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My husband and I own a 1992 Chev 1500 single cab truck , there are no back seats! Only 3 front seats, We have a 2 yr old daughter and would like to safely install a car seat into the truck. I've done my research and it says that it can be safely done if there are no airbags (or airbag is turned off) and in my case there are no air bags. Which seat is best for a car seat in the truck, middle or passenger? And also which car seat is the best for single cab trucks? Any advice is helpful. Thanks in advance :)


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I am not sure on that particular year but I know the later model Silverados say not to install a car seat in the middle. That may have something to do with the drivers airbag though.
Sorry, I'm not much help am I...


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Since you don't have airbags, you're right that it's fine to install a seat there. Have you looked at your vehicle owner's manual? That will give you details on how and what Chevy approves as far as car seats and their installation.

How big is your daughter? Unless she's over 40lbs, I would highly recommend rear-facing her. It's much safer for her, and it means you don't have to worry about tether anchors yet. Do you have top tether anchors installed? If not, we should look into that because retrofit programs and parts are quickly becoming obsolete.

Will all 3 of you be riding in the truck at the same time? If so, your daughter should be in the middle (assuming it's allowed by Chevy). I'm guessing there's only a lap belt there. Which would be very unsafe for an adult passenger, but is great for car seat installations! If it's only 2 of you, then wherever you get the best install is the best place for the seat. Your outboard lap-shoulder belts might not lock, so you might need to use a locking clip there.

Do you already have a car seat for her? If so, which one(s), and have you tried it/them in the truck? I'm sorry I'm not familiar with your vehicle, so I don't know what kind of space constraints you're working with. You'll probably want a seat that sits down low (low-profile) for rear-facing in the front so that it won't interfere with your view. Some seats that sit higher up on bases get in the way, or at least that was my experience in my old Mazda Protege. If you need to buy a new seat, what's your budget?


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I just googled your vehicle. I couldn't find an owners' manual, but I did find some pics of the front seat. It looks like you have sewn-on latch plates. So the lap belt and shoulder belt are both sewn onto the male end of the buckle. It also looks like your middle lap belt has the female end of the buckle on a long rigid stalk that is forward of the seat bight.

Sorry, I probably have more questions than answers here, but if you could answer these questions it would REALLY help us help you :D

- How tall & heavy is your daughter?
- Is she rear-facing, or would you consider rear-facing her in the truck?
- Are the 3 of you riding in the truck at the same time?

- Do you have top tether anchors installed?
- Do you have the owners' manual for the truck?
- Are the outboard latchplates sewn-on as in the pic below?
- Does the passenger-side lap belt ratchet back and lock once you pull it all the way out, or does it always freely go in & out of the retractor?
- Does the female end of your middle buckle sit forward of the seat bight as in the pic?
- Are the female ends of the buckles on webbing, or are they on plastic-covered metal cables?
- Is the female buckle for the middle belt on the driver's portion of the seat (in other words, does it move when the driver adjusts their seat)?



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I didn't find an owner's manual for a 1992, but I did find the manual for a 1996. Same generation. The 1996 manual indicates that the center seat is a lap-only belt, but the outboard seats are lap-shoulder. It also indicates that installing a child restraint in the front center or passenger seat is acceptable.

That's good news for you. Everybody in the vehicle needs upper torso restraint, which means lap-and-shoulder belts for adults, and a harness for children. The adults will ride in the side seats with lap-and-shoulder belts, and your daughter will ride in the middle in her car seat.

What seat is your daughter currently riding in? Forward facing or rear facing? Where are her shoulders in relation to the strap slots? How heavy and tall is she?


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Okay, so that's great news about being able to install in the middle. You can ignore my questions about the outboard passenger belt, then.
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