sienna combinations?

Cryssy Jane

New member
Ok so I bought a 2006 sienna le and am trying to figure out the best/most convenient setup for my needs.

In the mazda I had all my rfers 3rd row and my ffers 2nd row. I did this as the initial setup in the sienna but because the seatback and well of the sienna is so much deeper/taller, my little rfers can't climb over the backseat like they could in the mazda. Also with me standing in the well the top of the back seat is just a hair below my chest and well that hurts, especially with a fractured rib.

Current set up is:
2nd row driver: fr85 lbp
2nd row center: currently empty
2nd row passenger: fr85 lbp

3rd row driver: rf rxt
3rd row center: rf blvd 70
3rd row passenger: rf rxt

I know the rf radian install in the second row is questionable for some.

Anyone think a fr85 and a nauti would fit side by side in the 3rd row?

Everyone can sit by anyone except A1 can not sit by L or W.

Current kiddos and seats:
W: 3.5 ff fr85
E: 3.5 currently rf rxt but he keeps going back and forth on if he wants to rf or ff
A1: 3.5 ff fr85
L: newly 3 rf rxt
A2: 2.5 rf rxt, just outgrew the blvd rf by height.
I: almost 17 months rf blvd 70

I will likely need to purchase 1 more seat (currently have 5 seats for 6 kids, although A2 is only here 2 days a week)

Thinking since A2 is only here 2 days a week (thurs/fri) that I'll keep 5 seats in the van, likely 3 in the 3rd row, 2 in the second and tumble the other 2nd row seat for easier access to the third.


New member
If you get an angle adjuster for the radian, I'd move your 3rd row up and 2nd row back. Put one frontier on the passenger's side and the other middle. If you have to put the radian in the third row, it fits rfing driver's side next to the center frontier. (It will not fit ffing.)

For 2nd row, put the radian in outboard with seatbelt. Push the captain's chair all the way forward. Then the third row kids can slightly tumble the captain's chair and access the third row.

Cryssy Jane

New member
I was hoping you'd chime in since I knew you had a sienna. :)

I do have AAs for both radians, I just didn't really need them in the third row so I didn't use them. :)

The only problem is W and A1 are in the frontiers and they can't sit by each other or there's constant fighting.

E wavers back and forth each time I ask if he wants to ride rf or ff. He just says he wants a red seat, lol. He is absolutely swallowed whole in the frontier and W and A1 are significantly bigger. E is 32lbs, approx 13.5 inch torso and wears 3t tops and bottoms, he was 3 at the beginning of august.

I'm thinking maybe W's fr85 passenger 3rd row. Something for E 3rd row center. Then maybe L rf in the rxt driver's 3rd row (he can buckle himself completely and we don't loosen each time, so checking his harness would be doable). Keep A1's fr85 drivers side 2nd row. Move baby 2nd row center. and tumble the 2nd row passenger side forward for easy access to the 3rd row? Oh goodness I have no idea.

I might be able to try W and A1 next to each other and see how they do now that it's been a while since they've sat by each other.

Maybe W-fr pass 3rd row, A1-fr center 3rd, E-rf rxt driver 3rd. (all 3 older boys can buckle themselves, I just have to check)
Then L-rf rxt driver 2nd, I-rf blvd center 2nd and something for A2 or tumble the pass 2nd row seat when she's not here.

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