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I remember seeing a stroller that an infant/toddler could ride in while a preschooler stands on :confused: Are there a few options like this to compare :eek:

& now, I'm not "jumping the gun" I'm thinking it could also be useful for the daycare :)


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Joovy Caboose I think it's called and a Sit n Stand (I forget the maker at the moment)

I'm interested in these myself so me and my crew can take walks in this gorgeous weather! I can only sling the baby so long as it affects my back. And a 2 yr old can only do so much walking in a day ;) We went for a loooong one recently, I was surprised she made it on foot the whole time.

I think they're nice because they're small, can fit nicely in the back of my truck, yet fit 2 kids.

Oh, the Joovy is at BRU. The Sit n Stand is at Target.


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As a stroller they suck. LOL But I have had Zooper, Maclaren and Peg Perego strollers and am very picky.

I don't like the tandem double strollers, hard to push and turn. The Pliko I have has a step on the back but it can not be used if the seat is reclined.

I would suggest a good double stroller. I bought mine when my dd was 3 and my son was 6 months old. My 3.5 year old still rides in the stroller though, we do lots of walking.



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We haven't really had the chance to use ours yet, since baby isn't due for another 12 weeks, but we really like our Joovy so far. DS at three still fits comfortably in the front seat and the seat back actually comes up to the lower part of his head. He also loves the jump seat and the stand on platform. We went with this one because it is lighter, shorter and folds up smaller to fit in our trunk. We have no problem getting it into our elantra trunk with the child snack bar attached. Not sure about with the infant seat adapter...haven't tried that yet. We also liked it because it came in red, which is a perfect match to the ss1 we are getting at target in the next few months.

Taking it with just DS, it seems to steer well and is easy to put together. It also fits the SS1 very securely on top with the included belt. (with all sit and stand stroller, you will have to use the infant seat for a child who cannot sit up unassisted.) I can't tell you much else, since we really haven't had a chance to use it, but I am very excited about it.


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I've heard with the Joovy that there isn't much room for the older child to sit if the front seat is reclined- and it has to be reclined for an infant seat.

I know the Babytrend Sit and Stand doesn't have this problem- but only because it is longer.


I have an older Sit-N-Stand and I don't like it at all. It is very hard to steer, it doesn't have snack trays or cup holders, and it is really hard to get at the basket underneath because of where the kid on the back sits/stands. FWIW, though, my kids LOVE riding on the back and they often fight over who gets to ride. In a pinch ( really exhausted kids after a long day at the zoo) we have even fit 3 kids on it. One in the front fully upright, another sitting facing forward with their feet in the 'basket, and another standing on the board. (Talk about hard to push/steer!)


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So steering the Sit-n-Stand is a problem, but the Joovy steering is AOK?
SS1 in Joovy makes it difficult for kid to stand on back?
Does the SS1 work well in the Sit-n-Stand?

I don't care about the basket or tray, etc. -- I just want to transport kids from building to playground & back, LOL....



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I've heard the same complaint about the Joovy..not much room for the jump seat passenger. Primarily while the front is in use by a baby carrier. The Sit n Stand, so I hear, has more room there.

I think *standing* with either is ok, it's the *sitting* part that was compromised.

And yes, with either of those the storage basket underneath is a pain to get to. I'm not too concerned about that myself, like you said, I just want to transport a couple of kids. I don't need to haul stuff with us. We're talking a simple walk around the neighborhood or something. Not a 4 hr excursion where multiple diaper changes are needed or what not. Just a 'here to there' kind of deal is all I need.


That's all I know. I've only briefly looked at the Joovy in person. I think it looks pretty nifty. But I didn't do anything but let my 2 yr old try out the back ;)


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I have a Peg Perego Pliko P3 with a step on the back for an older child to hitch a ride on...and it is awesome! My son is older and doesn't use the recline so my 5 year old can just hop on the stroller anytime and hitch a ride and it isn't much harder to push or steer when you are inside. I imagine it might be tougher if you are on a bumpy sidewalk or such. I love, love, love my P3...hopefully when #3 gets here in October I will love my new Maclaren twin just as much since I probably won't see much of my P3 anymore. :(


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Thanks, Tara

Is the step on the Peg Perego Pliko P3 optional :confused: I don't see it in the picture or any mention of it in the description at


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Oh, OK, gotcha ;) That would be suitable for 2 preschoolers to trade taking turns with, but I imagine it could get tiring for a kid to use for a prolonged time - looks like kiddo has to really hang on without a large step for both whole feet to fit on.... Besides, I think the Peg price tag is telling me "NO, DO NOT BUY ME" :p

These pictures are promising >

But, I'm still interested in the Quad :rolleyes:


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Na, the Peg wouldn't work for me. We need at MINIMUM a full size step/platform. But would honestly only buy with the jump seat ;) Gotta *seat* 2 for me.

It sure looks 'purty' though LOL


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papooses said:
not brand new @ $400-500+
or $1075 brand new but totally worth it ;) especially if you plan to have the daycare for a good while.
If you really really want one, you can keep an eye out on ebay. Lately its only been triplet ones but a quad is bound to show up. You can also keep an eye out on the triplet connection (dont bother with the inglesina/peg triples, they are hard as crap to push).

ETA: oh I see you may have found you an option, the double sit and stand. Now I did not know they made a double! but then again the description does say rare lol! Bidding tip: wait until the last 5minutes of the auction to bid, this way you dont drive the price up too much. It only counts to be the highest bidder when the clock goes out lol!
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