SAFE KIDS USA and CPSAC Certified Technicians and Instructors, Please Read for Access


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If you are a nationally certified child passenger safety technician in the USA or Canada and would like to access the Technical Professionals forum, please Register first, if you have not already. You must also confirm your email address by following the instructions sent to the email you used at registration (please make sure your spam filters don't remove messages from www.Car-Seat.Org!). It may take a day or two for accounts to be approved as a full access registered member. You may then do the following to gain access to the Technical Professionals usergroup and forum.

1) Make sure you include your full name and technician/instructor number where prompted in your User CP control panel Edit Profile area under Additional Information. It is the last entry area at the bottom and is not visible to other users except for moderators/instructors.

2) Unless you are known personally to one of our Instructor moderators, you must either be listed on the SAFE KIDS USA website as an active technician or instructor or list Car-Seat.Org as an affiliated organization in your Safe Kids USA Profile (see step 3 below). If you cannot find your name in the SAFE KIDS online listing, you may need to access your account at the SAFE KIDS website by clicking the "Log In" icon at the right side of the page linked above or click here to login. You will need your SAFE KIDS User ID and password. Once you have entered the system, click to "Update Profile and Contact Information." In the Attributes section near the bottom, please make sure the box is checked to give Permission to Post "Available to Public". If you prefer to keep your information private, then you must complete step 3.

3) We also ask that you please list Car-Seat.Org as your one of your affiliations in your Safe Kids USA CPS Certification Online Services Account. This step may become mandatory for technical professional access in the future. It is mandatory (no exceptions) if you wish to have "Instructor" listed in your title. To do this:
a) Log into your Safe Kids account. Either go to the Safe Kids National CPS Certification webpage, and click the "Log In" button on the right side, or try this direct link to login: .

b) Enter your username and password and login

c) Under your Certification Status information and profile are the action items. Click on the link that says "Update Organization Affiliation", currently item #9.

d) You may use either the 1st or 2nd Affiliated Org ID box. Under one of them, click "Lookup Organization by Name".

e) Type in "Car-Seat.Org" for the Name of Organization in the pop-up box.

f) Click Submit in the pop-up window. Car-Seat.Org (ORG548354) should appear in the main window.

g) Click Submit button in the main window.

4) Apply to join the Technical Professionals usergroup. You may do so in the Group Memberships area of your User CP control panel. Locate the entry for "Technical Professionals" and select the "Join Group" circle and click the "Join Group" button at the bottom. Be sure to include your full name, state and technician or instructor number where it asks for a "Request Reason". A Moderator/Usergroup Leader will review your application, technician/instructor number and confirm your certification status. This can take a little while, as we are all volunteers. Sometimes we do overlook join requests, so bear with us! If you haven't been approved within a few days, please contact one of the instructors in the step below:

5) If you are an instructor and would like the Instructor title, or if you have any issues with tech access, please send a private message to the Kecia and/or to murphydog77. Please include name, your technician/instructor number AND your state or zip code, as this forum is intended for SAFE KIDS USA certified CPS technicians and instructors, with no exceptions. If you have not completed the necessary steps above, you will not be approved for access.

6) Once you are approved, you will immediately have access to the Technical Professionals forum. You may also choose to display your technician title under your name by selecting it in your Group Memberships area of your User CP. If your technician status expires, we ask that you do not display this title. Please keep your name and tech number in your profile as per step #1 to retain tech forum access.

*7)CPSAC Certified technicians from Canada (and SJA certified technicians expiring prior to Dec, 2014) and nationally certified technicians from other countries may also request access. To do so, you must provide equivalent proof of certification. If the certifying agency in your country provides an online list of technicians, you may include a link along with your information as instructed above. If you are given a printed certificate with your name, an ID number and expiration date, you may scan it and send it by email to webmaster "at" car-seat "dot" org. The certificate must be in English and it must include the certifying agency's name, contact information and expiration date. You must still include complete steps #1 and #4 above! No exceptions will be made. We apologize, but we generally do not accept regional, state or local certifications, such as St. John's Ambulance (SJA) expiring after Nov, 2014. Approval for nationally certified technicians outside the USA and Canada will be at the sole discretion of the Admins and moderators of the technical professionals forum.
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If you are registering an account to participate in one of the chat sessions and are a new user or have a relatively inactive account, you MUST be approved for technician access to join the chat room. Once you have the proper access, the "Chat Room" pull down menu should appear on your navigation bar, between "Calendar" and "New Posts". You can then simply join the chat room at the time of the session or anytime before. No additional registration is needed for the session itself, only an account at Car-Seat.Org with access to the chat room. If you have any questions, please send me a private message or email well in advance of the session. We may not be able to resolve registration or chat room issues near or during the time of a chat session. Thank you!


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Re: SAFE KIDS USA Certified Technicians and Instructors, Please Read for Access

Just a reminder, if you are a CPST/I, please follow the requirements for your affiliation in your SafeKids USA online account for step #3, then send a private message to murphydog77 and a copy to Admin to request your title. There are no exceptions to this; if you want the Instructor title, you must list Car-Seat.Org as your primary or secondary affiliate organization.

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