? S1 Safety 1st Complete Air 70 Convertable


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My MIL wants to but the S1 Safety 1st Complete Air 70 Convertable sold at Babies R Us.

Baby is not due until September and from looking at it in the store it doesn't look like a 7lb newborn will fit it.

Has anyone ued this seat from the beginning?

I have a used 2012 Graco Snugride 30 my BFF gave me but MIL is in a panic that it is used and heard that convertables are safer and last longer.

I don't want to hear MIL constant complaining if I put baby in the Snugride so should I just let her give us the Safty 1st? Will baby fit and be just as safe?

I drive a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali baby will be in back passenger captains seat, 6 year old will be in drivers back captains seat in booser and 9 year old will be in 3rd row in backless booster.


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The complete air doesn't fit newborns well and takes lots of space front to back at a newborn angle. That said convertible car seats are just as safe as infant seats provided they fit well. There are lots of convertible seats that do fit babies well and will last a long time rear and forward facing. Here are some options in the same price range as the complete air.

Graco myride
Graco size4me/mysize/headwise
Evenflo Sureride
Britax roundabout classic


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Not fitting newborns well is a bit of an understatement I've never in my life met a newborn that would even remotely fit in one. My daughter was past nine months old before she even hit the bottom harness height. Convertibles aren't any safer than an infant seat assuming everything is used correctly and the fit is good. I would actually highly recommend a Graco MySize 70 if your MIL really wants to buy you a seat it fits baby as small as 4 lbs well and will last a really long time rear facing.


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I'm wondering if your MIL is remembering the *very flawed* crash tests that Consumer Reports did a couple years ago, and retracted almost immediately? IE, infant seats are very, very safe. And a 'used' seat that's basically new and uncrashed and unrecalled from your best friend basically counts as safe as new (make sure you thread the harness properly, that's the biggest messup I see with used Snugrides). And if it's free, what does it matter that an infant seat lasts less time? :confused:
(I'm not trying to argue with YOU, I'm trying to give you points to counteract her superstitions, only because I had kids that were 6 and 8 when I had a baby, and honestly, the infant seat was basically a lifesaver when I was hauling the big ones from school to activity to everywhere else at the baby's naptime ;))
And that seat is among the least user friendly for rearfacing (which is THE safest way to keep kids, up to age two and beyond...if she's done her research make her find one that's easier to install and use ;))


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I would suggest you take your MIL with you to a car seat check-event or meet privately with a Child Passenger Safety Technician to look over your Snugride, make sure everything is in working order, teach you both how to use it properly, etc.. You may already have it "down" but it would help put your MIL at ease; and the odds are that a CPST can give you some pointers to maximize your child's safety in the car. Almost everyone misses something, and with a used seat - even one from a trusted friend - there's a chance that something might be amiss which the tech will most likely spot. Make sure you have the manual (we actually can't memorize all the rules on every seat on the market no matter how hard we try ;) ) and bring all the parts and pieces you got from your friend. As Jools mentioned, the harness could be re-threaded incorrectly or just need to be put back into the newborn position so a meeting with a CPST could be super helpful.

My daughter didn't grow into the Complete Air until she was about 9-10 months old, and she was fairly average height at that age.

There is a new seat at Target that has the Air Protect technology but is supposed to fit a newborn. I haven't seen the seat in person yet (most of us haven't) because it's very new, but if you do decide to get a convertible from birth you might want to consider that one.

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