Secondary Booster - harness or no?

My nearly 6 year old, 45 lb daughter sits in Frontier 85 seats in both of our primary cars. My little sister is going to be living with us this summer and taking care of the kids. She has a 2001 Chevy Prizm (Toyota Corolla). I'm planning to move one of the F85s to her car since she will be the primary transportation for the summer and getting a secondary seat to use in the meantime in my car. What to get?

I'm trying to decide if we should have a non-harnessed booster for those times when she is riding with other people (as you all know, most parents ditch the harness seat by this age) that aren't adept at installing correctly (I can imagine that she will ride with friends for carpool, field trips, etc.).


Is there a seat that has a harness (for use in my car this summer) that converts quickly and easily to a non-harness mode for use in other cars?

Basically, is it worthwhile to get a secondary harnessed seat, or should we be getting her familiar with a no-harness option anyway?

Recommendations please, and thank you! :)


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If you trust her to sit properly at all times (no reaching for dropped toys and such) then a high back booster is an appropriate option. :)

If she's still a bit too impulsive, id stick with a harnessed seat.


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Based on her age and size, it would absolutely be appropriate to get her accustomed to a booster. If you feel better about a harnessed seat, it is an option, but would seem like overkill given her age unless you have a younger child to pass it on to.


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At 6 I think that us an appropriate time to booster. However as pp stated it depends on the child. I would get a good high back booster and see how child does. I would not have my child use a booster in anyone else's car until I was 100% sure of child compliance with booster rules.

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Thanks - I hadn't thought of it that way.

Yes, I trust her to understand how to sit properly and we would certainly have some training this summer since the seat would live in my car.

So I guess now I need recommendations on high back boosters?! Favorites?



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For a secondary vehicle, I would start with a Graco Turbobooster. It's inexpensive and it tends to fit children really well.

My DD is about 45in tall and 45lbs. She has a Recaro Vivo and a Graco Turbobooster. I really like how these two booster seats fit her.



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What kind of car are they going in? Some boosters do better in some cars than others.

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since she's going to be primary, I would think first - will this person be able to and be willing to use this seat correctly every time? if the answer is yes, then put the frontier in her car and put a booster in the less used car for the summer... while you make sure that she'll ride correctly every time.

if not, get a booster now and make sure she's ready.

Now, as for what booster if it goes in your car... well, what vehicle do you drive? do you have anything that would interfere with a highback booster (unmoveable angled headrest?)

if it goes in HER car, I looked up that car and found a pic of the interior that showed headrests that would get in the way of a highback booster... or possibly the frontier, even. I would see if she can find out if the headrests can be adjusted and/or removed.

if they can't be moved/adjusted, then your best bet is to put the frontier in the middle where there is no headrest and install it harnessed there.


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Depending on your child, either a harness or booster is a safe option. by 6, my dd was in a booster full time, in all vehicles.


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AWESOME... then you're gtg on putting pretty much any booster you want in whichever car you want as long as that booster doesn't require vehicle headrest support AND it's already over the top of the vehicle seat!

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