SOOOO PO'ed at my districts transportation department


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So I have a class of 8 multi-handicapped/medically fragile children. One little boy is a TINY 4 year old little boy with downs syndrome (among other things). About the size of a 1 or 1.5 year old. He rides rear facing in a cosco serena on the bus to and from school. He is 28lbs sopping wet. VERY low tone. Well this morning there was a sub driver in a different bus. "T" arrived in ......wait for it.....a evenflo discovery infant seat DOM 2002. 3pt harness that was so loose I could have removed him from the seat without unbuckling it. Belly clip. Straps way above the shoulders. The base was attached but they had it installed as if they were installing it without a base AND it was so loose that I could move it all over the bus seat. His head was right at the top of the seat. The handle was up. His big bulky coat was on. (they have been told over and over by me to put it on backwards AFTER he is buckled in.). And his backpack was not secured and the other seatbelt next to the seat he was in was not buckled and would have smacked him in the face had there been a sudden stop....assuming he was still IN the seat since there wasn't much holding him into the seat.

I got back to my classroom and wrote a page long email to the director of transportation about this and am waiting to hear back. I was just so mad when I saw what dangerous situation they put my little guy in. :thumbsdown: TRAIN YOUR DAMN DRIVERS ON HOW TO INSATALL A CAR SEAT FOLKS!


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It's sad that school districts aren't keeping kids as safe as possible when transporting them :( I'm happy for that little boy that he has you to advocate for him though!


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Glad that nothing serious happened to him this morning on the drive. It's wonderful that you are advocating for him, even if it means being the annoying, screechy wheel.



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Ugh. I hope it gets straightened out!
I'm having a problem with my son's bus, too. They refuse to buckle the crotch buckles for fear the children will tell parents they are being molested. O.0

I called Transportation to discuss the problem and they had no problem with it and had even trained the drivers to buckle the kids that way :/
They said since there is no law against it, that is what they will do.


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I'm sorry about the bus situation, but I have to say, I would LOVE to have your job. I was going back to school to finish a SE degree when I had to quit to take care of MIL. I only have 8 units left:(


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safeinthecar said:
I'm sorry about the bus situation, but I have to say, I would LOVE to have your job. I was going back to school to finish a SE degree when I had to quit to take care of MIL. I only have 8 units left:(
I love my job! Get those 8 units done!

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Holy crap! Where the (bleep) did they get the old Discovery?
I think from the basement of the transportation dept. Deep, deep into the basement.

I dont know who put him in. Either the daycare lady he goes to or the driver...or a litle of both. Driver was a 60+ year old man. The daycare provider recently said that she didnt think he needed a car seat anymore because he could hold his head up so well now. huh? so you want us to strap him in a seatbelt? this tiny little bit of a boy in no car seat? Thank god the mother said "dont listen to her" lol

still no response to my letter to the director of transportation. That makes me mad.

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