s/o What is in you current car seat collection and where do they "live"?


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2 RN XTSLs (Daytona, Ventura, and Shadow covers), one in each of our primary vehicles. Also we have a safety first all in one seat that I hate -- it lives in the garage.


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FF85 in my Prius
SecureKid in b/f's Wrangler
Maestro in grandmas Fusion

Radian80 sitting in the closet :)


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Recaro ProSport in Hannah, Graco TB in Girls Rock, A new Cybex X-fit in purple (just arrived, :love: it!), blue Evenflo Amp, and the HBB verison of the AMP in pink and gray.

Right now the Amp is in the front seat of DH's car (DD1 has outgrown the headrests with a booster in the back seat). The rest are in the front room as the van goes in for repairs tomorrow morning. It'll be 2+ weeks before I'm driving again. Who knew that a side scrape would take 6 to 8 business days to repair? Then my brother is taking it for a full tune up before we go on our road trip at the end of the month.

I suppose I should go install the ProSport in the Civic, huh?


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Beckett Graco Nautilus and Plum Radian RXT. They're currently in my bedroom, but are usually in the car.


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Hmm. Where do I start?

I've been collecting vintage car seats for a fair while and although I have researched each that I have acquired in as much depth as possible (and continue to do so) never once have I attempted to compile a complete list of that which I own. Until now, obviously...


• Carrycot Restraints, 1985
• Carrycot Restraints, 1990

• 2-Way, 1988

• Formula Junior Harness, 1977
• Formula Junior Harness, 1981
• Junior Child Harness, 1983
• Junior Harness, 1986
• Junior Harness, 1988
• Junior Harness, 1990

• Star Riser, 1982
• Star Riser, 1989

• Traveller Plus, circa 2002


• Carrytot, 1986

• Dreamseat, 1985

• Child Safety Harness, 1979
• Child Safety Harness, 1987

• Hi-Rider, circa 1984

KL Jeenay

• Carrycot Straps, 1983

• The KL Jeenay Seat "B", 1973
• Supersafe, 1984
• B30 Supersafe, 1988

• Child's Safety Harness, 1973
• Child's Safety Harness, 1987


• Children's Safety Vehicle Harness, circa 1978
• Children's Safety Vehicle Harness, 1988

• Booster Cushion, 1983

• The All Ages Belt, circa 1985


• The Child Safety Belt, circa 1976


• Junior Car Harness, 1991


• Stage 1 Carrycot Restraints, circa 1980

• Stage 2 Child Harness, circa 1980


• Booster, circa 1987


• Dreamseat 2000, 1990
• Classic, 1990

Miscellaneous items:

• Mark-Fore Monitor Child's Seat Belt Harness, circa 1955
• Hollywood Accessories "Harness for Children", circa 1964
• Model 22 Crelling Harness (old design), [unknown]
• Safetex DH2/A Guardian Harness, 2001
• E-Z-On 86Y Harness, 2004

The "valid" seats currently in use:

• E-Z-On 203 Vest
• E-Z-On 103Z Vest

I have without doubt missed about 6 or 7 seats from the list but I cannot remember them at this moment in time as my entire collection is in my loft. I do keep the literature, magazine articles, former advertisements etc. I have collected down in the house proper and in all honesty those items take up more room than the seats...

I posted some photos of the Kangol Dreamseat from 1985 in this thread and I hope to be making more posts about my collection in due course if people are interested. I am currently awaiting permission from Britax UK to use post some old adverts from the early 1980s about Britax's first backless booster: the Star Riser. I hope some folks here will be interested!


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I have:

Evenflo Right Fit that lives in my garage as an emergency booster for extra kids.
Cosco Ambassador that is usually in my Kia Sedona for my 9 year old.
Britax Parkway that mostly lives in our upstairs storage area, only used for long trips when dd might sleep.
Recaro Vivo lives in the garage for the rare times I take the neighbor girl.
True Fit and Radian XT-one is always rf in the van, the other in the garage or basement ready to get put in the Jetta, if needed.

My 9 yo 5 steps in the Jetta now

Both of my high back boosters are about to expire so I will be in the market soon, although maybe not for another year when I will want to start booster training my youngest.


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In car (mazda 5): RF True fit C630 in Aurora and RF Britax Roundabout 55 in Davenport

Spare seats (for ds's older cousins):
Evenflo AMP high back booster in apple green and harmony light rider (both in the garage)


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Complete air - Galileo
Marathon 65 (70 to you Americans) - cowmoo
Nautilus - Wilkes

CA lives in my car, '91 Tercel
MA lives in my mom's car, '03 Matrix
Nauti lives in my bedroom closet

I also have 2 expired SR32s, one with a nice cover for dd's dolls/demo seat and the other needs to be recycled along with a '98 Fisher Price something-or-other


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Current collection

Graco Myride65
SK Radian XTSL
Combi Coccoro
Britax Frontier85
SK Monterey
Britax Parkway SG
Graco Turbobooster
OS Britax Parkway
Evenflo AMP
Harmony Literider
Clek Olli

Right now I have the OS Parkway (passenger side), the Literider (driver's side) and the XTSL (rfing, center) in Dh's car, 2009 Ford Fusion.

In my car, a 2012 Honda Pilot I have the Myride (Rfing 2nd row behind the driver), the Olli (passenger side 2nd row) and the Monterey (3rd row, passenger side).

I am planning on keeping the AMP and the Turbobooster as spares. The Coccoro is a spare for now but I might be selling it soon. I just listed the Parkway SG and the Frontier on Craigslist.
Im soooo BORING:p!! lol

In my van (Honda Ody) FR85 in Livia
In Hubby's Truck (Chevy ext. cab) FR85 in Onyx

In our lower level awaiting a:eek: FANTASTIC:eek: cleaning our Marathon65 in :love:Brooke:love:

In our crawlspace (kept in plastic) is our Graco Safeseat in this really cool Black and White Heirloom type print from 2007 (it's used on a Carseat Safety booklet cover that shows a Graco Safeseat in use) It's close to Exp. just like our Marathon...both Seats I love to pieces and I am having a hard time parting. Am I alone here??? or am I a carseat hoarder lol. Honestly we were hoping to use the safeseat for baby 2, but that is not happening yet and the Marathon we just finished using. I could sell it, but I love the cover ugh...


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1 My Ride, Alma (in grandparents car for M)
1 Radian 65, Granite (my car for M)
1 Radian 80, grey...can't remember (sitter's car for M)
1 Coccoro, Cool Mint (Dh's car for M)
1 Frontier 85, Maui (my car for C)
1 GN, Reese (dh's car for C)
2 HB turbo boosters, black and red of varying pattern (grandparents car for A &C)
1 HB turbo booster, Let's Go (dh's car for A)
1 Monterey, Black (my car for A)
1 Harmony lite rider, camo (garage, for A)
1 RSTV old style, large (garage, for A or C)
1 GN base, naked (garage. Can only be used in booster mode as adjustor strap is frayed)

I think that's it right now. I just bought a parkway for C or maybe A but it isn't here yet. I used to have a second GN but gave it to a friend.


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The carseats were taking over my house so in order to have my roommate not declare it was her or the seats :p I devised a solution. I think I'm down to just 7 functional seats, a couple of which I don't count since they're just old/spare backlesses.

In my car right now, there are only the Radian and Monterey, currently in use by nanny kids, and the obligatory Literider somewhere in the junk in the rear hatch.

There is a Literider that I missed when moving stuff in my closet, and a Cosco HighRise/Ambassador either in my bathroom or closet (the setup is bedroom attached to bathroom with walkin closet in it, I don't normally store carseats in a bathroom lol!)

Everything else is down in the storage unit/closet. My apartment complex has them for cheap and I got one when I acquired a vehicle seat to use for teaching... it was just too much to haul up into and store in my apartment. So I have my spare seats (Frontier, ProSport, MyRide,) some spare/giveaway seats (Scenera, Literider, Maestro, Turbos, RA50,) and some expired seats (3pt SR, OHS Tribute (or Triumph?), FPSVB, an old Evenflo something, maybe more.)

Ooh, I lied -- I have an expired 5pt SR with base still in my vehicle; I took it to a health fair and my nanny charge keeps begging to play with it and the doll restrained therein. I've been too lazy to put it back where it belongs. :/


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I have:

Britax Frontier- in my car
Radian XTSL- in my car
Maestro- in my car
PWSG (base)- in my trunk

At home is:
TrueFit (my mom uses it sometimes)
Monarch (mom uses it with Z sometimes)
PWSG back
Cosco Highrise

After this weekend I will have the TB, Frontier, and Radian in my car, everything else at home.


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I have :
• Britax FR85 Livia
• Britax MA70. Was crimson but now has cowmoo clothes :)
• Evenflo Triumph 65 in Oh!
• Evenflo Tribute in navy
• expired Britax roundabout 40

The FR85 rides in the middle of my suburban.

The MA70 rides RF passenger outboard in my suburban.

The Evenflo Triumph rides in DH's truck or our jeep grand Cherokee. Sometimes it is used RF & sometimes it is used FF, depending which kid is riding in it.

The Evenflo Tribute rides in DH's truck or our keep grand Cherokee. Sometimes FF & sometimes RF, depending in which kid is in it. After we get DD a new seat, this is going to be our permanent Polaris ranger car seat ;). DS will be in it when we ride the ranger.

The expired Britax roundabout40 is in our 'storage bus'. Waiting for the next trade in or we may use it as target practice.


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Installation order (back seat or 2nd row of vehicle): Passenger, Center, Driver

2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen
Recaro Vivo (temp until DD's broken arm heals)-reg seat: rfing Radian XTSL (Flora)
RSTV (for carpooling)
RFing TFP (Retro Rail Stripe)

2005 Saturn Ion
RFing Radian (Bentley)
RFing Blvd (brown)

200?6? Toyota Sienna (Gparents' van)
FFing Avenue (Abby)
RFing Avenue (Black/Grey)

Travel Bag:
CARES harness

Living Room:
Radian XTSL (flora) - until broken arm heals

When DD rides in DH's 2006 Miata:
FFing Radian XTSL OR FFing Avenue (whichever one we pull out of another car)


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I've been trying to get rid of them because I have no storage for them in our new house! I have a RN65, SK400, and literider in my car, TB in the trunk. MR, RN80, and TB in DH's car. Nautilus in walk-in attic as my spare. Nautilus and literider in MIL's car. TB in SIL's car. Decathalon (exp's nov) and literider in mom's car. Amp at babysitter's house for emergencies.

Just recently sold and gave away a bunch to clean some walking space upstairs in the attic (we have a cape so it's really just a hot room). I gave away my other decathalon to a family at the babysitter's to use for their 3.5yo for it's last year of life, only its now being used for their 7mo, FF, with the straps set to the highest setting. :mad: Oh yeah...in the back of his police car.


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RNXTSL - Freestyle - dd
ProSport - Freestyle - friend's dd
Uptown - Freestyle - friend's ds

CA - friend's car - dd

Safeguard Go - Mustang - dd

TrueFit - dh's truck - dd

RNXTSL - mom's car - dd

Normally the CA is in place of the ProSport & the ProSport is stored in dd's closet, but WeeBall made a seat for dd in my friend's car necessary. The two extra seats in my car make life easier & are installed in the third row where they don't get in the way.


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2 frontier 85's in cowmoo
2 hannah prosports
they are in our trucks.
we have a Graco HBB for Sum when we travel.
Leah has a Maestro for travel. In my office we have a large closet, which is where we keep the spare seats.
My mom and dad have the Frontier xt's that we had while living in Canada, which are going to get passed on to my niece soon enough, when her brother needs her Boulevard.
I am still shopping for the new baby, I have honestly no clue what to get this one, there is way to many options.


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What a joy to read all the previous posts!:D

My Collection
'09 MR 65 Sonata/Deco
'10 TFP Pink Polka Dotty
'10 EFTA 50
'10 Evenflo Big Kid Booster Heart Scribbles
'11 FR85 Maui Blue
'11 EFTA 65 Sandbox
'11 GN LaGrange
? BLVD 70 (On it's way)


1. 1995 Honda Odyssey
  • FR 85
  • RF EFTA 65

2. 1994 Honda Accord
  • GN LaGrange
  • RF MR 65

3. Closet
  • TFP--giving to MIL I think:p
  • EFTA 50--want to give to MIL but DH won't let me:p

4. Bedroom
  • Evenflo Big Kid Booster--giving to MIL

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