belt)
passenger side outboard: FFg RN (belt)

Independently solid installs, nothing hitting the doors. The two RN's were touching each other at the shoulders, but still solid installs.

I'm a tech....

PS -- I believe that the same model year 4Runner has the same 2nd row/rear seat as the Tacoma, so this setup might work in a 2009 4Runner.

ETA: belts in this vehicle are locking retractors....


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2005 Ford Freestyle- not checked by Tech

Radian XTSL- RF- Latch- Passenger Outboard
SnugRide 22- RF- Seat belt- Middle
Evenflo Chase booster- FF- Belt- Driver Outboard


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2010 Chevy Equinox
Original Parkway - FFing Radian XTSL - FFing Marathon, both with seatbelts

Original Parkway - FFing Radian installed with seatbelt - FFing Radian installed with LATCH

2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagon
FFing MA w/ seatbelt (soon to be replaced by another original Parkway) - FFing Radian w/ seatbelt - FFing original Parkway


I played with my seats today. I am a tech.

2006 Ford Explorer

RF Radian/FF MyRide/ Rf True Fit (I don't know why anyone would want to FF in a MR with a True Fit and Radian on hand, but there you go.)

RF MyRide/RF Radian/RF True Fit

RF Radian/ Rf MyRide, RF True Fit

Added: Driver's side FF True fit, middle RF MR, passenger RF Radian
note: This does not work with the FF TF on the passenger side because of the way the 60/40 bench makes things work.

*I was SO surprised this worked with the TF and MR next to each other in any configuration, but the cup holders hit right at the cut in the TF's side.

RF Radian/RF MyRide/ Harmony Backless (with LOADS of room on either side to buckle)

*FF seats in the middle of the Explorer are somewhat difficult because the seat tends to cover all or part of the retractor. You can use a locking clip if needed, but I know that the Radian completely covers the retractor. The MR is doable and only partially covers it with another seat passenger outboard.
If anybody wants me to try any combination of Radian/MyRide/True Fit/Harmony I can. Just PM me.
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2001 BMW x5

I am a tech.

FF Britax Marathon/high back Turbo Booster/FF Complete Air. All seatbelt installs. Would not work with either seat RF'ing.


FF Britax Marathon/high back Turbo/baseless RF Graco Safe Seat 1 (same as Snugride 32/35). Would not work with base. All seatbelt installs.


FF Complete Air/RF Britax Marathon/RF baseless SS1


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Make/Model/Year: Hyundai Sonata 2010
Radian FF with LATCH, Radian RF with seatbelt, Turbobooster

Checked by a Tech: No
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2002 Mitsubishi Diamante

Safety 1st Infant seat with base RF (obviously) seat belt passenger side.
Cosco Scenera FFing middle, seat belt top tether (tried RFing but the infant seat would not click into base)
Evenflo Maestro FFing (obviously) seat belt, top tether drivers side.

Will update with pic when I figure out 1. how to get it off my phone 2. how to post pics here LOL


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in the 3rd row?

It's a sedan--just in the back seat:) I'll post pics hopefully tomorrow:) You can kind of see it in my left pic siggy. In the pic, you can see the RA 50 RF and the MR 65 FF. I was just curious to see if the Radian would fit FF behind the driver's seat and it did.:thumbsup::D


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I got another one in my 2010 Jeep Liberty.. don't have pics uploaded and it wasn't checked by a tech but I did the whole install the middle seat, then the outer 2 then take out the middle seat thing and they are all independently solid. I did:

RF Scenera - passenger side - seat belt install
SR35 - middle - seat belt install
FF CA - driver side - seat belt install


In a 2003 Honda Accord -- passenger side: Evenflo Big Kid booster; middle: Peg Primo Viaggio infant seat with base (seatbelt install); driver side: forward facing Radian (seatbelt install). The installations were very easy. Buckling the booster is easy if the infant seat hasn't yet been put in (my 7-year-old can do it), harder if the infant seat is in (but I can do it without too much trouble).

The key is that the base for the infant seat tapers at the back, making it easy to access the seatbelt buckle for the booster. Also key is that the Evenflo booster is far and away the narrowest one I've found. (If only they still made those Fisher Price Safe Venture boosters . . .)


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2003 Chevy Malibu
Seats all installed with seatbelt (center is lap only belt, outboard are lap/shoulder)
Forward-facing seats installed with top tether as well
And checked by a tech, me:)

First is FF Radian / RF Radian / RF EFTA
Second is FF Radian / RF Radian / FF EFTA




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Just wanted to let you know that you had the Scenera FF in the recline position. You will need to make sure that the recline foot is out and up when FF.

Thanks to everyone for all the help. The center seat is not fully installed yet since I will not start needing it till September but I am happen to be able to fit all three and seem to be able to have space to buckle the boosters

2003 Chrysler Town and Country

2 Fisher Price Safe Voyage Booster's (most narrow setting) and Cosco Scenera in center with seatbelt





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I'll try to get pics later but I was able to sqweeeze a Start, ff'ing MA and PW in the third row of my Mazda MPV...its in no way ideal but it would work in a pinch.
The shoulder belts end up coming out behind the boosters' headrests so if the child was sitting the Start and did not have the lock-off engaged the seatbelt would not retract if the child moved forward at all.
Also, the Parkway is so squished in there that the side wing is pushed up against the MA that its ever so slightly pushed in. The MA is basically sitting on top of the Start's arm rest as well as in front of the sidewing but I know that the MA is in tight because I did not have to loosen the seat belt from its original length at all to install it. Its also rock solid w/o the booster next to it. I put my knee and body weight into the seat and rocked it until it locked into the buckle. I was sweating like crazy afterwards...its HOT outside!
I'll probably try switching out the PW with a BG and see if that is any better.


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1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Driver's side BabyTrend FlexLoc with base - no special tricks
Center forward facing Radian - twist female buckle two full twists
Passenger's side rear facing Radian - twist female buckle one full twist

All seatbelt installs, no LATCH in this vehicle. Installed the center seat first. Move the BabyTrend base outboard, away from the Radian when installing. If you install the base too close to the Radian, the seat won't snap in.

I am a tech. All seats were independently tight, in fact none were touching at all.


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I should add this as I just discovered it last week. Yea!!

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. All installed with seat belts (lap/shoulder outboard and lap only in middle). All three have TAs (we have an EZ On TA in center).

Nautilus (behind driver), Frontier (middle), Generations old style (behind passenger). The Nautilus did not fit behind the passenger only behind driver.

Nautilus (behind driver), Frontier (middle), Oobr (behind passenger).

Nautilus (behind driver), Frontier (middle), Maestro (behind passenger).

Generations (behind driver), Frontier (middle), Maestro (behind passenger).

The Generations, Maestro, and Oobr will fit on either side next to the Frontier. I am a tech. All seats were independently tight.
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