Seat check issue with Baby Trend Flex-Loc today...advice please?


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Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't figure a better one to put it.

Here's the, today, my boss & I were in Kmart oogling seats (ok, really checking out the Dorel Pronto to see if we wanted to buy 150 or so for our program) and around the corner comes this unhappy looking mom with an itty-bitty little baby in a carseat. We strike up a conversation & it turns out she's got a 5 week old in a BT Flex-Loc and the handle is STUCK. She's in Kmart to see if she can exchange the lemon she's got for a new one. She's tried to make the handle work, but it doesn't. We both try to make it move (and my boss is our state CPST-I lead) and can't, and we get more info from her. Mom's called BT and gotten the run-around, been hung up on and told that BT will send her a mailing label if she wants to send the seat back, but no more. Oh, and the best part? She'll have to BORROW A SEAT while she's waiting for Baby Trend to fix hers. She got this from directly their customer service agent.

So, we tell her "come on into the office & we'll loan you a program seat." A couple of hours later, she shows up and we loan her a program seat. While she's there, we really get into the nuts & bolts of her seat. Not only does the handle not move, it's supposed to be in a B or C position while the car is in motion. Secondarily, but no less bad, the front adjuster has jammed on her, (it slipped down into the adjuster all the way) she's removed it with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver & a letter opener, and we don't think that the harness is safe anymore. So, we call Baby Trend, and after much circular button pushing, (their phone system is frustrating & makes you want to hang up) get customer service on the phone. My boss identifies herself as a CPST-I/state lead to the customer service person and gets exactly the same story as Mom did. Not only that, but she asks to speak to management & gets hung up on! So, we reported the whole affair to NHTSA & advise Mom to send letter to Baby Trend, asking for the mailing label.

My question to you all... Has anyone had success in dealing with Baby Trend customer service, if so what number did you dial, and who did you speak to? We're going to be bringing this up with the BT rep at Lifesavers next month, but still. Talk about your customer service/product service nightmare!

Thanks for any advice you can give me,
Ann, who posted this with her boss's approval
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I had a similar experience with a stroller from them. The wheels were bent and CS was VERY rude, :thumbsdown: This was 8yo and apparently things haven't improved. :(


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Oh ugh. No, I haven't tried to contact them. But I was planning to. I've lost my manual, I want to replace the harness, and the DOM/Serial number sticker is completely worn off. They put it on the underside of the seat, in the harness path, right where it goes around the curve at baby's butt. So yeah, it wore off (we loosen and tighten pretty much every time) in less than 9 months of twice-a-week use. I was hoping they might be able to send me a new sticker based on looking up my registration info.

I guess I won't plan on selling my seat any more :(

Oh, I assume that you tried to squeeze the handles, and then give the handle a little wiggle back and forth to release it? That seems to be the trick. Otherwise, if you squeeze and just push down, it seems stuck. I haven't had any problems with the harness adjuster on mine. Except when DH pulled the harness adjuster strap at a really weird angle, and it popped the button off. But I was able to put it back on. It didn't affect the adjuster mechanism itself, the seat has a button that presses on the adjuster. Anyway, I'm confident that the harness adjuster isn't compromised.


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Total segue here, but stay away from the Pronto. It requires a headrest/high vehicle seatback, and economically disadvantaged parents are more likely to have cars without a head rest in the rear seating position.


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WOW. Talk about customer service. I think the handle problem is common with this seat, right? I have a friend who has it and she has had similar issues.


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Woah! Thanks for the heads up on the Pronto. I did not know that. VERY good info to have before getting a whole bunch of them.



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I've had no BT customer service experience, but once every week or two a parent comes back to BRU asking what to do about how hard the handle is to adjust on that seat. I tell them I can't help, call BT :(


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Try telling them to wiggle the handle a bit as they are trying to adjust it. If you just squeeze the releases and try to push the handle down, it won't release, it'll bind. The key is to rotate the handle slightly backwards while squeezing, then the direction you want it to go.

At least that's how it works for us. :shrug-shoulders:


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Baby Trend's a decent company, I'm sure if they get a lot of complaints they'll figure out a way to fix the problem so that parents don't have to do any extra fiddling to complete a necessary safety step. Honestly I refuse to recommend this seat (unless someone needs something ultra narrow) because the handle must be put down when driving, anyway. Nothing like market pressure and consumer input to improve a product for future generations, IMO.

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