Safe sun shade for rear window?


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Hi all!

I apologize if this is a discussion that already exists somewhere on the forum... I did a search and couldn't find any good threads about it. I searched for "sun shade"... if I should be using a different search term, please let me know. :)

I plan to keep my DS RF as long as I possibly can. A major problem with RF in my car (Honda Accord) is the sun. The Accord has a huge rear window that is at a significant slant so during certain times of the year/times of the day, the sun comes in at such an angle that it hits my DS right in the face. The sunlight mainly comes in through the rear window but at certain times of the year, it can also come through the side windows.

I paid a hefty amount to have the rear windows tinted w/ a 15% tint. :thumbsdown: It didn't do much for DS (all it did was take the glare off) while SIGNIFICANTLY impacting my visibility (when driving at night, if there are no lights outside, it's pretty much opaque). :mad:

Anyway, I've searched the internet and racked my brain and cannot think of any solutions for shading DS. I considered infant sunglasses but the reviews all say they just don't stay on. I considered the suction-cup-attaching type shades but they're not safe as they could fly off in a collision.

There MUST be a solution out there, especially w/ the prevalence of RF carseats! Help!


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Thanks for the suggestion erikanohelani. I've already tried putting static cling shades over the tint. They either a) do nothing or b) provide a little extra sun protection but dangerously decrease my visibility at night. :mad:

I'm looking more for a physical shade of some sort. I've found two that look really good but they don't seem to be being manufactured anymore. :mad:

[ame=""]Sol-Kool Car Seat Sun Protector[/ame]

[ame=""]Combi USA Universal Car Seat Canopy[/ame]

I just cannot believe that there's no solution out there!


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We're on the same boat.... We just turned my son back around and then I remembered why he hated it so much, the sun in his face! My son is a newly turned 2 y/o and I am thinking about getting him sunglasses since in the past he was really good at keeping them on. I have seen a similiar car seat shade 'protect a bub', or something to that effect, that wraps around the car seat like a giant infant car seat sun shade which is my plan b.
Another thing you could do with your static cling shade is remove it after sun set......
I'll post back if the sunglasses dont work!


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We have this one

It attaches with suction cups. We have a truck so J's carseat is right up to the rear we live in FL and it gets HOT even with our windows tinted. I really like it so far and it's cheap:thumbsup: I also have suction cup shades for the side windows that I got at target in the car section. I see fine with them at night.


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Many suction cup shades have rigid pieces (some are heavy too) that could be dangerous projectiles in a crash. Keep that in mind when shopping for them.


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Many suction cup shades have rigid pieces (some are heavy too) that could be dangerous projectiles in a crash. Keep that in mind when shopping for them.
The one I posted is not rigid at all as you can see from the picture it folds up into a tiny square:thumbsup: Also, it super lightweight same with the ones I purchased from Target. I'll try and find a link to them.


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I go to the dollar store and stock up on kids sunglasses! My kids always wear sunglasses in the car if the sun is in their eyes! I've even had some kids wake up from a nap to grab their "cool dudes" and put them on and go back to sleep.


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ClaudiaNco: Thanks for the suggestion! I have taken a look at the Protect a Bub shades but if you look at their design, they do nothing for face-on sunshine. I don't know why that part of the shade swoops up... how does that shade anything?? Most of the reviews for the Protect a Bub were not very good either, largely because of that useless top part. :( I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I can somehow get my hands on one of the two canopies I posted in my last post. The Sol-Kool one looks especially promising.

FLmom: I've got a suction cup type shade too. It does help but I did an "ouch test" w/ it (smacked it against my head/face as if it flew off into my face) and it stung quite a bit and left quite a red mark. I imagine it would sting a baby's face quite a bit more so, I opted not to install any of those.

Thanks Claudia and FLmom for sharing! I'd love to hear more ideas from others about what they've been doing to solve this problem. I'm really surprised that there isn't more out on the 'net about this. I guess a lot of people do just use the static cling and/or the suction cup shades?? :confused:


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I finally found a suction-cup shade that I feel safe using....I think i got it at big lots? .It's just the mesh stuff with suction cups, no big metal bars or anything. But, before that, all I did was go to the fabric store, and I bought a half yard of sports mesh fabric (like they put inside mens swmiwear or athletic shorts) and taped it up to my back wondow. Another time when I couldn't finmd sports mesh, I used Tulle, doubled up, and it worked also. Also, i have since seen that they sell "stroller covers" made out of the mesh stuff, no suction cups or anythig, just the fabric itself, meant to be draped over a stroller..I would tape that to the back window or pin it into the ceiling, etc.
Although, as a general matter of course, getting used to driving without being able to use your back wondow is a good skill..use your side mirrors and physically look instead. Once the kiddos get bigger, you can't see out of the back window anyway, lol.
we used this one, which I think is the same as the Red Cross one that PP posted. Yes it does have suction cups but doesn't have the hard plastic of the 'roller shades', and IMO it was the best alternative available at the time - it reduced glare without reducing visibility too much, and I never had problems with it coming detached. I guess it's one of those things where you have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision that works best for your family - for us I decided that I'd rather have that shade up than either have my LO's wear kiddy sunglasses (which I knew they would've taken off and then there's another possible projectile) or turn them FF early.


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bobandjess: I really like your creative solutions! :) I might try the fabric idea... I have some chiffon material kicking around in a closet somewhere that could work well too. Yes... driving at night for me now involves a lot of mirror and more frequent shoulder checks.

An update: Jolly Jumper got back to me about the Sol-Kool car seat tent and they told me that I can order it through one of the local baby stores in Vancouver (TJs). TJs doesn't stock the tent but should be able to order it for me. I'll post an update on this thread if/when I get the tent!


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Mummy2Summer: sorry, haven't been on to check on this thread for a while! Thanks so much for posting the Window Sox! What a neat idea! I think you're right... they must be out of business because none of their links work. I'm sure I can design my own if needed to, now!

But it looks like I won't have to after all! Today I bought one of those Sol-Kool Car Seat Sunshades that I mentioned earlier in this thread: I am soo happy with it and DS hasn't even sat in it in the sun yet! :D

It installed exactly as it looks in the picture and very easily and quickly too! I was so glad to realize, also, that it's not as cumbersome to use as I expected. It's very easy to slide it back, out of the way, to get baby in and out of the seat. Also, the back panel only covers the top third of the seat, making it possible for me to still access the harness straps for tightening. That panel even has a nice hole to get a tether through.

I found it at TJ's the Kiddies Store here in Vancouver for $40. Yes, it's very pricey but I am absolutely happy with it! I highly recommend it! :thumbsup: It's soft and passed my "ouch test"! It's just like those mesh suction cup sun shades but larger with absolutely no hard pieces save for the little zippers for the top screen. I didn't have any sun to test it on but I held it up to some bright lights and it shades well enough to keep most of the sunlight out. :cool:

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