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Admin - Webmaster
I have temporarily disabled new Paypal subscriptions that automatically renew. The option for one-time subscriptions is still available, as always.

I suspect that there may be an issue with the older forum software and Paypal, causing some type of glitch. Twice this week, a member was charged to automatically renew $7.49 subscription, a subscription amount that hasn't even been available for over 7 months. Most likely, the software simply cannot resolve that the subscription amounts have been reduced since it was originally setup, and the Paypal subscription (managed in your paypal accounts) does not reflect the new rate. The problem was that even though the subscription had been selected to automatically renew by the member, when it processed it did not add the extension to their forum subscription correctly.

If you notice that your subscription was not extended as expected, I will manually extend your term and add one month for the inconvenience. Please send a PM to Admin with the date of your Paypal charge and I will look into it ASAP. I am happy to fully refund the Paypal charges in the event of an error, if it is within the Paypal 60-day refund period. So far, it does not look like any charges have been made that were not initiated by a member on a one-time basis or automatically renewing basis. So far, I have already gone back to the start of the year and found no other glitches of this type, but I expect that it may happen again.

Also, if you have an ongoing subscription that is set to renew, please check your Paypal account to verify that the amount is the current amount. You can see the current amounts in the User CP Paid Subscriptions area. If you originally set up a subscription to renew at a higher amount, simply cancel it from within your Paypal account and subscribe manually when your current term expires. If the amount is the same, then please just check that your term is extended correctly when the automatic payment is processed.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Combined with some incompatibility issues with newer browser versions, an upgrade in forum software may be coming sooner than expected.


Admin - Webmaster
I believe I have now found all affected members and notified them via Private Message. It appears that only 5 members were not credited with the correct subscription extension when their pre-approved automatic recurring payment processed. All had subscribed to the Supporter level at the previous $7.49 rate.

I have refunded those that were within the 60-day Paypal refund period. I have also issued new 6-month subscriptions to those affected, along with one extra month and an upgrade to Benefactor level for any period of time which the subscription perks were not available to you.

Apologies again for the inconvenience! I do not know if this issue was due to Paypal or the forum software, but likely some incompatibility glitch between them. As far as I can tell, all other subscription levels and rates were not affected from the last 6 months.

I do suggest that you do periodically check your Paypal account periodically to inspect your recurring subscription payments:

Paypal account -> My Account tab -> Profile Link -> My money tab -> My Preapproved Payments link

Just make sure that anything listed as "Active" is something you still want and in the case of, make sure you did receive a term extension if your subscription amount shows $7.49 USD.

Please note that the forum subscriptions do not tie or link to your Paypal account in any way, or save your Paypal information at all. Any pre-approved recurring transaction is setup only within your Paypal account and can only be removed by loging into PayPal and cancelling it. It cannot be cancelled from within the forum subscriptions area here. So, even though I have disabled the ability to setup a new subscription that is automatically recurring, this will not prevent your existing pre-approved payments setup within Paypal from recurring. You MUST disable them within your PayPal account as above.


Admin - Webmaster

Car-Seat.Org cannot deduct funds from your Paypal account. The forum does not accept Paypal account information at any time and does not store it, either. Subscriptions are done manually through Paypal member login. Last year, there was an option to pre-approve PayPal to automatically renew your subscription by making automatic payments. Many websites and retailers offer this option. This option is no longer offered Car-Seat.Org, but some members may have overlooked the renewal feature when they purchased a subscription.

I am happy to refund any automatically renewed subscription within the 60-day Paypal refund period. I cannot, however, cancel the pre-approved payments. You must cancel this yourself by logging into your Paypal account as indicated above.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


New member
In the new look of Paypal, go into settings (The gear looking icon)

Under Payment Settings in the right hand column there is a link to
"Preapproved Payments"

You have to click on the Merchant Name to get more information/access to cancel.


Admin - Webmaster
I've looked in there and every link in it, I can't find it.

You do not have an active subscription. It appears it expired a couple days ago.

As a "Thank You" for staying with our community at Car-Seat.Org, I am extending all subscribers (excluding sponsors) with active subscriptions by 1 month. I will extend any subscriptions that expired after Jan 1, 2015 as well, including yours.


Admin - Webmaster
Bump. There are still a few with automatic renewing payments. Due to issues with Paypal, I suggest that ALL members cancel their recurring subscription renewals.

While I greatly appreciate your support, I want to make sure everyone's subscriptions are updated correctly, because Paypal's system no longer reports correctly in some cases. Plus, subscription rates have dropped so the current rates are lower than when we allowed automatic renewals.

PLEASE take the time to check your Preapproved Payments in your Paypal account. Car-Seat.Org does not have access to your Paypal account, so you cannot cancel automatic renewals from your Car-Seat.Org user control panel! Login to your paypal account directly and navigate to Settings->Money->Preapproved Payments or this link:

If you have not been an active member since your last automatic preapproved subscription renewal, please send me a private message or email. I can refund the entire amount for inactive members (usually for up to 180 days depending on Paypal's system) if you simply forgot to cancel the automatic renewal that you setup. I can only refund the most recent payment within 180 days. You will need to cancel future payments from within your Paypal account.

If you renewed automatically and believe your Car-Seat.Org forum subscription was not extended correctly, please let me know so I can look into this! I will make sure your subscription is extended correctly and add extra time for your inconvenience.

Please, please DO NOT
start a Paypal dispute before contacting me. Once you file a dispute, it takes away by "Refund" button and we have to proceed through the entire process. Simply contact me first and if you haven't been active, I am happy to refund any unused automatic renewing subscription payment within the last 180 days, the time Paypal now allows me to refund a purchase.


Admin - Webmaster
BUMP. There are still a few of you left. I suspect you have forgotten and haven't noticed. You must cancel these recurring payments from within your Paypal account. If you have an unused subscription that is still within Paypal's refund period (usually 90 or 180 days), I am happy to refund it. You must first let me know that you have removed the automatic renewal so it doesn't happen in the future. Thanks!
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