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Does anyone know what I should do? My six and a half year old son is 37 pounds (he does eat) 47.5" and has a shoulder height of 17". Which car seat should he be in?

He is currently in a Britax Marathon but he is at its limits.

Thank you.

An Aurora

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At that age, assuming he is neurotypical, the next logical step would be a high-back booster. There are several that fit tall skinny kids well, including the Graco TurboBooster, Sunshine Kids Monterey, Recaro ProBooster, and the Britax Parkway. :)

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I am impressed that he is still able to fit in the Marathon at 6.5! Wow!

My six-year-old DN is moving into Parkway SGLs (she is currently in Regents), but your DS doesn't meet its minimum weight requirement. I'd look at the ProBooster or Turbo Booster. :)


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I love the way the turbo booster fits my skinny 45lb 7 1/2yo.

Also wanted to ask if you were sure he still fit in his MA (I know my ds did at 6yo). The harness straps must be at or above his shoulders and since I believe the highest harness slot on the MA is only like 16" and you say he has a 17" torso I just wanted to make sure he actually did still fit.


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We have a Recaro ProBooster for our super skinny 7 year ols(44lbs) it fits him perfectly. It also fits my 34lbs 5 year old very well.
Also... at 7.5 years old 48in... my DS still fits in DDs FPSVD.. LOL I have pics


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My son is built the same way. He is 5.5yrs old and with all his clothes and shoes he barely hits 40lbs. I'm talking barely like if you take one shoe off him he's going to go down into the 39 mark. He eats us our of a house thou LOL anyways I would and am going with the Britax Frontier85. He can still stay harnessed for a bit beings he's so tiny and then goes into a perfect booster with the securegaurd that works between the legs in booster mode.


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Just noticed the OP is in Canada so I moved the thread to the Canadian and International forum for more tailored advice. Recaro carseats aren't available in Canada but the other suggestions posted in previous posts are to my knowledge, with the Frontier85 available as the Frontier XT model in Canada.


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All Canadian boosters start at 40lbs so for seats that will harness and then turn into a booster that have taller harness slots than the Marathon you have
- FrontierXT - tallest harness, turns into the tallest booster
- Nautilus - turns into a high back and low back booster

The Nautilus top slots are ~18.5". Not sure how fast he's gaining but that may or may not be enough to get you over 40lbs (if only we had a crystal ball...). The Frontier would definitely do it but is more $$$$.

There are some more convertibles that have higher slots than your Marathon but the Nautilus is slightly taller and since you'll never use the RF part I'd stick with one of the above. There is also the Maestro but it is shorter than the Nautilus (I believe - someone correct me if I'm wrong) and the booster is outgrown shortly after the harness is so you would have to get another booster.


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Hello and welcome, :)

The britax frontier xt has 20" top harness slots, allows for the 5 point harness to be used up to 65 pounds (providing shoulders are still under top harness position), and later converts to a super tall highback booster.

The frontier xt will bridge the gap you're in now... Too tall for his convertible, but too light for a booster (minimum booster weight in Canada is 40 pounds).

The graco nautilus competes directly with the frontier xt but offers lower top harness slots. It converts to both a highback and backless booster.

Hope that helps,


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I'd go with the Frontier XT for the highest top harness slots as well as a booster versatility later, if you can afford the price tag :)

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