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My mom purchased a back up seat for my niece (16 mths., 22 or so lbs- last weight a month ago was about 21.5, not certain of seated height, but fits the second slot from the bottom of the My Ride). This is a seat that would be used for riding in other people's cars. My sister and BIL only have one car right now, but will most likely be getting a Chevy Aveo. They were transporting her in some sort of Safety 1st seat with a 22lb minimum, and FF only as her extra seat if my sister has the car and her convertible seat. The Safety 1st seat was received used from a friend, so my sister claims (I don't trust her on that, because originally her infant seat was something she picked up at a yard sale I think, and I said absolutely not and purchased a Snug Ride 35 for them). She also asked me whether it would be okay to use the Safety 1st seat for emergencies, and I told her absolutely not at the current time. She claimed not to have used it to me, but let it slip to my mom that it had been used. The seat is no longer at their house, and is up in our attic now (I live with with our mom). I also informed my sister that technically, it would have been illegal to transport her in that seat since she was not yet 22lbs (I have no idea if PA is a proper use state, but my sister is never going to know if I lied).
Anyway, I've done a good job of educating my mom on car seat things, so she knew this was an absolute no-no for my niece to be in that seat right now. So, my mom asked what seat she should get for them to use for these situations. I showed her the Scenera, but a Tribute (the base model) has just showed up at the door. I was wondering if I should tell her to take this back and switch it for a Scenera, or just keep it and give it to them. The Tribute is marked for 35lb rear facing (I see some on the Wal-mart site that are marked to 30, and others are 35), and I don't think there is any reason to worry about her weight in terms of outgrowing rearfacing.
I do not have 100% trust in my sister and brother in law to correctly install a seat. My mom picked up my niece one day, and had him install the My Ride in her car, since she had to take it out, and I had not put it back in for her before she picked her up. He installed the seat rear facing through the forward facing belt path. After that, I taught my mom how to install the seat and check the seat, so she can do it if I'm not home, or she can tell if someone does it for her and it's not correct. Also, the straps in the Safety 1st seat were installed in the top slot, and given where my niece fits in the My Ride, I know this wasn't the correct slot. Luckily, they are meeting with a tech because my sister can't seem to get her My Ride installed what she thinks is properly in her car, so hopefully the tech tells them how to do this properly (she said whoever told her about this tech said it is someone who makes sure you know how to install). It sounded like when I talked to her she had it in acceptably tight, just not rock solid, shake the car tight (which should be possible in her car since I can do it in my mom's car, and they are essentially the same car).


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I personally would keep the tribute because it is an easier install and has eps foam. They're pretty similair size wise so there's really no reason I would pick the scenera over the tribute except for $$. I think it's worth the extra $10 or so dollar difference they are at walmart to have the nicer buckles and cover but I hate dorel buckles with a passion.
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